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  1. I thought Little Bo Peep but then remembered she lost her sheep so I think it might be a bad omen.
  2. I have a hard time understanding how a trial can call itself the "Nationals" when it is first come first entered with no qualifying - includes instinct testing and started classes as well as their own top class and gets 8 dogs entered for the advanced class on their "B" course (the AKC field course). By contrast there were 6 dogs entered in Intermediate and 22 dogs entered for Started. How can your "Nationals" have more dogs entered in your lowest class than all other classes combined.
  3. Okay. Amy - you busted me. I am in Orange County California. To my knowledge there are two of us residing in this very populated county trialing our dogs in USBCHA trials. One of us just took two dogs to Carbondale for the Nationals (guess I needed to be clear which nationals in THIS thread). BTW - it was not me. You have seen us run and you know why it was not me - yet anyway. But you are right -there are probably not "hundreds" but there are certainly dozens of AKC folk "trialing" in Orange County. And the only training available in Orange County itself is from one AKC trainer who
  4. The recall information is false info. I tried to buy it one night at WalMart and they had taken it off the shelf due to this rumor. I checked it out with the manufacturer and it was a false rumor. The product was back at WalMart a few days later. I would not be surprised if it results in a major lawsuit by the maker for whomever spread the rumor and actually got WalMart to pull the product for a few days. Major loss of sales and injury to business reputation.
  5. Since you are going to Free to Be Ranch - a few (hopefully) helpful tiips on watching from someone who has run there before but is not running this time. First, the turn-off to the trial field is just about a mile East out of the town of Mountainair and can be easily missed if you are driving too fast. The biggest tip-off is you will likely see a bunch of trailers and RVs parked in the field. The access road off the main hwy is not short and it is narrow. If two decent sized trucks are going opposite directions one of you will need to pull to the side. If you are coming from Albuquerqu
  6. What really peeves me about these snippets is that they never show properly trained dogs doing actual herding so they give the public the impression this is what herding is. Gives it a bad impression in my view. BTW - I personally know the trainer in So Cal and in fact almost used him as my fiorst trainer simply do to being close. Very happy I made a different choice.
  7. Sorry - My bad. They are both real cuties BTW
  8. I am confused. From your post it says you are still thinking about getting two puppies. But your screen name Jazz/Flints mom suggests you already own Jazz and Flint. Plus the picture is of two very adoragle BC puppies named Jazz and Flint. Did you already get the two puppies ?? Also seems you are in the Newark, Ohio area. I grew up in suburban Columbus and my family still lives in the area - (mother is probably about a mile from the facility you are considering for training). The facility seems a good facility for agility training but ypu may wish to consider whether you wish to expo
  9. A curiosity question from this year's finals - which I did not see. I noticed that in the Nursery Final run I believe there were three dogs tied on score (points) and the tie was broken on time. The shortest time won under the time and points rule. Does anyone who was there think it less likely there would have been a tie if all elements were judged ? And would judging have rewarded a different dog ?? And do you cattle people like it as is ? I assume from my conversations with at least one (Anna) that you cattle dog people like it as is. These really are just curiosity questions.
  10. Anna I knew I would hear from you and I almost e-mailed you directly to ask the same question and also to ask if you were going. But I thought it would be interesting to see more generalized responses as well. Yes - I know - as you well know I know - that USBCHA cattle trials are not usually "judged" - that's why I was able to be the judge - or more accurate "counter of heads through obstacles" at the veery first cattle trial I attended (you know this but others reading this likely do not). Seems to me that the dual sanctioning creates a lot of interesting and possibly problematic sce
  11. That's fine. I just wanted to point out generics are also subject to stringent manufacturing protocols and required to show bioequivalency. The generics are required to go through FDA approval as to their quality - just not required to fully replicate all clinical tests because they have already been done. I think it is common to be a bit skeptical until the generics have been out for a while. I trust generics for myself so I am inclined to trust them for my dogs as well. Each person should make their own decisions on that but since I did not know this was available until my wife saw t
  12. I noticed recently that an upcoming local cattle trial is being advertised as sanctioned by BOTH the USBCHA and AHBA. One run - sanctioned by both organizations. I have not seen this before and wondered if it was more common in cattle trials ? Also, wondered whether people think it is a good idea or not ?
  13. Most vets sell Frontline in their offices - often for higher prices than available in the store. I have even had some (falsely btw) try to tell me I needed a prescription or an office visit to buy Frontline. There is a financial incentive for vets to continue to push FrontLine over generics. Plus there is the natural tendency to simply stay with what works. Generic drugs are, however, subject to the same rigid controls by the FDA. See FDA Statement on Generic Drugs See the following excerpt from the FDA about generics. Obviously it is referring to human testing as that is most of
  14. For those of you still using Frontline and Frontline Plus apparently then patent protection expired in March. Generics are starting to hit the market now. The first is called Pet Armor and is currently available only at Sams Club and Walmart. More generics are expected on the market soon. The cost is about 3 - 4 per dose less than Frontline.
  15. Random thoughts and you should probably get ideas from someone with much more experience than I. Also I most likely will not come to the trial as it is simply to far for me to travel. With regard to Nursery - it is usually pretty easy to get two nursery runs in and this is something of a draw. One thing that is done often is to make the Pro Novice a combined Nursery/Pro-Novice - age qualified dogs run on the same course mixed into the same run order. They can either be judged Nursery only or for both Pro Novice and Nursery. If they want the run to count for both they simply pay a somew
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