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  1. MY BC has popcorn feet, as does my papillon
  2. The latest TV ad from Specsavers (http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zFDad67rgdE ) is set on a sheep farm in the Faroe Islands. Featuring stunning black and white photography, it tells the story of a shepherd who clearly should have gone to Specsavers – he mistakenly shears his faithful collie. Star of the film is real Faroese shepherd, Peter Andreas Petersen, along with border collie Jim. Jim was born and bred in Wales, but now belongs to champion sheep dog trialist, dog trainer and wildlife photographer Absolon Hansen. Absolon is Faroese but still talks to Jim in Welsh. Just to reassure all y
  3. I think this post got lost in the raging debate about Westminster, so for my opening post I'm going to talk about it here. Anadune is a UK based BC pedigree site, that aims to list the genetic status of as many bcs as possible. Although currently most of the information is centered around UK dogs, there are plenty US/Can/Oz etc dogs listed on there needing their TNS/CEA etc data listed. This is primarily a site with information on "Barbie border Collies" [incidently, I HATE this term, and am more then happy to explain why if anyone is interested] but it also contains many of the great her
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