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  1. Thanks for the help. I will go for a FOURTH doctor. I really think i am going to lose him This is so hard! Cant I just die with him
  2. Whoa, thanks for those links. I never knew organizations like this were around! I havent really talked with my vet about payment plan. He has actually REALLY worked with me. The last operation Chance had was estimated to be a $1,200 surgery and he did it for his cost, which is $350. However what Chance is needing now are more like tests... like biopsy's and things that have to be sent off and he cannot really discount me for. He is even talking about sorta like exploratory surgery in his sinus cavities which needs to be done at a university. The exploratory surgery is something we really do not want to do because they have to break and chisel through bones and all sorts of horrible things! There are a few other things like a MRI (or was it a CAT scan? i dont recall) that were very costly too. I will talk to him more about payment plans, but I feel guilty in doing so because he has already helped me so much. All of these things that we think Chance needs is just so we can find out what is wrong with him. We may not ever find out, and it may be something that we cannot fix, but either way I do not want to see Chance die over this. I have to do all that I can, or I will never be able to live with myself. I also thought, maybe I can get a little bucket with his picture and his story and see if business will let me set it out, and people can make donations. Or even put a website out with his story and have where they can donate through pay pal. As far as cutting back on wants... well, I cannot really afford wants in the first place. I am not trying to gain pity, but I even need new clothes and I cannot afford them. And for groceries I usually end up with Mac n Cheese and Ramen noodles. I actually need to see if I qualify for gov. assistance. I have sounding like a mooch, I just really cant help my situation I am in. And I am actually in the process of trying to sell my van. Its a horrible old rusted van, but someone offered me $400 for it, so thats better than nothing! Thank you everyone for your support!
  3. Some of you guys may know about my sick border collie. Here is the link http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.p...nasal+infection Well, we are still clueless on what is wrong with him. There are things that they can do to help find out what is going on, but it will rack up well over $1,500 and even then there is the possibility that they still will not know anything and who knows what they will have to do to fix him. Either way, if I do not come up with at LEAST $1,500 I will probably be putting Chance down in the next couple of months. No anti biotics are working for him, and nothing they are doing is helping. So now he is on the decline, getting worse and worse. Does anyone have any idea on how to come up with that money? Or any groups I can give him to that will care for his medical exspenses. I would hate to have to put him down just because I cannot afford his care.... I am heart broken, and feel like crap and dont feel like going in to much more detail now... Thanks for reading, Amanda
  4. love it! but can't afford it. Almost $2 a lb!
  5. Ruckus has completed both basic and advanced obedience. we also do rally and agility. I dont think choking my dog for being scared will make his fears go away....... I have worked with him in the past with my obedience trainer, with not much luck. I AM going to search more for a behvoirist and I WILL be doing training with him when the medication takes effect. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. But BC4ever, that was extremely out of line.... you oviously do not know anything about me, or the work that I have done with both of my dogs. Thanks everyone for your help! he is on day two now of his pills I am unsure if the behaviorist in nashville that i spoke with was just a trainer or what. i found him in the yellow pages and just basically wanted someone else to tell me "yes, sounds like he needs to be mediacted" I forgot to mention that the trainer I spoke with at the vets office who told me to do corrections.... she talked about flooding him. Making him hear the noises, or be in a stressful situation until he calmed down. I know she is a crack pot and I know better than to do that bull s***
  6. Thank you so much for everyone's help. Today at the vets I asked where i could find a behaviorist and the closest they knew of was in Nashville. I just simply can't drive 3 hrs twice a week in their business hours. I hate it, i wish i could, but I cant. Either way, they have a "trainer" there at the vets office that I spoke with. She has had 11 years experience with dogs. Anyway, she said it sounded to her like Ruckus has a chemical imbalance and gave us a prescription to Amitriptyline. Its an anti anxiety, and OCD medication. She did offered advice on training him to be calm, but I really didnt like what she was saying. She said to leave a leash on him, and give him a correction with the choke chain, and make him do obedience exercises. Here in my part of the sticks, no one seems to know squat about dog training. I am NOT following her instructions, however i will keep him on the meds to see how they do. Would anyone here recommend the following books to help me? Click to calm, Focus not fear, and Control Unleashed??? I thought about ordering all three online today. Thanks everyone! I'll keep you posted
  7. Ruckus is a 2 yr old sheltie (yes i know, not a bc) He is neutered and we have been through obedience class, and we do agility. Despite working with him, he has many many issues. I talked over the phone with a behaviorist that suggested putting him down, which of course is NOT EVER an option. His issues are As a puppy if you said a ā€œVā€ word his eyes would get big and he would run and hide. Luckily he does not respond like that anymore When a visitor comes over he gets so worked up that he sometimes blows his anal glands Around some men he gets so nervous that he pants really really hard and is visibly stressed out He has a noise phobia and I very afraid of gum shots (not so much thunder) Outside he normally barks non stop, and runs around with his hackles raise while outside (he does play and have fun and is normal too, he just has his moments when he gets worked up) He reacts easily Recently started becoming aggressive with visitors Tries to attack car wheels (not so much now, since I have been working with him, but he still gets worked up when he sees a car) He is scared of unfamiliar objects, barks and tries to bite at some new objects He will not come near you, and actually sometimes leave the room if you are chewing too hard or loud. He is will run and hide sometimes when you blow bubbles from bubble gum He HATES motorcycles. He tries to attack them, and if one passes while he is outside he sometimes runs across the yard and bites, jumps on my other dog. He will even tear down the curtains and pound on the window to get to a motorcycle. He is afraid of a drinking glass, or soda/water bottle. He will not come to you if you have one in your hand. I just dont know what to do anymore. I live out in Kentucky, and I cannot find anyone who has ever dealt with this sort of behavior before! Whats even stranger about this behavior is that it only happens about 3 or 4 days a week. He litterly has his "days" We have a vet appointment this afternoon to talk about putting him on BuSpar (anti anxiety) and then i guess i will get a bunch of good books and try to work with him. I am serious, I cannot find any trainers out here that can help me out. Is it really that bad?? Has anyone ever seen something like this before? I am very worried about his fate. He bite someone last night.... It didnt break the skin, but i think that was because I pulled him away right in time. And this is not the first time this has happened.
  8. Thanks guys. I got the easy walk harness and I like it alot! I am amazed how fast chance is learning. Actually, I just told him no and gave him a tug and he was looking at me with the treat rather than stalking the car. I was so proud
  9. although it was a while ago that i posted about my car chasing problem I am just now starting to really work with it. I have read all of http://www.bordercollie.org/boards/index.p...=19969&st=0 and there are lots of talk about haltis, prongs, etc. Well my dog as a medical problem where one of this lymphnodes on his neck is swollen and a little tender. so i do not want to put any pressure on it. Even his halti puts pressure on it, so it leaves me with only being able to work with his problem on a harness. Is this going to be harder? Is there anything I should know before using a harness to train vs a choke collar, etc
  10. They do not make an eye test for a dog do they? You know... to tell if the are near sighted etc. And even if they were near sighted its not like they make doggie glasses! I think Ruckus cannot see very well for some reason. He gets spooked easily in the dark, although I am not sure if that has to do with anything. But even in broad day light. If the sees me, his daddy, grandma, or other people he knows and loves he barks and growls like he doesnt reconize us until we get within 30 feet or so. And then when he reconizes us he waggs his tail and gives us loving. What do you think? Is there anything I can do at home to help determine if he is near sighted or maybe just being reactive.(Ruckus is an extremly reactive dog, btw we even had to see a behaviorist in the past because it was getting so out of control.) Thanks again Manda
  11. Thanks for the help everyone. I dont feel worried at all anymore! Yesterday I gave him a few biscuits when I first got home from work, and then again before our long walk. He didnt even try to eat as much grass, and of course did not get sick. all4paw- Ruckus is 35lbs, and he doesnt chew on anything, so i guess he was just hungry. Ruckus is also easily stressed, but i do not recall him vomiting because of a stressful situation. I was worried that something was not right with him, since I have never heard of a dog vomiting bile this much. Thank you all! Any recommendations on a filling healthy treat? We feed mostly milkbones
  12. Isnt yellow vomit with nothing in it stomach bile? My boy throws up every other day around 5:00pm. its yellow and there is nothing at all in it but a little grass. I feed my dogs twice a day, 7:30am and 9:30 pm. Does anyone know if this is common or if maybe we should see a vet? I feed him more than the dog food bag recommends. Someone told me they vomit bile when their bellies are empty. How can that be so with my feeding schedual? Thanks for any help! -Manda
  13. I know this is an older thread but.... I am a dog groomer, and I have heard about 6 of my customers complain about their dog having a reaction to it. Since frontline, and advantage does not work on fleas anymore in my area we have been hesitantly recommending Comfortis. Its a flea pill. I was worried to give it to my boys because its new, and if they have a reaction to it, its not like you can just wash it off. But both of my dogs have done really well, and I have heard nothing about good things about it. I am so glad you didnt use ProMeris!!
  14. I have already been working with Ruckus this morning. Ruckus, my sheltie who attacks cars did very well with focusing on me (with a treat in front of my face saying "watch me") we were not really close to a car but that is how you are suppose to do it, right? I think we were close enough that he would had reacted if i didnt have a treat. This afternoon I will work with Chance. I hope it will be easy for us. I am sure its no surprise but he is a very smart boy. He has learned sit, down, stay, come, leave it, drop it, and shake within the first two weeks I got him. I remember that the leave it command only took 1 afternoon and it is hardwired in his brain really well.
  15. Sorry, I forgot to mention that the benadryl has not been working this summer. But it did last summer. He got his bath in emu oil shampoo and feel much better. I found some fleas on him and gave him a new flea pill called Comfortis. In 30 minutes he has several dead fleas. He is not allergic to fleas at all, but it does irritate his skin allergies. I doubt he will be itch free for more than a couple of days. Since putting him on steroids his itching has really decreased! I just hate to keep him on it in the summer.
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