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  1. Lately we've found that everything that we buy for Shasta she destroys. We can't get her any "stuffies" because she shreds them. We bought her a nice new dog bed, and she pulled out all of the stuffing. She's also taken to pulling out the stuffing in the comforter. She's almost two. Please tell me that she'll grow out of this...I hate having a dog with no toys. Is there anything out there that anyone's found that can't be easily destroyed? She's fine if we're supervising, but watch out if you walk away! It will be destroyed, or worse, eaten...
  2. When Shasta was a puppy, we couldn't find her one day. We looked and looked, and finally we found her curled up in the cupboard in a too-small frying pan. Now she's just a big oaf who, at almost two, thinks she's a chihuahua or something. She just doesn't understand that she's not a lap dog!
  3. My dh bought a retriver dummy for out BC, Shasta. She always catches it with her paws. And we just thought she was weird.
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