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  1. I love having more than one dog, if you really want to add another I would try meeting with a few different dogs and see if you find one he prefers...theshine I tend to agree with theshine in the above statement. However, this is not the approach I used in selecting a second dog. The criteria I used was based mainly on energy level and temperment. I have a three year old male yellow lab that can mountain bike all day, swim all day, hike all day and is a blast to skijor with. Can go home eat dinner, rest for a couple of hours and do it again in the same day. Palmer, the lab, has been through three obedience classes and matured enough for a run at CGC this spring...finally. He's sharp as a whisle and eager to learn and can master anything he is taught. Ask him to "get kong" and in two seconds kong is at your feet. It doesn't matter where it's at in the house. So when I started thinking about a second dog the BC was first and foremost on my mind because we have run into several during outings and they didn't seem to mind Palmer's abrupt play-in-your-face disposition and if both parties where unleashed a serious game of chase and be chased usally followed. I did my homework and research to apprise myself of what I'd be getting into and what to expect and basically one of the thoughts I recall is that introducing a lab into a BC home would be a difficult task for my skill level. So for nearly 6 months and two inquiries later I wasn't successful at BC rescues because there a just too many behavioral issues with abandoned BC's. This didn't stop me in my quest for a BC however. I have a lovely 17 week old BC named Dot and while incredibly quick at any task asked of her Palmer's greatest asset is his temperment, endurance, willingness and intelligence to go along with anything she throws at him. It's almost like she's the dominant dog and while so very young she's actually working at upping Palmer's intelligence level to hers. Does that make sense? So I guess what I trying to say here is that it might be difficult introducing a second dog into a BC established home and theshine's take seems reasonable to me based on my limited personal experience.
  2. Thank you to everyone for a warm welcome. I'll try to keep the pictures coming as a way to keep the forum current with Dot's progress as a BC and her life in Alaska.
  3. My name's Clinton and my new little girl's name is Dot. She is absolutely adorable. This is my first post but I've been reading and researching for quite some time. And like the Just Labs forum the BC forum is a great resource. Palmer's my three year old lab and he's a wonderful guy. Dot hasn't quite figured out the herding thing but she tries really hard with Palmer...if she could only get him to cooperate. We start our 4th week of Puppy 1 and I have to say Dot has it figured out already. We'll continue on up through HS and CGC with agility in her future. Palmer's my skjor partner so it'll be interesting to see if Dot will partner too.
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