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  1. I have no idea! The cephalexin seems to turn him into a zombie, and he looks all drugged up, which I don't like at all. It could be an allergy, he has no other symptoms just the runny/stuffy nose. It actually seems pretty clear today so I might hold off on giving him the meds. I don't want to give him something he truly doesn't need. The doctor didn't say what caused it or what exactly it was, just that he had a little nose infection/congestion. But after reading the stories online and seeing him zonked out today from taking it, I don't know if I like it.
  2. Hello there, My 9 year old BC started developing a stuffy nose about a week ago. It's nothing too serious, he is still eating, playing etc. I decided to take him in yesterday to get looked at and the dr. said everything sounded clear, no fever and that the congestion was all in his nose. He's able to breathe fine, just has boogers! Well the dr. prescribed him cephalexin for the infection and sent us on our way. Me being the paranoid dog owner that I am, was researching cephalexin online and was reading some horror stories so now I am quite nervous to give it to him. Anyone have any luck with cephalexin? Any problems? What about a dog with a stuffed nose?? TIA!
  3. Just wanted to pop in for a quick update, Kota is on the fast track to a great recovery! He is still on strict crate rest but his walking is almost to where it was before and he has full control over his bladder (which is something the vet said he didn't think would happen). We go on Wednesday to remove his staples and see how much longer he needs to use the sling. He still isn't allowed to walk without the sling yet, but he is desperately trying to run already and is ready to get back out and play frisbee. The hardest part now is keeping him still! But I just wanted to say thanks for all the good mojo, and thanks for keeping him in your thoughts!
  4. He's home! They released him two nights ago and boy has it been interesting so far! Needless to say I'm not getting much sleep (although he did pretty good last night). He has to walk with a sling to hold his back legs up for the next few weeks until he gains enough strength to walk on his own. He's already doing great for only 4 days out of surgery. It's so hard seeing him in the crate, but it's required for him to heal properly. He's on steroids for a week to prevent swelling, and add that to the fact that he is re-learning how to empty his bladder completely, means that we are going outside every few minutes since the steroids are making him very thirsty. But I'm glad to have him home again, and he has no clue that he's temporarily "broken". He still grabs his frisbee on the way outside and walks too fast for his back legs to keep up ( he walks like he's had a few drinks.. ). Thanks for all the mojo, and to the poster who mentioned her lost gal back in 2007, I am sorry, back problems arise so suddenly, it's scary how quickly things can go downhill. And to the previous poster who mentioned the underwater treadmill, I am going to look into that! The speciality vet he went to for his surgery has a physical therapist with the underwater treadmill so I'm going to get some more details, although he really isn't allowed to do any activity for 4-6 weeks, it sounds promising to aid his recovery! Thanks again!!
  5. Just thought I'd post a quick update on my boy. He made it through the 5 hour surgery and the docs said it went great. He's now resting there for at least a few days and heavily medicated to get him through the first few days ( I am sure he is hallucinating about frisbees floating all around him). It's going to be a few days before we see any imporvement, and even then it will take some time for him to really use his back legs like he was able to before, but he's a strong boy so I'm sure he'll just fine. Thanks to those of you for you good thoughts!
  6. Thanks for the site! I have been trying to do some research and prepare myself. He has temporary paralysis right now and that is why they rushed him into surgery tonight while he still has nerve reception in his legs. There was never a question in my mind other than to do the surgery so that he will be able to walk again. The surgery will cost about 5 grand, but I can't put a price on his life. He is such a happy dog and he even today when I picked him up from the vet to go to the neuro he was "smiling" at me, was looking out the window and just enjoying life, I could never put a price tag on that. So I will do whatever it takes as long as there options out there for him. I am just awaiting that phone call that tells me he came out ok.
  7. Thanks for the good thoughts. He is going in for surgery as I type this, and I am so very nervous. The neuro said he has a pretty good outlook since he still has feeling in his back legs. It's a pretty urgent situation and the docs are working through the night to get my old boy back to his old self. They are going to call me with any news and when he's up and awake from surgery. I will keep you updated! My little Jack is wandering the house looking for his brother, we all feel so lost when he's not here. But please keep him in your thoughts tonight as the neuro's work their magic. Thanks!
  8. So my almost 9 year old boy seemed to be in some pain sunday morning so I took him into the vet thinking it was just his back legs acting up since he went running on Friday. I took him in, got him some pain relief then came home to let him rest. Monday morning I got up to an even worse scense. He couldn't stand on his back legs at all. I rushed him to the nearest vet (since his doc was out of town), they perfomed some neurologic exams and said that he looked ok but that he might have a back injury. So they bring him back for x-rays and come to find out my boy has IVDD, swelling between two of his discs. Now how this happened, I have no clue. He was ordered to stay 48 hrs with aggressive steroid treatment to help bring the swelling down. At this point he is temporarily paralyed from a little bit above the waist, down. It's been about 24 hours and I get a call from the vet saying he is not responding well to the steroids and we are ordered to see the neurologist for better treatment and possibly surgery. Our appointment is at 3 and I am a nervous wreck. I really hope there is something they can do to help my old boy. Anyone have any experience with IVDD? Also, any prayers said for my boy would be help, we need all the help we can get! thanks! Here is a recent pic of my injured pup::
  9. Hello! I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but how do I stop my dog's aggression towards other dogs? He is one and half years old and he seems to think he is the leader, he will stand over other dogs and growl. It scares me to have him around other dogs because I don't know how he will react. If a dog barks at him, he will go wild barking back and trying to get at them. Will he bite or try and hurt them? I don't know because I never let it get that far. His actions bewilder me because he has always been around dogs growing up and was never isolated. He has never acted aggressive towards people and absolutely loves people. We also have an older 8 year border and the two of them usually play great together, the younger one usually insitigates play fights by gnawing his feet or ears until the older dog starts to play back, however, once in a blue moon, the two of them will start going at it and I have to pry them apart and it scares me to death when they go at it. However, afterwards they act like nothing happened and go back to playing. My older border is very very laid back and submissive, the younger one likes to stand over him as if to say, "I'm the boss". Is this normal? What should I do when this happens? How do I stop the little ones behavior? I want to be able to bring him to parks and stuff and not worry about coming into contact with other dogs. Is this trainable even though he's a year and half? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
  10. I am very apprehensive to put flea products like frontline and advantage on my pups because I feel as though I am poisoning them. My vet insists that the product doesn't enter the blood stream but I find it hard to believe. I was just wondering if anyone uses any natural approaches to keeping their dogs flea-free. I pulled two fleas off of him yesterday and he's itching like crazy, so I'm trying to find something to help him out! Thanks in advance!!
  11. Feas, love that pic with the four of them standing together with their heads turned..too cute.
  12. Great news, the vet just called and said the surgery went perfect and Jackson is doing fine! Just thought I'd let everyone know. Thanks again for the kind words!!
  13. Thanks for the promising thoughts! I dropped him off about 2 hours ago, so now I'm just playing the waiting game for that phone to ring and they tell me he's ok! Haven't been able to eat all day, stomach's in knots..but I'm glad to know that everyone is anxious when their pup goes in to get fixed.
  14. Jackson ties for fetch and swimming, since he'll jump in the water after anything and swim all day. Dakota definitely loves going for walks, and the frisbee.
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