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  1. Tickman is a reg breeding paper hanging tree- however his fur is about 1 1/2 inches long. His mother was Rhodes Queen who is a pretty tough good cowdog. Tick is the only hanging tree I have worked with. He is the toughest dog I have ever worked. Took him a while to partner up with me. He was stubborn and had his own ideas, now he will work sheep but I watch him very carefully on sheep. He really is a cowdog I have had him move a range bull by himself that I could not have moved any other way. He has knocked to the ground bulls so we could get a rope on them. Don't know if it was an accident or not, but it was helpful. He has considerable reach, but I am careful with him at a distance because he is a pushy son of a gun. He is sweet around people and other dogs. good to work on horseback. I had to really get him to understand stop. He had to be taught di[plomacy/feel. He is a very vaulable dog for me. But not for the weekend or light work.
  2. hum, i know some cattle that would stomp that thing flat!
  3. I think I would rent sheep from my trainer. Not many folks that raise sheep commercially would let you come work them. And the sheep might not be appropriate, anyway. Another thing is go to trials and make friends. Some of my trial friends I let come up here to help. But I know them, and if they bring a student I know they got it under control.
  4. Thanks all sorry I am so goofy doing the computery stuff- Saved by Gloria!
  5. thanks all that helps alot!
  6. really, you guys give the ivomec to border collies? cool, i thought they couldn't have it.
  7. Dear Sheepdogging Geezer DAM the torpedoes full speed ahead! No guts, no glory, no pain no gain..... go get 'em say I Hugs and aspirins T
  8. yeah, two litters have different sires
  9. I agree with Julie. My sheep are range ewes, polypay/targhee/marino And will readily fight a dog. One thing I will note: This is where I can readily see presence as opposed to just getting close and gripping. And also common sense as a dog understands young lambs are goofy. I moved about one flock of 50 ewes with 5 day old lambs out to hills today and comparing dogs is very interesting. Taw making it look very simple off just her presence, others- not so much. which leads me to ask- how common is great presence? how well can it be reproduced? I have two litters from Taw None have the same degree of presence she has. Tho- Two are pretty dang good, from first litter- jake being one of these. The second litter, only one has it similar as Taw but Only on sheep? No interest in this young dog to work cows. I have one grandaughter that looks like she might.
  10. This is a Not True. I would like Eileen to delete. I talked to Norm this AM Gross exaggeration. I have left my dog with Norm and Vickie He is doing my Judging Clinic He is not on these boards. not right.
  11. Sue, I do too. I know Norm and Vickie, never seen them use physical corrections. And they are not on these boards.
  12. Hum, I can think of two things, and I bring them up because I have experienced them myself with my own dogs. One is- Maybe he did not want to take a pounding like you were. Two is if he was sensitive to yelling- maybe he thought he should stay put because he was in the 'wrong' These reasons I have thought about in my own work- and it makes me look at my dogs carefully, and try to be very truthful with myself. My dogs that work with me must not care if they get pounded, they must get up and go back in there. And they must not care about loud noises or yelling. must be able to work all day Are all my dogs like this- no- I only have three that are. Jake and Joe and Tick And with these qualities come other things that might be hard to work with. All these dogs are stubborn, pushy, and forward. They are a border collie, Kelpie and Hanging tree.
  13. I have experienced one such incident, but I felt that it was half hearted on the bull's account so does not count. However I do know of a young kelpie that did save his owner and her daughter from a bull and lost her life doing so.
  14. hum, people need to get out more:)
  15. I truly do not understand how an intelligent person could think that? Have none of them just gone out and hunted their dog to find out?
  16. thanks sheepdogging geezer, for being there, you are a gem. ( Our trial is posted.....Kelly Hill.)
  17. I agree with Sue and the rest of you guys.. Do not allow an AKC judge to judge usbcha finals.
  18. I have two rescue dogs that did very well in my work. However I have bred for my own work. Though the selling of dogs is very hard for me. ------------------------------------------------- The world is strange now. It is not the livestock.....but the dogs that make $? -------------------------------------------------------- One thing I will add, I have made friends with a lot of people some are very nice some are not. I was taught to look at motivation to figure things out. What is the motivation. It is then you will figure out what the deal is. Then I guess you check to see if the motivation is being fulfilled. If it is a selfish motivation that's causes harm or sadness then....well don't go that way. If it is a kindly motivation that brings good things...then go that way. --------------------------------------------------------------- Sue you have tremendous common sense. Thanks.
  19. Julie, Thanks for clarifying. And I am with you on placing pups.
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