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  1. Thanks for the info. I found the site and will look into it. Are there any good training videos? Also is it alright if I take TRex out and expose him to the sheep even though our sheep haven't been worked before?
  2. I just found this website today and am amazed. We live on a farm in the "Thumb" of Michigan and have about 60 ewes right now. I just got our first border collie. TRex is 10 months old and has been worked on with basic commands. I am looking for help--either training dvds, books, or people close to me. My husband and I have always lived on a farm, but sheep and border collies are new to us. I have been reading about using "dogbroke" sheep to start a dog. Most of ours were born on our farm and haven't been exposed to a herding dog (we use Great Pyrenees for guarding). If anyone is ab
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