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  1. We got our border collie, Marley (then named Shep), from our uncle not long ago. My uncle is a farmer, and Marley was bought for him by his boss, to herd the sheep because my uncle's old collie herder had died. Soon later, after having been trained to herd sheep, they found out he had hip dysplasia. Thinking it was cruel to have him run around whilst in pain from his hips, he gave Marley to us. We've had him for a few years now, and his hips seem to have gotten worse despite regular on going treatement and a diet of medical dog food. Still, Marley loves to run. He'd run for hours and hours and hours if he could, he doesn't seem bothered by his hips. But then, when you get him home, he's obviously in a great amount of pain, even just from playing a quick, 3-minute game of fetch. He'll limp and whine and hobble aronud, and it really is a sad sight to see, especially when Marley, being a border collie, loves running and bouncing around more than anything in the world. Obviously, we don't exercise him much due to his hips; an hour walk a day around the block, and a two hour walk around the woods at the weekend. Does anyone have any advice ? I can't seem to find the balance between satisfying his border collie energy, and not hurting his hips.
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