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  1. I am considering 'borrowing' some sheep to put in the three-acre pasture at the acreage we're renting and am wondering how this is done... does anyone have any experience 'renting' sheep? I would like to find some sheep that are used to being worked. Who pays who? I would assume that I would pay the owners because I'm the one that wants them, but other people have said that since the sheep are coming onto our pasture, eating our grass and drinking our water that the sheep owners would be 'renting' our pasture to feed the sheep out. I can see both sides but since I'm the one wanting them... I would love to just buy some sheep but I don't think I can afford to buy sheep with lamb prices where they're at right now, as well as I don't think I can keep them over the winter here (well freezes in the winter) so I was hoping to lease for a couple of months until it gets cold, then maybe buy my own next spring. Thoughts?
  2. Interesting question... I can certainly say I've been on both sides of this, receiving the "What? She's not spayed?!" and "You BOUGHT that dog instead of doing rescue?!" comments more times than I care to count. And now that you mention it, I was on the other side of the coin just yesterday, when I was following someone down the highway whose yellow lab was half way out the back window and barking like crazy, all I could think was "How can those people let him do that?!" Living out in the country now too allows me to grumble things like "I can't believe they just let their dogs stay out and loose like that..." meaning the people down the road with black labs that run out in front of cars, one who has clearly been hit once or twice before. I can say I've been there before. It wasn't until I came to college that my thought process changed from believing that dogs are supposed to live outside and that's final... now I have two dogs and a cat living in the house with all the toys and spoilings they can suffer. It takes all sorts in this world... I know the world is like this when it comes to children as well and everybody knows exactly what's best and how right they are. I suppose it's like that in any realm of society for that matter...
  3. Why are AHBA and ASCA trials frowned upon here on these boards/the Border Collie community? From what I understand it's the whole title process that isn't liked here, but how is earning titles any different from earning money? Personally, I like AHBA and ASCA trials because they're at a level I can compete at right now... I certainly have aspirations to compete at USBCHA-type trials, but that won't come until long after I have the right dog, my own sheep, more exposure/opportunity to train and practice, and most importantly much more experience. So what's wrong with them?
  4. Just wanted to put in my two cents worth... First and foremost, Pecan Place's use of the term "junk poodles" is alarming and disheartening to me as well as anyone else reading this. There are no junk dogs, only junk people. I am also shocked that someone who claims to have been as heavily involved in the AKC show ring (20+ years if I remember correctly?) thinks this type of volume breeding is acceptable- I would've thought she would be shunned by the conformation people. Of course, maybe she's burned a lot of bridges along the way. Personally, none of the conformation ring people/breeders I know would EVER find this type of breeding acceptable. Although I realize it takes all sorts in this world...
  5. I agree- examine any behavior your puppy is showing and ask yourself, "Will this be cute when the puppy is an adult?" The answer is almost always no, I learned the hard way- Jade follows the cat and stares at her All. Day. Long. and I have been unable to get her to stop. Fortunately the cat doesn't care and she isn't stressed out from Jade's behavior, but that's something I wish I had stopped when she was a puppy.
  6. Thanks for clarifying this- I didn't realize ABCA was a one-woman show, didn't know how it was run. Puts a little better perspective on the comparison, the 'David and Goliath' description seems fair.
  7. Ever since the thread about the 43-dog puppy mill back in March, this response to my comment has been haunting me and I think about it quite frequently... Because ABCA is a registry and if the people keep their records in good order, there is no problem. If ABCA were a registry requiring proof of working ability then it would be a different story. But how to do that? (it has been discussed many times before when in actuality it would have been easier to implement due to fewer dogs) Isn't this the same argument given by the AKC? that they are 'just a registry'? Probably sounds a bit like a broken record, but this really struck a chord with me. I'm not saying I support the AKC in this regard, it just seems the above statement about the ABCA sounds like a familiar argument. (I think the problems and blame lie more with BCSA than AKC, personally.) I have a pretty good understanding of the issues with the vs. AKC debate... so I guess my main question is how neither registry has issue with one kennel/individual registering copious amounts of dogs. Having a hard time communicating what I'm trying to ask here and honest to doG I'm not trying to ruffle feathers... I guess mainly what is the difference between "AKC is just a registry" vs. "ABCA is just a registry"
  8. My channel guide says tomorrow at 5:30 (and repeats on 5/28 at 3:30 AM and 5/29 at 6:30 PM) and the next new episode is next Friday, June 3 also at 5:30... that's central time anyway
  9. I was super excited to see Sheepdog Trials back on the list on my channel guide, so I promptly set to DVR the series. Now that I've DVR'd a couple episodes, I can't help but wonder... what the heck is this?? This is not the ISDS sheepdog trials over in England/Scotland/Ireland like they were airing last year. These trials are in New Zealand, and is called the "Tux Yarding Dog Challenge". The first one I watched had these bigger dogs that it seems like all they did is BARK BARK BARK BARK. What kind of dogs are those? I am watching the second episode I recorded, and these dogs work similarly to a Border Collie, only a little more upright and a little looser-eyed. They kind of look like Border Collies too. Maybe I've missed it, but I haven't heard them say anything about what kinds of dogs they are. I think this 'yarding' course looks like a lot of fun with all the different obstacles (a lot like and arena trial), kind of makes me want to set up some of these new obstacles myself! Can anyone share anything about this type of trial or these dogs?
  10. He's fine with getting another dog. He's looking forward to getting 'his' dog once we get out onto an acreage. I've accepted that I'll be doing most of the work with the dogs, which is fine by me, I'd probably prefer it that way anyway. My 'hobby' anyway, he has his own things he does that I don't participate in too.
  11. After a long wait and some careful research, I located an upcoming litter and my new pup was born this past weekend, which means I have at least seven weeks to pick out a name before she (or he) comes home in June. So far I've picked out approximately two dozen names that I like, all but a few are one syllable, which is what I would like. Unfortunately, my obstinate husband doesn't like any of them... don't ask me why. His comment is always "Why do you want a name that sounds like you stubbed your toe on something?!" I'm not sure what he means by that, since none of my chosen options are or resemble curse words... Considering I will be most if not all of the actual training (obedience, manners, socialization, stock work, etc), I figure the dog should have a name that I really like (DH's idea of 'spending time with the dog' is watching TV on the couch with Jade). DH says he wants a say, but he won't come up with any suggestions either. I guess I'm looking for advice or suggestions for two things: 1) How do I deal with DH? 2) Any suggestions for where to look for more name ideas? As far as #2, I've already been searching through trial result lists, rescue dog lists, and kennel websites for name inspirations and ideas. Any other suggestions? I am super excited about this pup... she (or he) comes from a working breeding and working lines (sire is from Kensmuir and Scrimgeour, dam from H. Glyn Jones, those are what I recognize anyway), I am very excited to see how stock training unfolds. I think it's going to be quite a bit different from Jade... Jade comes from working lines, but her parents were a generation or two away from dogs that actually worked.
  12. How about "Kal-El" or "Kent"? or "Clark" for that matter, Superman's real name and human name... (sorry hubby is watching it in the other room lol)
  13. I don't think you're being a wet blanket at all! Nothing that I haven't said time and time again to my husband... this question mainly came up because of my in-laws' new ES pup, Buck. They want him to be an outside only farm dog, loose all the time 'so he can kill rats and raccoons and stuff'. Two relatives' farms are down the road not even a quarter mile, one with another dog and the other with cattle and hogs. Pretty enticing. Plus their beagle already wanders down to the creek on the other side of the gravel road on a daily basis... he's been doing that for years and I doubt neutering him will change that at this point. (No, neither the beagle or Buck are neutered-- plans are in place to neuter the beagle but I am pleading with them to neuter Buck.) It's been a long time since they've lost a dog on the road, but they've lost from what I can tell at least 4 in the course of their marriage- it's also been a long time since they've had a puppy on the farm. I find myself trying to detach myself from Buck because I'm convinced he'll get killed on the road. DH says he wants to train him to trial so we can do something together... what is the point in training this dog to work sheep and get to the point of trialling if he's just going to get hit on the road or mauled by a coyote?? Hubby says "It's like you're planning on him getting hit by a car... it's not going to happen!" So, if the beagle has already developed the habit of wandering, is there any hope of keeping Buck on the farm? He's only 17 weeks old and I think they've already started leaving him out at night a little bit, and sometimes during the day. Where's that dang head-banging emoticon??
  14. Let me preface this by saying that personally, I don't like the idea of leaving a dog loose outside for extended periods of unsupervised time, with the exception of LGDs and such. I've been asked by a lot of different people lately about teaching dogs/pups to stick around the farm or acreage while unsupervised, day and night, and stay away from the road(s). Growing up, we had dogs that were left outside and roamed the farm, but I honestly can't remember how we taught them. What advice can anyone give me about this? What age do you start leaving dogs out? How do you teach them? Is it just a conditioning thing? Thanks in advance!
  15. !@#^&%$%!^%$!#@$% There are no words for this... browsing through their website, I am just plain angry now. What the eff is wrong with people!?!?!! Why in God's name does ABCA continue to accept registrations from a breeder like this?! Can't they say no?? Shouldn't 100+ puppies per year kind of be a red flag to them!?! Also, not that it's any surprise, but I could only find three pictures on the whole site with sheep, and looks like a pretty good chase session to me at that.
  16. What!? Do you even read what your fingers type!? "i only breed when i want a puppy for myself *** next litter is planned for 2013 or 2014." That means you're a breeder. Definitely passed the point of ridiculousness.
  17. My dad sent me this link to a discussion on AgTalk where they ('they' meaning 'regular' farmers/ranchers) were talking about watching the internet sales and demos of the stock dogs at the National Western Stock Show. I just love the dialogue on this where they're saying how useful a dog like that is and "would take a few hired men to take their place", etc, things we all already know. How could something like this be communicated more? Sounds like the internet auction of these dogs at that show must've reached a number of people, why doesn't RFDTV do more with stock dogs? I know a lot of farmers who's TVs never leave RFD. How could more programming be introduced to show useful herding breeds, Border Collies or otherwise? Something more than demos... I know AQHA had a "Test Ride" program at some expos I once went to, any way a "Test Stock Work" could be set up, put some well-trained and will-work-for-anyone dogs on stock for someone to try out at a show or expo? Just thinking out loud, maybe we can get some good ideas going!
  18. I know this question has been asked and answered before but I can't remember the answer... How did the Jack Russell Terrier people win their name lawsuit and has that been attempted by the working Border Collie people? And would any court say we waited too long after becoming recognized by the AKC to fight it? I kind of think most courts would take the AKC's side in a lawsuit like that...
  19. Remarkable... very interesting. I'd be lying if I said my mouth wasn't hanging open in shock as I read that... You'd think if she felt that way about their "Border Collie" that she would have made some effort to do something about those issues while she was in office instead of waiting for her last message to the club to vocalize her concerns...
  20. I love it!! Fantastic... :-) I'm just curious though, you said, "mostly they are just interested in herding but do not do it themselves, since they have other breeds than BCs"... what other breeds do they have? Do they not have herding breeds or do they think because they don't have Border Collies that they cannot work sheep?
  21. I'm not sure how exactly to express what I'm feeling right now... Today we were at a pet expo and stopped by a Border Collie rescue booth to buy a T-shirt and donate a little extra money. When the volunteers saw Jade, "Is your dog a rescue?" "No, she is not..." ... "Oh." This is not the first time I've experienced this... it happens quite frequently to me, actually- I don't quite understand it, it's almost as if I've done something wrong, or committed some faux pas because my dogs were bought. Rescue is a wonderful thing, and while I am thrilled that adoptions seem to be rising in the world, I don't feel it is for everyone, particularly people with working needs, and I never say never. I try to help rescues and shelters financially when I can, donating money and/or objects, and hope/plan to foster someday when my situation better warrants it, as well as helping people find rescue dogs in need. I kind of feel that rescue has become the "popular" thing to do in recent years (not that it's a bad thing by any means!!), but since I didn't rescue, does that leave me out of the 'in' crowd?? Does anyone else have experiences or feelings like these? Not trying to ruffle any feathers, just trying to understand the "Oh"s I receive...
  22. He is a jerk... I can't stand being around him, ever since the moment I met him. Jade just sticks next to me and growls at him from across the room, and Jade likes everybody once she meets them. I hope he is just 'trying to be cool' but I'm afraid that's really who he is. I can understand guaranteeing working drive, but I don't understand guaranteeing that without any/proper training...
  23. An [obnoxious, know-it-all trucker type] acquaintance stopped by last night with my brother-in-law and started talking about his newest purchase, an ACD he bought in Montana for $1200... the breeder said the 9-week old pup is guaranteed to work and move cattle by a year of age with no (formal) training whatsoever, and the breeder told him "if he don't work right, just run up an' kick 'em in the face 'til he gets it right!" There are about a million things wrong with this scenario, but I am just curious if that kind of a guarantee is at all plausible or if this guy got taken? This guy should not work with any animals to begin with, (he hauls livestock for a living), let alone have a dog that can have aggressive tendencies. I am ready to tell him if/when the dog won't work for him since he is too abusive towards it (he already told me he kicked it across his semi tractor cab because it chewed on his boots), I'll take it instead of him putting a bullet through its head or neglecting it. There ought to be a dog ownership test people have to pass first...
  24. I'll try getting a big KONG, maybe stuff some peanut butter in it or something... neither Rocko or Sasha have ever shown any interest in toys, so I don't know if that would work... but it's worth a shot! Is it too late to teach an old dog to enjoy toys?? They just love attention more than anything else... The kennel is really new... I suggested that they probably need something a little softer/cushier than a piece of carpet, we'll see what we can do about that. They don't spend much time in there, which is probably why my folks left it so sparse.
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