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  1. RDM, so glad Sport was okay, it seems like he's got some feline in him with all those lives! My resuscitative moment came about 4 months after I got Sophie, making her about 9 mos. My Dad was dogsitting as my mom was in the hospital (we were ruling out a cancer scare) and he lives across the street from a park, make that URBAN park with busy streets on all sides. Dad is not a fan of leashes but was humoring me when he watched Sophie.--even though I reminded him her recall was not 100% However, he must have forgotten that promise because I had just gotten to his house, seen that he and the
  2. okay, I just worked 2 10 hour days in a row (not normal) and read this message and feel VERY guilty. I'm bawling and Sophie is trying to lick my tears whilst I'm thinking I'm not a horrible doggie mom for dropping her off at her grandpa's for the past 2 days. She got to run in the park and play and go crazy with her doggie stepsisters and I know that she had a better day than at home alone, but. still. the thought nags I should be here for her, it's not fair nor is it her fault. It didn't help that someone I hadn't seen in awhile asked about my baby and I told them I had a picture in my wa
  3. I finally got myself a set of clippers for Sophie as the $$$ started adding up for the grooming. I don't think she has the true rough bc coat and it's definitely not a smooth coat--probably somewhere in between (she's a BCx). Thank goodness she couldn't tell me what she thought of the AWFUL job I did. I didn't need to watch the instructional dvd, just jumped right in and boy, if looks could kill.......poor baby. No pain or injury inflicted, actually just a few uneven spots, but at 6 weeks she still has about another 4-6 to look more normal. However, it will still be several months befor
  4. Sophie still digs in her water bowl (she's going on 4.5 yrs and is a BCx), but only outside after she's been running around--I assumed she was either over-stimulated after lots of running (um isn't that an understatement!) BUT she only does it outside and usually only her left front paw; occasionally both paws, but more so the left. I just figured since we're in the city, the asphalt/concrete made her pads too hot and the water bowl cooled them off. Go figure? But she does love the water--won't dig in the baby pool, only a larger, outside water bowl. In fact, the water dept. had the hy
  5. Because there's nothing like a cold nose on your tuckus while you're in the shower at 5:30a If that doesn't make you smile or laugh, then you need to crawl back to bed!
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