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  1. Thank you all.... I have talked to both my trainers about a litter. One suggested a litter to me which I am following but won't know if they have one available till they evaluate the pups. My trainer knows BC's very well. She did't know of anyone with litters right now (or coming up soon). My other trainer who has Sibe's did though. It was an agility friend of hers. I know people say don't pick based on color... and I really don't want to. There is things way more important to me than that. However, I want my dream border collie. I settled for less than what I wanted last time around and want exactly what I want in a puppy now. Would I settle for another color if the puppy really hit me and said "thats the one". Sure! It is not the top of my list but it is part of my "ideal dog" to me. It is a part that could change very easy for the right pup though. My trainer does Agility, OB, and some herding among some other random activity's. I am looking at rescues... I have to have a puppy though. I would love to take an older dog but my current dog does not take to older dogs very well. I am sure he COULD adjust but a puppy just fits much better. I also wan't to "start fresh" with the pup. I understand that I sounded a little stupid and such in my first post... but believe me. I am NOT stupid or blind to BC's. I just wanted more opinions on good breeders. I have one BC and have done hours and hours and hours of research on BC's. I have taken my current BC from a crazy reactive aggressive dog that could NEVER even walk into an agility class or around other dogs to competing and behaving better than most dogs. I know exactly what I am getting in to and honestly...they can't get much worse than my current BC. My dream dog/breeder is this - The parents will be working dogs preferably doing both herding and agility...the more things the better. They will be health tested and have good passing tests (OFA good or excellent, CEA/CH clear, CERF, etc). They will be good stable dogs who can work, meet new people/dogs/animals and not have any issues. The puppy will be like the parents and be an outgoing "social" dog. But know when its time to work. It will also be able to relax in the house. Thank you again for your help.
  2. Hey all!! I was on here for awhile but was to busy to really get on and do anything. I am currently on the hunt for a female border collie puppy. Every single breeder I find has some major issues with it (the last I looked at had lines from Richard Swaffords puppy mill...YUCK). A red (or blue tri) merle female is what I really want...however just a good dog with a good temp comes over color right now. I am hoping to have one by june/july. However, if a litter is good enough to wait for I will. I would consider a rescue too. So any ideas?? Puppy must be female is all! Will be doing agility, OB, rally, frisbee, dock dog, therapy, possibly herding and anything else we can get into! This puppy will NOT be bored. I have experience with BC's too. I work as a dog groomer, take training classes, have lots of BC friends and what not. My trainer is a big BC person also and so any issues I may have she can help However, I don't expect any! I have worked through A LOT with my current BC. Thanks for any suggestions!!
  3. thanks i did find him on here already and am gonna try and contact him!
  4. BC's all look very different. i knew a short stockier one and also a tall skinny one. they are all very different. He looks very pretty and alot like the ones I have seen just not tall and thin working like.
  5. Thank you he's my baby I love him.
  6. There are many breeds that can still herd. The thing is that not all are bred for that now. You could get two of any herding breed one from show and one from a working farm and one will herd one wont. Thats the truth with any of them. So its not what breeds can still work, its what breeders are breeding for the true standards of the dogs so they CAN work. I have seen samoyeds, acds,kelpies, shelties, rotties, borders, old english, beardies, swedish valhunds, malinois, shepherds, belgians, collies, and alot of the other herding breeds herd and work. but I have also seen dogs of ALL these breeds that showed no talent for herding at ALL. So it all comes down to the breeding and lines of the dogs, not the breeds themselves. This is true with anything not just herding but nay purpose of breeds. Theres gonna be some that can and some that cant. So when you get the breed you want research lots, find there purpose, and find a GREAT breeder who sticks to that. Also from a WORKING farm is better than just competing.
  7. Thanks, I'm in North East maryland. Thats the name of the town...lol I'm about 40 minutes from wilmington, delaware and about the same from baltimore. I am right on the chesapeake bay.
  8. Hello, I am happy to get on here. I am almost sixteen years old and I have one Border Collie named Skye. We are agility addicts in the making. I have always loved border collies, I jumped in almost two years ago and got skye. When I got him I didnt know about the whole akc thing and all that. He is show/working lines. His dad is pure working ABCA Border Collie. His mom was show lines, but she was of more the working variety show. He got more of the working lines though. I have thought about doing a herding instinct test, but havent found anyone near by to help me train him and do it. My family also owns a Golden Retriever named Levi. Now heres some pictures of skye for you all...
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