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  1. Ok I'm cornfused, how are they punishing the sport dog folks?
  2. thank you volunteers and 1 paid staff of ABCA I appreciate your work. The reason I have the dogs is because I found you guys. Here is my suggestion List All litters and breeders registering pups, and numbers.
  3. The Trial Fields Of Heaven --------------------------------------------------------- Are far far away And judged by a shepherd Or so they do say. It always is morning the sheep sweet and right from the flocks of the Father, who graze on pure light. The outrun is far the drives are the same but dogs here in heaven do it again and again. there's a new handler come to the post an old partner beside her The Angels do toast. She's new to this field But great ones before will point out the draw And watch and adore The new team among them so young and so strong will run dogs in heaven for forever is long. ---------------------------------------- For Diane
  4. I have never put a pup into a non-working home, they are sold before they are born. I have had one adult dog put into a non-working home when finished trialing who was spayed. Never thought of fixing a young pup. I was more thinking a young dog that did not work, or older retired dog, or dog that was disabled for some reason. These things have not been needed yet. But I think things through because I care about my dogs. I have heard nuetering a young pup can not be good, is this your reasoning as well? It is good to bring up these points, I am kinda sticking myself out there, but what the heck.
  5. One other thing I've learned. I have tried advertizing in a couple of places. One time recently as an experiment. But it is very hard because you do not know the people calling you at all. It is a strange world out there. The Handler's post or Local Ag papers are better because you might not know the person but you most likely Know Someone who does. I much prefer selling a dog by word of mouth thro someone who knows me. I would have no problem with a non-working home, IF they passed my screening, the dog is fixed before leaving me, and I rehome dog if needed.
  6. 'For me is my dogs cuddling next to me knowing they love me and then life isn't so bad Some days stuff happens and the love of the dog grounds me And make you realize what life is all about, they live their lives to the max the short time they are here.' Diane Pagel on happiness
  7. Her dog Bliss was snuck into hospital yesterday PM and got to spend time with Diane on her bed.
  8. I agree with Donald, Gloria, Maralynn and Mark Vancouver, BC? I just had a pup go there. I breed only for myself, and my work. This gal knew about me because she had met me at Trials. This pup was out of an neighbor's ranch bitch by my best cowdog She knew what I have, knew I would tell her everything about the dogs. And knew I would gaurantee them, even if not out of my bitch. And I have only bred an outside bitch this one time, because this is an incredible bitch. I kept a pup from this breeding. When she called me she said, 'You know who I am, I ran, such and so dog at these trials.' If she had called me out of the blue, boy she would have to go through alot of screening for me to let her have a pup. And I personally will not go on any breeders list, I do not consider myself a breeder, maybe I should I do not know. But I'd rather trust people who know me and my dogs, and what my dogs and I do. What our work is like. And these people I know from ranching and the Trials! There is the Handler's post that has a great add system, too. Need to add this as well, it isn't often I HAVE a pup to sell. Sometimes I might have a young dog, but that to is not often! So Would the list have folks calling me alot, that would freak me out.
  9. Everyone say a little prayer for Diane this night! Hugs Diane! Love you!
  10. Good thoughts are with you and your families, livestock and dogs.
  11. Sounds like it would work to me. Make sure you tell breeder or rescue what you are going to be doing, where dog will live. A older rescue may be perfect as you see what they are. Amsterdam....sounds like a pretty town.
  12. The advice there above I think is really good advice. And I bet your little dog loves you no matter what.
  13. There are alot of companies that sell them on sleddogcentral.com I think I got mine from BlackDog, this was when I had sled team. Now I have three ancient sled dogs that lay around the house sharing their hair.
  14. Common for Round worms from raccoons to get into eyes of other creatures. Yeah, Please get to vet soon! Hope he's ok!
  15. I hear ya Julie, I don't have a camera, could not afford one. However, What I have done is trust, as you have stated, and watched when someone else is working dog out of That person's sight and I am above them. I did this because I am curious on what dog is thinking and doing and how they are working with terrain and brush. Forgot to say tho- I admire what cameras on other hill dogs have shown. Maybe someday.
  16. Well said! But now we can do this...use a camera to film what the dog does and then we do know. And many times I know by How the stock comes to where I need them.
  17. In other words- I was kinda teasing or being sarcastic- I cannot correct a dog out of my sight. I must trust he knows the job. Something that I love about my dogs is I can trust them out of my sight.
  18. "Ok Maid, see 'em.....see 'em...now Away!"
  19. I have always let a wise type of dog learn by his/her errors in my own work. Because s*** happens in my work and often out of my sight. However I go through the stages of puppy training before this can happen. Yesterday I got out a young dog and was moving some ram lambs to a different field. Where they had to go through was filled with my husbands truck and tractor cemetery, sigh....this young dog had to figure out and be responsible for understanding the escape tactics of his charges. He made a few errors then figured it out. If a dog cannot learn this way, I guess I would not be able to use him in my work, and would not think him/her a candidate for breeding. I have never had anyone I've worked with tell me anything wrong with this?
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