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  1. He was very supportive of me. I will miss him. Give Sirrah a pat from us, Sheepdogging geezer. And thank you
  2. Tea

    Deb Meier

    RIP Deb, you did good
  3. Tea


    beautiful, so sorry
  4. Sorry, set for you and fly in WA state. She was a good dog.
  5. You know the hangin tree folks don't like the length of tick's fur. It is supposed to be slick. But the cows do not notice his fur much.
  6. its really hard to fly dogs for me. and i am breeding only for my own work which i know, and i guarantee my dogs and at a distance this becomes harder too. my reason for breeding tick was to try to get another similar to him but with a tad more diplomacy. but tick is for the range cattle and his pups are pretty strong. rikki is very strong. now dogs like jake or trout abca reg border collies work on range sheep and cattle, they are easier, just simply because their feel allows them to make choices out of my sight which are good choices. dogs like tick i use in my sight, often i am on a horse. but he is a dog i use when i have something tough. his pups are what 16 months.....we shall see about them. i also need good feet and tolerance to heat and cold. and another thing that is tricky, at least imho is not sensitive of very loud noises. i like dogs to get along with each other as i sometimes use more than one. i have done one other outcross with good results, that was jake to molly, molly an unreg ranch bitch. those are doing very well on ranches and one i believe is going to nationals in nursery, i believe will have to check.,
  7. OK here is a daughter I kept, by tick out of trout. I am having trouble attaching files. Tick has a video on the boards somewhere.
  8. Tick gets along with everyone, dogs and people. His pups are the same. Tick has a docked tail which was done before I got him. None of his pups have tails docked, as I do not dock tails.
  9. I have a breeding papered ht. And actually I crossed him to two of my best working bitches to try to get a couple more like him. That's tickman. Tick is very easy going round people. However a very strong dog on stock, but useful. His pups are all pretty strong but more diplomatic on stock. Except one a bitch I kept, Rikki. I also kept 4 of the diplomatic ones. I crossed them only because of my work and also hybrid vigour. Tick is out of NR bitch, Queen.
  10. Sorry you lost your old dog. Glad you have your pup
  11. Omg is that the truth! Thank you!
  12. Born in our bedroom. You were my perfect girl. Must have been good dogs needed somewhere else than here. I will not be able to see your new pups. As they had to follow you. Don't wait for me, troutie I'll be along And we will traverse mountains Again. Thank you for all your help. You knew how to say goodbye I do not.
  13. Sweet poem! Thank you for sharing!
  14. Where i live, all the old ranchers have border collie type dogs that gather out of sight and shed. they dont train much, the dogs are bred for this for generations. This is why i crossed my jake back to them. this is all cattle work.
  15. Yes, that's why I put up the jake joe videos. On my own cattle, who are range corrientes seldom need a grip. However I have encounter range cattle that no amount of presence, or eye is going to move, just today a bull charged trout with every intention of nailing her, but she stood her ground, nipped him once and her calmness settled him. The best is a rock wall, move in clean bite let go and let cow decide it truly is safer, better to move right way. Of course you meet all kinds out here, cattle wise. Folks that do not use a dog to gather would find the canyons a bit treacherous as they are often not places where I want to ride down into. But I will send jake and joe.
  16. All I know is when money comes into it and perhaps unrelated to original use things go south fast.
  17. Got me there sheep dogging geezer, and you guys lived it before.
  18. I would say use extreme caution making sdt an Olympic event.
  19. Hum....... Hum....... When I go out with a dog it is for a specific task. Such ask..... Pete we are missing a heifer, there are cougar tracks in the canyon and I have to go find her, i have the radio, Joe, Tick and BR. Or I am moving the pregnant ewes gently to top corral so you can put round bale in with horses, I'll have Gunner up there if you need anything else. Or I am going to this trial because all my buddies are there and they are amusing and Spock did great first two trials and not so good last trial and i want to see if i can do better with him. Or, Pete so and so asked me to help him move cattle with Jake and Joe . I dont think I use the word Herd except to say....hum that's a herd of cattle. Tho one time I over heard someone who trials only say, ' play with cows' and that kinda freaked me out. ----------------------------------------------------- We are now waiting for spring, alot of snow- hay running low, sub zero weather and lambing, calving soon. most of the time we are feeding and watering, checking and praying. All our years money tied in with this one spring. Dogs mostly taking it easy. herding hum......
  20. 'don't make your dog wonder where you are headed with your sheep.' thank you
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