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  1. Thanks! He's a sweetie as well as a cutie. Really loves children (thankfully) since children are always running up to the "cute", "cool looking" dog at parks. Shores, he weighs let me check...38 pounds.
  2. Yup and then it's -impossible- to safely untie them. My parents had a 6 month old lab mix (still do, she's 13 now ). Well, the neighbor was stupid and let their unneutered dog run loose because they didn't want him to lose his "manhood." My parents, like you, were under the impression that you needed to wait until the first heat to spay or until the dog was six months. The appointment for her to get spayed was already made when the neighbors dog had dug a hole under our fence, crawled under and was tied to her within 10 minutes (we made the mistake of letting her in the fenced yard w/o watching like we usually did during that time). :/ I kid you not. My parents freaked out yelled at the male dog in our yard, he tried to escape with her tied to him and she was screaming because they couldn't separate. I would rather keep them separate than risk it. It doesn't take long at all. Well, she was still spayed so no puppies anyway. Heh. Fortunately she was also okay after the "tying" incident.
  3. I posted pictures of Elmo over a year ago on here and now updated pictures from when he was about 1 year 8 months old (April 2009). I had adopted him from a rescue who intervened in the last minute from him being PTS in a rural animal control 6 hours or so away from me (he was 8 months old at the time). Also found out he had distemper at some point in his life due to his pitted teeth ugh. Anyone's guess as to how much BC he has in him? Recently he's being doing this "crouching low" stealth thing with my roommates dog where he crouches low and stares then sneaks up, stops, then stares sometimes followed by a pouncing, chasing, or just a complete stop. Is that BC behavior? He doesn't do it often just every now and then. A little bit of his "stealth mode" starting.... And because it's cute:
  4. Thanks everyone for the suggestions on a harness!! I'm a fairly competent skater as I've been doing this for 13 years. Presently I have "beginner" wheels on my rollerblades which make it exceedingly difficult to go too fast. My goal is not to go 35mph. He can pull me without pressing top speed. He is also under voice control and will slow down if I tell him to or "leave it" in the case of people, rabbits, cats ect. Julie, I believe that blading with him will allow him to actually exercise (rather than not). He gets to run at his speed, not mine (I slow him down), and I have noticed that after our blading outings he's much more content and TIRED. So I know that it does work him out well. As for me, it is a workout for me as we rarely go top speed (the wheels on my skates are not meant to be fast- which is good when you're with a dog). Besides, it's not something to do everyday just a couple or few times a week to break up those days when I'm lazy and don't feel like running or going for a hike with him (which most of the time doesn't wear him out anyway).
  5. I am so sorry. I hope she offered help with the vet bills (if not all of them). I'm assuming her new rescue gave no warning? That's odd. I really really hope he gets better and both of you turn out okay.
  6. I agree with Sue. Go back to crate training. How long have you been working on potty training? It took Elmo and I about a week. I would also treat immediately after she poo's/pees with the praise. Otherwise she won't put the treat + action together. Also, to get her to poop take her for a run or exercise. Usually a dog will have to poop then especially if they've had a meal 30 or so minutes before.
  7. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has done this or tried this before? I was thinking about getting a harness for my BC for when we go roller blading. He loves, loves, loves running when I roller blade with him and honestly I don't mind if he pulls me. I wouldn't mind having him pull me a bit or run ahead during roller blading (helps me anyway! He is not so far ahead either to where I loose control. He's also only 38 pounds, so that's not much of an issue as I've been blading for years). He is presently trained to heel while on a walk, run, or hike so it's not an issue with him running ahead constantly. I only allow it with the blades (which he knows). However, I'd rather not use his collar. Anyone have any harness type ideas? Brands? Thanks!
  8. Hello, Well recently Elmo started humping his bed. He has never humped anything until he turned a little over a year (besides the occasional dominance humping). I had washed the bed, he chewed a bone on it, and ever sense has begun to hump it. He *is* neutered (at around 7 months) and I've heard that secondary sex characteristics do tend to stay with many dogs. The problem is that today he urinated on it, which of course, led to him getting some urine on the carpet. I had just taken him out 2 hours ago and he urinated his heart out on every poor tree and bush. What is his issue? Is it normal for dogs who are neutered to urinate on their items? Is it reserved for humped items? Best plan of action? Remove bed completely? Thanks
  9. Well, Some rescues are like that. I'm a "rescue nightmare" too. I'm 22, in college, renting, and without a yard. Many negatives right? I came across rescues who wouldn't even consider me because I was in college. A few were working with me though, and that's how I came across my rescue. I wasn't even looking for a border collie but the woman knew we'd make a good fit. He's not very high energy, calm in the house, young, but enough energy to keep up with me, quiet, loves other dogs (I expressed that I was planning on getting more dogs when I graduate and get a yard). Elmo has already moved with me twice since I adopted him-to a house this last time . Do I make a horrible home? Well, he sleeps in my bed every night, gets couch privileges, runs with me daily, plays frisbee outside daily, sleeps on me while I study, goes hiking weekly (carries his own water in his backpack) and goes to the dog park monthly. He's fed Canidae...not dog chow crap. He's rarely alone because I have two other roommates. He's always prancing (seriously, he PRANCES) with his "happy tail." Not bad considering he was supposed to be PTS. Very possible those dogs wouldn't have been a good fit with your kids or the rescue wasn't willing to risk it. Just as a few rescues weren't willing to risk me.
  10. I'd like to add: 1. He jumps/bounces/leaps OFTEN when running while playing. Like a bunny. 2. Moans, groans more than *any* dog I have *ever* met in my life (squish him, he lays down, he stretches, ect ect). He's only a year too! 3. Any door, no matter the size of the crack, can and WILL be opened to let him slide in. Have a look around and depart. Check all doors in house periodically. 4. SLAM his body against a door when he wants in our out. + groan. 5. Running around and to the side of me....sometimes behind when I tell him to come. 6. Prances when happy and cleans his face like a cat. 7. Talking to me when I get home or ask him if he wants a treat. 8. Trying to "gather" small animals together.
  11. It's not really that horrible of food of a food for a dog with allergies! The *simple* ingredient list is wonderful. I need to email them about the fish preservative though to confirm. http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_re...=1494&cat=4 4/6 stars. I feed this to my dog as I can no longer afford Canidae and it was upsetting his stomach. I've had no problems with it. His poop is much tighter though. Thankfully, after months of Canidae, I can finally pick up poop without the mush everywhere. He has such a sensitive tummy and the fish and potatoes is working well for us. Note: I also supplement with meat a few times a week.
  12. I don't have a border collie either: 1) Tail is happy 2) Hair is too short 3) He has some ticking 4) He is only 35#'s 5) His ear is mismarked
  13. I believe the behavior he exhibits is related to his "modified prey drive" - herding instinct. I have never seen a Ridgeback or an Akita display behaviors such as running back and forth infront of someone or running around two people/circling and cutting off until they are closer together. Or even nipping while doing it. I agree though, it's not herding. For it to be herding it needs to be livestock. It is unacceptable behavior. What is ETA?
  14. Yes, he gets excited when he see's other dogs. The whining is an annoying behavior and if I'm busy going one way on the walk, I shouldn't have to appease him and let him meet another dog (going the other way). Not all owners wish to have meet and greats while in the neighborhood or park. As for the nipping, thanks I'll try that. I know he gets plenty of playtime with other dogs (I think he's rougher with me than the dogs at the dogpark = not good). He's getting better at playing with the dogs at the dogpark instead of going towards me for "roughplay." This may have something to do with how he was raised before I adopted him. Hopefully that will help. I really like the ignoring/time out idea. When at the dogpark and he nipped the kid on the arm, I immediately pulled him over and made him laydown for one minute. I was trying the whole saying no and holding the mouth (but it doesn't seem to be working). At least he calmed down after his time out. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm hoping that maybe you can help me on these issues. Issue I: I adopted Elmo well aware that a herding instinct may develop further. Which at a month over a year it has even more so. From the beginning he did all the behaviors of walking in front of me constantly (which I've now taught him NOT to do that). If I ask him to come (while I'm sitting or lying down) often he'll do this weird thing where he comes from behind me. As in coming around from my front to my back I suppose this has to do with herding? The issue is that he is very nippy especially when he gets excited or during play. He'll nip at my hands when excited or if I'm running or a friend, he'll promptly run in front or at side and nip, thus leaving marks on legs. It could also be something as simple as me teaching him a trick and him getting excited (he's then all mouthy). Fortunately when he's just greeting strange people, he refrains from nipping. He has nipped at a child at the dog park....not breaking the skin but scaring the child. On a leash he won't do this. Any way to curve this? Control it better? Issue II: He whines a good deal if he see's another dog while on the walk. He'll keep whining. Even if he so much as smells one in the area. How do you get your dog to stop whining while walking him? I always firmly tell him "NO." Then he stops and continues a few steps later.
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