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  1. The question is, which is the greater sin? The handler that allows the dog to be offline all the way down the fetch and miss the fetch panels, or the handler that gives commands to hold the line that the judge wants the sheep to travel on. I would say trust your dog to work the stock with out comands. A dog that brings sheep in a straight line to the handler but the wrong straight line "according to us humans" is doing more practical work than the dog that responds to commands to bring the sheep in a "zig-zag" motion in order to stay on line in a non stockman like desired path.
  2. Tri-Tronics has a bark controler that works and cost $110
  3. c. The dog should require few commands and where the sheep stray from the true line the dog's ability is judged by its control of them and its immediate answer to all commands.
  4. There are 2 fetches #1 the sheep move off line 10 yards the dog recovers without any commands and brings the sheep to the handler in a straight line missing the fetch panels. #2 the sheep move off line 10 yards the Handler gives the dog a command to recover the dog does not take the command then the dog is commanded to lie down which he does then the dog is commanded to recover and he does and then lies down then commanded to walk up drive the sheep back to the fetch line then commanded to continue on the fetch line which he does through the fetch panels to the handler. How would you score these fetches?
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