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  1. ABCA's official position has been post to the website. http://www.americanbordercollie.org/pdf/HEF%20EEOD.pdf
  2. A couple things to do that can be fun, provided she tolerates it well is to start monitoring her temperature on day 58 from first breeding or day 60 from insemination day if progesterone testing was done to time her breeding. Often times they will get down into the 97 range and whelp within 24 hours. Another thing to watch is the whites of their eyes, when they start the early stages of labor you may notice that their eyes go bloodshot. some good info on this page along with the temperature chart. http://www.debbiejensen.com/temp_chart.html Sometimes I supplement calcium, but I don't
  3. Julie, this is on their FAQ's page https://fidelis.projectdog.org/frequently-asked-questions/
  4. How can true clears or true carriers be established since no one knows when it can be triggered on or where the actual mutation is to verify the dna status? How do we know that old age deafness isn't the same as EOD at 3 or 6, just turned on later?
  5. Thank you for looking that up and posting that Mark that bit, just hope people read it and understand what it means
  6. If I understand it right, no Waffles, it doesn't mean that. The dog could be deaf by that time, but may not. If they still don't have the actual mutation pinned down it's possible that the 5 markers they are looking at don't hold the key, only tells you that dog is at higher risk of going deaf or passing the deafness on since it has the same markers as other dogs that have gone deaf that they have done dna analysis on. When it's all said and done, it might be where only a certain percentage of dogs with all 5 of the markers will go deaf themselves, might be 100% might be much much lower.
  7. nope, no problems, been doing it for near 10 years. It is the dosage for intestinal worms, many people give that dosage (1/10 cc for 10 lbs), but be forewarned if your dog has sensitivity they will likely react adversely to to that dosage. Way way back I overdosed quite excessively and had two dogs that had temporary blindness, recovered within 48 hours. I'm not at all concerned about running a MDR1 test on my crew, have no doubt that we are clear. All my pups get that dosage at least once before they leave to be certain that they handle is fine. With so many of ours going to cattle opera
  8. Hope this helps, looks like what you want to use is in line to their recommendations. Your dosage is small enough that there should be no worry of overdosing. I use the 1% cattle and give everyone 1/2 cc each, takes care of round worms that way. http://www.dogaware.com/health/ivomec.html
  9. Looking forward to hear what the Expert, Amanda has to say on this subject.
  10. If you give me the names of your dogs for each class I'll get you penciled in, just let me know if you find that you can't make it.
  11. Yes, we are taking day of entry, will have plenty of cattle, about 125 head available.
  12. can put it there too, was torn between announcements or handlers tent or general...now I see that it posted twice..ugh..
  13. A new updated website has been rolled out today for the USBCHA National Cattledog Finals to be held in Creston, Iowa in September. Be certain to check it out!! http://nationalcattledogfinals.com/ We are also hosting a benefit trial on May 7th in Creston, would be a great opportunity to get qualified and to support the 2016 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals. Qualifying has been extended to July 31st, 2016. There have also been some new qualifiers added!! Thank you to Curtis Travis and his family for hosting the finals and to Nicole Rhodes for giving the website a much n
  14. The only thing that concerns me is your daughter and the fact that she is likely to not only lose her friend early but also it may not be a pleasant situation for her to see happen. I understand that we never know when we will lose a pet, but I feel that if we do know what the likely future is, it is predictable as to what will happen as she suffers from heart failure, I would strongly urge you to consider finding a different pup for your daughter, one that has a better chance of living to a normal old age. Last year I was at a seminar where a vet spoke about the heartbreak that a client
  15. yup, I call it "birth right". Some seem to believe that the ability is a birth right and automatically comes in the package with that neat set of registration papers nicely wrapped around it. It's not just the AKC folks or the people who never need or use a dog, it's also many who use dogs that fall for it. Believing with out question that the breeds have been bred to a homozygous state when it comes to what ever working ability that the breed was developed for and no further selection pressure needs to be applied. Just breed to another of the same breed and a great example of the br
  16. My definition is based on the purpose of the breeding, if the buyer has a "need" for what ever that dog was bred for, then it's a potential working home for that dog. Would love to say that it's limited to full time stock work, but that's simply not practical anymore as so few have that type of work nor need a dog daily, some only need a dog now and then, and during those times that dog replaces many people and allows the owner to not rely on someone else.
  17. Restricting participation due to registration will defeat the premise that the USBCHA trials and finals should be open to all dogs, in the case of finals, all dogs that qualify. As far as removing any akc duel registered dogs, that would be up to the registry, abca.
  18. USBCHA National Cattledog Finals: Curtis Travis of Creston, Iowa has been awarded the bid for the 2016 USBCHA National Cattledog Finals, to be held September 22-25, 2016. Because we have moved the cattledog finals from the spring to the fall, there are several dates that need to be changed. First, trials through July 31, 2016 will count towards qualifying for the Finals. The Finals entry deadline is August 15, 2016. We also clarified the Nursery age rule to read as follows: To qualify for the USBCHA Cattledog Nursery Finals, the dog may not have turned four years of age before December 31
  19. so then don't publish a list if a list isn't wanted to be deemed as a endorsement. There has to be other ways to educate without targeting people. Already when a person googles Wayne's name the high volume list shows up with this coming up as what the list is with his name, it's clearly not coming up in web searches as just a lack of endorsement for the practice but instead a libel on the breeders on that list. "promote the working Border Collie. Good working Border Collie Breeders are not high volume Breeders.... [breeder name that was searched and city/state]"
  20. It's too bad that Karen wasn't interviewed by a couple of board members before the list was released along with given a tour and given a chance to explain what you just did Julie. But, I suppose maybe it was taken into consideration and just didn't matter, only the number mattered.
  21. Eileen, I honestly don't know why it was picked up so quick the first post around noon was from someone who has border collies and then Emily picked up not long after. BTW, I wasn't trying to correct you on the date, just picked up for the quote. It's just amazing how fast things travel, well, except good news. One of Wayne's customers just shared this video, 2 year old that they are hoping to take to sheepdog finals, for certain cattledog finals. This dog wasn't trained to outrun, he just does it, he wasn't trained to quietly handle sheep, he just does it that way, same with
  22. At 5:01 on January 19th a notice was posted on Jay Kitchener's personal FB page by Jenna Vermette which is monitored by a couple of breeder hate groups about the list with a link to the ABCA webpage. Jay is not a border collie person. It wouldn't be unreasonable for someone high on the list to get hate emails and messages on the evening of the 19th due to how fast things spread on social media. The webpage was also shared by others on FB as early as 1pm on the afternoon of the 19th.
  23. If your wanting to get into stock work with a dog before deciding either way take him and have him evaluated on livestock. He might just be what your looking for. Sometimes some very well bred farm / working dogs end up in rescue to no fault of their own or their breeders, you might have just had one fall into your lap. They typically don't adapt that well by accident.
  24. Have never seen a issue with the top coat, but don't have very many rough coats that I have used it on. All smooth or medium coated dogs. I've tried other stripping tools and end up going back to the Ferminator. I also don't force it, wait until I see the undercoat loose so it slides right out with little effort.
  25. yup, looks like he blew his under coat, how old is he? Possibly his puppy coat? My dogs all get a good ferminating with the ferminator once they commit to blowing. Can often get it all out within a couple / few grooming sessions once I see it coming free.
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