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  1. Thanks for the info. I found the site and will look into it. Are there any good training videos? Also is it alright if I take TRex out and expose him to the sheep even though our sheep haven't been worked before?
  2. I just found this website today and am amazed. We live on a farm in the "Thumb" of Michigan and have about 60 ewes right now. I just got our first border collie. TRex is 10 months old and has been worked on with basic commands. I am looking for help--either training dvds, books, or people close to me. My husband and I have always lived on a farm, but sheep and border collies are new to us. I have been reading about using "dogbroke" sheep to start a dog. Most of ours were born on our farm and haven't been exposed to a herding dog (we use Great Pyrenees for guarding). If anyone is able to guide us in the right direction or know somewhere we can take TRex to train we would greatly appreciate it!!!!
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