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  1. My Fleet piles toys up in the back yard and lay's down & stares at them. When they fail to move he barks then aggressievely reorganizes them, lays down & stares again. I have learned if I'm down at the barn and only hear Fleet barking it's because his toy's wont play - not that someone is at the house.
  2. Hi Denise, your top paragraph is very clearly/well worded. I don't want inquries about my boy - Thank you, your web page gives me some good idea about what I can change on my website.
  3. Thanks for your input - I'm already working to try and change that "impression" on the web site. I would have never thought to contact someone unless they used the words "Stud Dog" or "at stud", but different people interpret the same info in different ways. Anyways, what made me think to post this issue was the color discussion as the last person to contact me by email was wanting to breed to a "chocolate dog", but I was also apprached by the mail carrier (for a friend of a friend) last week - asking if any of the bc's where stud dog & I have no sign addvertising the dogs on the proper
  4. Hi everyone, I have had experience with the female side of breeding horses, dogs, & sheep, but for the first time ever I have an intact male dog "of breeding age" and am starting to get emails, phone calls, etc from people asking if they can use my "stud dog". These inquires are of course NOT from stock dog people, but rather first time bc owners, people who ask only "what color" my boys are, etc. People I would NEVER consider letting them use my boy/s. Anyways, I am intrested in how other people handle this problem. If you have a web site to you put on it - "not available to out side
  5. [size="3"]I wanted to quickly thank everyone who gave me some early help with Mirk - I ran in in Novice for the first time a few weeks ago and the took 3rd & 2nd. Anyways, the problem I have been having with Mirk is that he will do a farly nice outrun & lift, but then trys to bring me the sheep at a dead run. He'll lessens to his down commands so I can control the situation, but he's not learning to pace himself. I have tried, A) downing him, asking him to walk up and if he comes on too fast downing him again. Approach A is getting him too far off contact and then he rushe
  6. Hi everyone, was reading over the age rules for Nursery and could not be more confused. I have a male born 2/13/07 who is not ready this year, but may very well be ready next year. My understanding is that he is eligible for Nursery this year & next but not after the 2009 finals - Is this correct? Thanks,
  7. "rescue should not let unsterilised animals back into the general population because people often to not uphold spay/neuter contracts." This is one of the parts I agree with - Rescue & Shelters have to make the most of a bad situeation that "they" had no part in creating. What set me off the most on this topic was the mention of spay/neuter laws, which are a bad idea for so many reason & my frustration with so many vet I know who will (behind closed door) admit there are some benifits to waiting, but further this growing notion in the general community that this debate is over.
  8. I aggree with 75% of your email and am sorry if it sounded like I thought hormones can make up for poor genetics obviously they can not. My argument was not that people should NOT spay/neuter young it was that it is wrong to clam there are NO benifits to waiting. There are important Pros & Cons on both side, but people need to be informed and be able to make their own choices. However, similar to your reaction to my statement about ACL, the studies I've looked at on mammary tumers in bitches pay very little attention to enviroment or genetics which maybe why I know so many breeders
  9. I've been trying to fugure out for the last few days (sad I know) is Tri recessive or dominate. If you breed two Tri's you only get Tri pups, Right? Has anyone bred 2 Tri's and got a bi pup? Which in my book would make it recessive, but the articles I've been reading make it sound more complicated then that. This all started at a herding clinic where I was talking about my Tri bitch and how I thought she had a dilute gene (as she does not have normal tan patches) only to find out I was standing next to an AKC conformation bc breeder who gave me a long talk about color genetics and whi
  10. OK my beautiful columns became mush - I don't have this posting thing figured out. Anyways, "Beneficial" for early spay/neuter is the "Less" and Harmful for early spay/neuter is the "More".\
  11. The argument that there is NO health benifit to waiting until a dog/bitch is sexually mature is one of the biggest lies in Vet Med, Animal rescue, & Animal rights community. There are many health benifits related to sex hormone & grouth. M. Christine Zink, DVM, PhD. DACVP gives very good talks on the subject (go to http://www.naiaonline.org/pdfs/LongTermHea...euterinDogs.pdf for some more info). First, it has been proven that dogs/bitchs neutered/spayed at before they are sexualy mature joint plate stay open longer. This does not simply result in a tall narrow chested dog, but ch
  12. Tick infection can cause eye issues as well. Anaplasmosis is a big problem in my area and it is know to cause seizures, neck issue, eye issues, fever, lethargy, mlaise, anorexia, muscle pain, meningitis, respiratory issues, diarrhea & so on. If the list looks like it came out of a vet artical it's because it did (Veterinary Medicine April 2008).
  13. Hills help one of my dogs if you have access to them.
  14. I have a non-emergency whelping question if anyone who has had a litter or 2 in the last few years feels like talking about it off line today. Just email- Thanks,
  15. I'm currently waiting for the vet to come out & fix a rectal prolapse on a ewe who has been nothing but trouble this year as well as being on whelping watch, which has given me some time to sit at the computer and consider my summer plans. I just entered my Mirk, in the Upper Midwest Stockdog Challenge (in Novice) which will be both of our first trial. Mirk is ready to start, but I just remembers there is an extremely strong exhaust pen draw at that trial and Mirk can get a bit stickly (wanting to stop & hold the sheep) when the woolies are truly trying to make a run for it. What
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