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  1. I'd say blue merle tri- and that can be either aussie, bc, or mix. But I'm no expert. Very nice looking dog regardless!
  2. I use Kumpi exclusively. FWIW, Evy (at Kumpi) will give you full refund (and don't have to return the unused food) if you or your dog don't like it for any reason. Evy is a spirit filled Christian woman and is true to her word- none of the marketing gimmicks just to get your money. It is more expensive than most but IMO, if you only have 1 or 2 (or you're rich) it is worth the extra cost. And no, I don't have any affiliation with Kumpi! 9 yo Sassy has always devours the stuff from day one on it, and 5 1/2 month old Jonah just wolfs the food right down (which I have to figure out to chang
  3. Well I stand corrected! Didn't mean to cause any undue panic But I will say years ago I just happend to have direct experience with just situation. Well, friends dog, but the issue was his GSD would rip apart (multiple stiches needed) the poodle across the street when ever he got the chance. Dingo (the GSD) otherwise seemed as the perfect dog, people friendly, cat friendly (9 in the houssehold), and appeared friendly to all other dogs. Who knows why, but a year or so after the last agreesive attack on the poodle, Dingo bit a stranger that came to the door. I'll just say shortly afterwar
  4. Hmmm, I'm not going to give any advice but rather ask you to think of 'what if another situation'. You have a dangerously aggressive dog. You think she just happens to think 'attack BC is OK, but human being is a definite no no'? May seem that way to you but I assure you under the right (wrong) situation, your shepherd mix would easily bite a human. Perhaps your child? Or perhaps a neighbors child? If that ever happens she'll probably be put down. At least in Calif she would.
  5. Lucky me, my dogs poop doesn't stink! Well, up intil yesterday, Jonah took a dump and PU! Anyway, I just keep raking the poop into a pile. Dries out pretty quickly. As I mentioned, the poop hasn't really smelt before, and what ever odor there was is gone the next day after sitting in the sun with 100 degree temps. Oh besides, with all the fires we've been having the poop gets that smoked flavor -- yumm!
  6. Exactly! I can only say this cuz I JUST received a DVD review yesterday of the training Sassy had 8 years ago, but that method was used for both 'friendly' barking as well as the barking with an 'intruder' invading their space. The difference with the intruder barking was it is something you want (to a degree) so you let them bark a few times and then you use that method. Outdoors at home was the use of a spray nozzle on your hose and unfortuantely, Sassy LOVES gettting sprayed with the hose. DVD also was interesting in that it showed/ explained the various canine body languages as welll
  7. Not here if he's idiot enough to select Carly as his running mate! If true, maybe Obama ought to focus on changing the 'poo states' blue instead of Georgia.
  8. I'm old school I guess. Sassy just plays board games (easier ones like checkers), does crosswords, word jumbles, and the occasional mathematically based word problem.
  9. It was recommneded to me (by the owner of a premium dog/cat food company) to just feed Jonah a single bag (35 lbs) and when I reorder just get the adult. I did order a second bag of puppy because it seemed he went though the first bag quickly. There is about 1/2 left so I'll be doing as you soon. Mixing it in with the Adult. Actually, my vet suggested that at our last visit (2 weeks ago)
  10. This reminds me of a funny story the obedience instructor gave. A guy has a dog Bud (fictitous name) he has trained for the 'standard' commands 'sit, down, come, rollover, shake, drop it, leave it, and OFF' (obvious what the commands mean) Anyway, his girlfriend is visiting and he has to run to the store so his girlfriend stays at home with the dog. While he's gone, Bud jumps up on the sofa and sits down. Girlfriend in turn thinks the dog probably shouldn't be on the sofa so she commands Bud to get down. Bud lays down. Girlfriend continues commanding to get down, and Bud just keeps loo
  11. This believe it or not is probably the best suggestion if all you want is a cerificate to post or some sort of accrediation reference to advertise with. If you're good, you're business should succeed (as much as any small business has teh potential to do), and if you're NOT any good, you're business will probably fail. And if you're good, how many years experience you have and how many dogs you have trained means a heck of a lot more than accredidation. And if you happen to have a degree from somewhere, your 'accreditation' can merely be in your title (B.S., M.S., or even better, PhD.) On
  12. Crating is just plain CRUEL! Yeh, I USE to think that until I learned (it was pointed out) that one of the first things a dog (or most any other small animal) will do in the wild is find shelter. A small enclosed area (covered on top and all sides 'cepting a way to get in) where not only are they sheltered from the evironment, they also feel protection from intruders. Sounds something like a kennel with the exception of the wire door that traps them in. So it would seem to me, it's not the fear of the kennel per se, it's the fear of being 'trapped' in. In any event, a kennel is via
  13. Other suggested methods we good but I wish I had remembered this from 8 years ago. I'm not in Colorado anymore so I can't go to the same trainer but I did look to see if she had books and or videos. Found her website and dropped her an email inquiring about getting her video on DVD and asked if she taught the knee method (I seeemd to have recalled she did). This is her response: "I don’t use the knee, I actually stomp and move into the dog’s space, without touching them, using a very big, high stomping motion, commanding “off” , the dog dances backward on their rear legs to get out of m
  14. Well, you can throw my hypothetical situation out since I got from an earlier post that the dual registration is what killed the ABCA registration. Must have missed the mention that the dog in question also got a AKC ch conformation. There is NO way I would even ever have anything to do with conformation, let alone do that AND train for herding! To be honest, with my budgetary outlook for the next 15 years it his highly doubtful I'll even be able to pay for herding lessons more than twice a month, especially for TWO dogs. Maybe fate will have it I come across it for free, or better ye
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