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  1. When having this discussion with my brother, this is what he said, how do you know it makes it taste bad? What did it taste like before?
  2. reminds me of when I bought the halti collar for our pulling problem. I left it on the crate and he ate it!
  3. Murphy waits until it's baked! He has gotten a chunk out of the last two loaves we made. He really prefers underwear, socks and bras! Paper is always tasty, along with anything edible DD leaves in her softball bag.
  4. Murphy has done the pointing thing for a while now. When we are outside with all the distractions and he loses his toy or ball, I can point him to it. Another thing happened yesterday in the car. He was riding shotgun as usual and I came to a corner and told him to hang on, he moved one paw out as if to balance himself before we even started to turn! I can't wait to test it again to see if he actually knows what is going to happen. Another thing that is almost creepy sometimes, is when I leave him outside alone for a few minutes to run in the house to do something. I look out t
  5. We're keeping our paws crossed for you and Skip
  6. Those tri puppy eyebrows always make me grin!
  7. We have started to s p e l l words around Murphy because if you mention going somewhere, he runs to the door and waits. He understands when I tell him to go the the other side or other door(of the car). He now has learned not the car we are taking the truck. When I have to pick my daughter up from practice or school he usually goes with me. On the way there he always ends up in the front seat. I let him because it's only a few blocks there and back. Today we picked her up and I told him he were going to get Emily and he had to stay in the back seat and he did! Now if non-car rel
  8. Been there done that! I was pretty ignorant when we got Murphy(meaning owning a BC), but I knew what I wanted from this whole experience and started working toward that goal! I think this sentence says it all, but like alot of things in todays world people give up to easily or don't take responsibility for their actions. Now when I need a puppy face and belly fix, I go to the photo gallery and get it!
  9. Hi Laurie S. here is a site with a list of foods to avoid http://www.happyk-9.com/foods-dogs-should-avoid.html , also go easy on the raw hide, it can be hard for some dogs to pass. I prefer bully sticks when I can afford them, or raw bones, hooves or pig ears. I recommend getting the biggest crate you have room for, especially if you plan to crate train. Alot of them come with dividers to make it smaller if needed for potty training. If it's too big they may use a corner for their potty area. Personally I would wait on getting a dog bed. Murphy is 14 months old and would still chew an
  10. First of all, welcome and congratulations! Excellent advice! I started right off with a routine like this and haven't had a problem since the first night. Whenever I took Murphy outside I would give him the command to go potty or poop. After he got treats and lots of praise. To this day if I tell him to go potty or go poop he does!
  11. Thanks, I feel better now, it's not that he eats a ton just grazes as we a playing. I'm make sure to have him give dear daughter the first kisses after those trips.
  12. This is a new issue that has come up on our field walks! He always has his nose to the ground and lately seems to go from pile to pile! Sometimes I can get him to leave it but not all the time. Should I be taking extra precautions with worming, even if I haven't seen anything. Thanks
  13. I can't help with the column part but, I'm a librarian in a 3-6th grade elementary school and you can't go wrong with childrens books featuring animals, especially dogs! I have thought of a few books that you might peruse just for the feel. Shep by Sneed B. Collard III which is based on a true story, Henry and Mudge, Clifford the Big Red Dog are just a few I can think of right now. Good luck and have fun with this!
  14. I have to say if you succeed at this you are a stronger person than I am. I can't imagine having three children under 5, that to me is at least two jobs! When I got my pup I had days that I didn't think I was going to make it and I only have 1 child, a teen. I actually shed lots of tears wondering if this was for me. If you've never raised a puppy this is not going to be easy. I'm not saying you can't do it, it's just a lot of work and time. We started Murphy with a crate and used it alot, sometimes I felt guilty at how much. . He is now almost 14 months old and the change is
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