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  1. i have had two dogs given to me that were kinda similar. while i do not consider myself a trainer. i need the dogs to do my work. one of these dogs, very agressive on stock. i put soft muzzle on him so he could not bite, but could drink and pant and he learned on the hill on the ram flock good behaviour. the other was not agressive but didn't listen well, did not see partnership. she went our and worked the big flock on what ever job, and did it till it was right. even if it took a while. she was made responsible for her screw ups. however i was on a horse which makes this easier to keep up, or put yourself between.
  2. thought it might make you smile. some helped me go, or i could not have run.
  3. thinking of you, sheepdogging geezer. hugs Here is my trial report. First trial in two years with my work dogs. four years for trout. Jake - right hand, cattle/sheep- gathers my mt. my Sweep/taw Trout- His sister, same as Jake Spock- hill dog, sheep. Had an accident that made him afraid of people. Taw/Dewi Tweed And Gunner the Kelpie. Colt/Squid from K. Watkinson others had not trialed, just the work So the trial had a clinic first on Sat with norm. Then the trial on sun. Judged by Ron F. Now norm knows trout and jake so I took Spock and Gunner in the clinic. Gunner was his happy go lucky self. Worked on simple things. Tho at home Gunner is doing normal work for a 5 year old ranch dog. Tho Gunner is just 2 yrs. But needed help on OR and his IF. Spock of course from his accident at airport is very suspicious of anyone. So for him it was just lifting off people. Norm really liked him. Spock didn't work for a long time after airport accident but slowly came back to hill work. At the trial jake was first of my dogs in open. And I had a moment or two confusion whether to whistle through my teeth or fingers or what during his run. I made an error in the OR when set out had a flock escape into forest next to trial field. Should have waited, but I sent him and realized jake was going to get the flock that escaped. I redirected him which caused a crossover. However he listened well, stopped good and did a good drive for him. Hell he hasn't trialed for 2 yrs and this was his second open run. Spock ran pro Nov next and crossed over at my feet when he saw what side set out was on. But I let him go as this is practice. He did very well. However did not pen. That was his first trial run. Then trout ran. Oh trout, working old hill bitch I should have trialed you. Trout hasn't trialed in 4 yrs. Her scores on OR L F were really good and her drive, man the stuff of dreams. However her inside flank commands are not there as good as you need so I retired rather than force. Then Gunner ran ranch, he had a very nice OR L F got a bit pushy on fetch and then confused on drive. So I retired him . Spock then ran ranch and it was very nice. I let him choose his side to outrun and it was great he got second. I had a great time, so nice to see all my friends. And I feel so lucky to be part of such a supportive and kindly group. "Live long and prosper!"
  4. very well stated, and i am so glad. one day, long ago my dog chased a bird and was hit in front of me i might have been nineteen. i held her as she died. and i remember her stump of a tail wagging. a kind lady stopped. one moment.......
  5. Sheepdogging Geezer, Hey, I met you once. The gal out in the PNW with the bent leg crook and the rough old dog with no collar. I am sure you don't remember me. But, buddy I'll remember you. Do me a favour maybe now and again whisper me some advice and patience. My heart on these mountains owes you a debt. Happy Trials. T
  6. if you pm me i'll give you my phone number
  7. can you ride? or walk really far? i am looking for an intern
  8. ok so now this is kinda an example when i would use Tickman. It is not a great video but at some point I will get a good video and add it on here. So I sent Jake and joe up this mt. maybe 600 700 yds from me. Horned range cattle. Cattle that on a daily basis are living and dealing with big predators. This means they know how to fight. I dog break my calves with good dogs. Make them feel home is a good place so I don't have much trouble, However when I get new cattle or I am moving someone else's cattle I may run into a situation where cattle say no. They were in the brush on a hot day and bull and some tougher cows, heifers in heat and they all said Nope we are not moving. They fought Jake and Joe. I could tell this because Jake came back and peered down the ridge at me below him, 'We need some help.' was what he was saying. Sadly I had to walk up mt with Tick. This was because I had to sell my horse and my two other horses a bit green for this. So I have to work Tick where I can see him. Joe and Jake of course can work out of my sight. Tick had been allowed to drift back around them and as you can see the cattle move Very readily for Tick. BUT I have to really control him. And after the cattle are moving well I call him off. I do not show this but then Jake and Joe do the rest of the journey down the MT and Tick stays behind me, as his job is done. A dog like Tick can be VERY useful in some circumstances on some situations on some kinds of cattle. However you have to be able to see him and stop him. My 2 cents worth. Many people want a dog like Tickman- Few people really need one. Good stockmanship is critical in managing livestock. Tick is in a unique situation. I use him maybe 6 to ten times per year when I am asked to do something 'special' most of the time Jake and Joe suffice if cattle have been well handled. As I have said before. My own cattle a good sheepdog can move, this is because they are broken in by firm but fair dogs and not mishandled. I rely on my cattle's desire to come home in bad situations such as in fire season. btw- very smoky here due to wildfires in BC so i am inside. btw the bark was joe behind me a ways one other thing- this type of stuff is very hard to film as you don't want to get hurt yourself or get your dog hurt because you are busy filming. so i have trouble getting things on film. often i am alone.
  9. yeah ok, so here it is- i could whistle jake to line him out but again when i film something like this it is only for my own education or to share with friends. Jake btw is a tremendous dog with alot of reach. I guess people will tell you that the outrun being so good and with that reach is bred in. Joe btw is a kelpie. But you can see, if you watch closely Joe just moves in. And at the end- is a Wall- which I love. But Jake is flanking more and uses movement at the end, this i do not like as well as the walk in line of joe. I say Joe- comebye when I meant Jake. Anyway- mission acomplished without any biting. But now at SOME point I will try to get a film of Tick in a tough situation that I would not use Jake and Joe in. I have one film of him but it is not very good. I guess I can put it on here too. (BTW Watkinson Cuppa Joe RLF the kelpie bred by Karen Watkinson, Moose Jaw SK. Sqiud/Trigger)
  10. well I was wondering whether I should start a new thread. But it seems to make sense to put here. lets see if i can do it.
  11. now i did a video w/o commands of jake and joe bringing two. this video interesting because you can readily see the difference between a flankier dog and a line type dog. Shall I post it?
  12. that is interesting. Our first trial here, on range ewes and yearlings- polypay/merino, and targhee was interesting. They would hunt out the high places and the trial is held between two ridges, after you are about 1/4 up, blind really. After three pairs whizzed by me doing other work, I saddled a horse and with Jake held one side. Of course less dog is more in set out and I stayed way back....the set out crew was skilled and did a good job. Having a horse out there made it possible. And these sheep are worked on horse back. I watched from horseback and I believe the cream rose. The sheep were also hard to exhaust however with the horse and jake, (I didn't want the sheep to get the idea they could get away, I did a lot of bringing sheep down to exhaust. But my point is this- Friends of mine on FB asked me- UK friends- what makes them so hard, the range ewes. I thought about it. This was the best I could come up with- what do you think about this- sheepdogging geezer. These ewes knew big predators and they needed a powerful dog but one that oozed trust. photo by Bonnie Block- Field and Farm Photograghy.
  13. i can say years ago it was still Not OK to treat a horse or a dog like that. it is, was, never right to do that. you did the right thing. I will never forget as a child watching the one bad incident i saw as a child with horses. I'd say 99 % of the folks around us treated their animals kindly. And many were used for work- horses and dogs. A man was loading a young mare and foal into a stock trailer- the little foal reluctant....as she was so young and the rig unknown. The mare loaded but upon seeing her foal freaked, backed out. The man took to beating that mare and foal most savagely. My Dad stepped in and grabbed the guy by the arm whispering things unheard by me. But the violence stopped. When old Pop came back to me- I may have been 8 or 9 he said, 'I did that for the horses but also for you. Never forget.'
  14. yes, nicole is a good person to contact and she has a video i saw on fb. spanish goats flock well, btw have fun!
  15. fleece https://www.facebook.com/tmarkquiaki.yamamoto/videos/vb.1343922442/10210531820035442/?type=3&theater
  16. full sister fleece https://www.facebook.com/tmarkquiaki.yamamoto/videos/vb.1343922442/10210532452371250/?type=3&theater
  17. her full brother- jake he is a bit more flanky
  18. thank you trout is coming 6 she is a very nice bitch taw/sweep
  19. these are yearling/two yr old corriente
  20. a lady came today. that was at the bluegrass and competed in open ranch? and she was on her way to strang ranch for a trial. she won her sheep time because i donated it to help raise funds for the Nationals. she thought the sheep for the bluegrass were shipped from billings, mt. yearlings. i donated art to support the bluegrass because they are creating a true test. and its hard and expensive, but real. i sat and talked with her a bit after setting sheep for her with my plain old work dog, jake. she liked him. and she had a bitch i liked very much. she said, man my flanks to square. i said, mine are too tight. get it....get it.??? we are in this together we gotta help each other.
  21. Also I must add this. You can learn a lot bringing your dog to a big hill trial on range ewes. You can learn a lot going with a rancher to gather mountainous country.
  22. i have abca reg dog that have trialed to open, that are great in heat. and some that are not. i have crossbreds, unreg that are great in heat, some that are not. my best crossbreds i would hope to ROM if i ever could. can we please just use both the work and the trials to better the dogs for generations that come after? both bring something to the table. this is why i support the trials. even tho i can hardly get away. that's why i support ranching even tho i live a pretty close to the bone kinda life.
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