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  1. Thanks all for the advices many of them sound like good solutions. We might see a landscaper very soon and get some quotes done on some of them. Oh and it’s raining today again arrrg! It's becoming a must fix ASAP issue Cheers
  2. Before we got our dogs we decided to get a gate/fence installed in the back to separate the dogs area from our ‘Garden/Want to keep nice’ area… The dogs have access to this area all day (dog door)and when we are at work they have this + laundry room(dog door access). We have kiddie pools, sand pit and lots of toys there to keep them occupied. The dogs are mainly there only when we are at work, in the weekend we keep them very busy with us Now the dog area has become a real disaster. We knew this would happen that is why we got the gate installed. There is no more grass (because they run and play a lot when we are away) and when it rains it’s a mud fest which gets carried inside the house. It's a sore sight for the eyes We were just looking for tips/idea on what to do bout fixing this so we stop the mud fest. We can’t grass it up, it will get destroyed again, what type of surface would be appropriate (and not too hard to clean up)? Cheerios
  3. >, I'm getting serious with my partner who already has two very large dogs and Eko would really be a bit much if we moved in together Hey why would Eko be the one that is too much and not one of the others? Bad attitude to have before moving in I agree with the crating and if you do move in with your partner, Eko will most likely be less bored, anxious when you are away and be less destructive with brohers/sisters to play with and keep busy Good luck
  4. Chocolate & White Female + Tri Blue Merle Male. Even the Vet didn't recognise our Tri Blue Merle to be a BC. (he's still very little). Some people thinks he's a husky pup
  5. We have 2 BC pups, our little girl Sheila just turned 6 Months and a little 13 weeks male which we have since he was 8 weeks. Sheila is a very ‘silent’ dog, so much that sometimes we wonder if she knows how to bark, hehe. We heard her bark a couple of times when she was very little and there was a toy stuck that she couldn’t get to, but that’s it. She’s also very submissive with all other dogs, apart from her little brother, which we see that she won’t let him run the place, however never in an aggressive way ‘Joe’ on the other hand makes up for her silence… and it’s getting very bad. He is just 13 weeks and everytime they get playing (they play pretty rough) he bark and barks and barks. This is mostly when they play outside(not barking out of being bored or at people passing by) Now he started barking at us when he decides it’s dinner time and he’s very aggressive with Sheila (not with us) over food. We feed them in separate room and he doesn’t care about his food, he wants hers… and as soon as we let him out he runs to where she ate and growls at her if she gets near. We are very severe with him. We correct him everytime he start barking (when we are there) and when it gets too bad we give him a time out. It calms him down but as soon as he is out it starts all over again. We also use the water spray when we can. When we are in a park with other dogs and he plays with them, he never barks at all. Only at home, which makes us think it’s a battle for superiority with Sheila at home. On the other hand he is very vocal about everything and a lot of the barking is ‘happy’ lets play, we know that’s a part of him and he will never be as silent as Sheila. We just want to control it so that don’t get very angry neighbours. He’s very loud. Anyone has suggestions to help reduce the barking? We thought maybe about one of those spray collar. Do they work? For the food aggressions we were thinking about feeding them side by side and control/ correct him when he tries to go after her food. This is going to be a challenge a first. We’re just not sure if it will help or get him going even more. He has never displayed aggression towards us and we make sure to put our hands in his bowl & mouth occasionally when he eats. He respects all of out commands (sit/stay) very well and great recalls… Only problems is the noise and the food Both dogs get a lot of exercise twice a day, we keep then very active and they do obedience school in weekend. We try to be good pack leaders from all we have learned since we got the dogs but this is getting out of hands and we need some help with him. Thanks for any help!
  6. Our little girl was eating her poos when we first got her… She however didn’t have any upset stomach and all was quite normal with her. Since she was well fed and seemed healthy the vet suggested that it’s a learned behaviour from the mommy. They sometimes will eat the puppies poops to keep puppy den area clean. Sure enough she did grow out of it after a month or 2. Now I wish she would grow out of eating Kangaroo Poo outside, lol. Both the dogs love it, they call it ‘Doggie Chocolates’ here Good luck with your little pup!
  7. They say the best companion for a BC is another BC… We have long days at work and it had to be quite lonely for our little 5 months girl alone at home. We just got her a little brother a few weeks ago and absolutely do not regret our decision. They are both having a great time together. I say 2, or if we had the space we’d have more!!
  8. Thanks all for your responses I'm in Australia but not much for the heat myself, in Summer I run in very early morning and we get pretty fresh Winters where I am. I will be taking this very slow and easy with her until she's old enough. She's a wonderfull girl we love her dearly, the last thing I would want to do is to hurt her in any way Cheers!
  9. When we got our new house first thing we knew we both wanted was a dog. Then we had to decide what kind of Dog…. I’m a runner, did a few marathons many half marathons and can pile up a lot of mileage in a week. We always liked BC but knowing that they would make very good running companion helped our decision. We got our little girl and I haven’t really pushed her much into it yet. Vet said no more than 20 minutes until she is 1 year old. She’s 51/2 months now and all I do is a few minutes with her so she slowly gets used to follow me nicely. Rest of activity is normal play time with little brother BC and started fly ball I was just curious to hear about other runners and how much can adult dogs actually do? On big training weeks I can run 90+ kilometres. Average weeks more like 50-60 kilometres. Given that I slowly introduce her to it when she is all grown up and increase slowly; will she ever be able to do 20+kilometres runs with me on my long weekend run? Or is that really too much for a dog and risk injuries? Just curious to hear from other runners out there Cheerios
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