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  1. Thanks much for your post. Nothing at all has changed. My parents have been minding him as I have had two babies in the last two years. He has always gone there for long periods of time, and been very happy there. I am having issues with managing the meds and the food ( my 11 month old son likes to eat kibble... ) All the meds are for is gas, diarrhea and vomit control. I will talk to the vet tomorrow about your ideas! Thank you again
  2. I am posting today through tears in hopes that someone can help our family. We have a beautiful and loving seven year old border collie. Piper was a very healthy boy with a healthy obsession for his tennis ball, long walks and love of our two small children. In February of this year he stopped eating and drinking. He began losing weight rapidly and had explosive diarrhea and vomiting. We went to the vet and he had lost 8 pounds since October than lost another 4 pounds. He is on prednisone 2 x twice a day, cisapride 3 x once a day, metronidazole 1 every 12 hours and sucralfate one every 12 hou
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