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  1. If you have the room, two would be fine. I don't mean room for two crates in the bedroom or anywhere in the house. They will get along fine, but they need to burn engery. The puppy's will bond fine as they grow and get along well when they get older. Some times when you introduce then as adults, it might upset the apple-cart. Where some people run into trouble is that they don't have the time or space to do it right. If you do, it will work just fine. Good Luck
  2. Thanks for the info, Ken
  3. If people would just think about the dog in the long run. I have had many people get angry with me when I would not sell the puppy that they wanted because I knew better for my dogs. Trust the breeder for his knowledge of the breed. Ken
  4. Names can be so hard, when our female has puppys, it's hard to pick them our for their registration papers. We will look on their parents papers for some past names. Ken
  5. Sounds like a great idea to wait, Good Luck, you have a life ahead of you. Ken
  6. The sooner the better, I also used a treat at my side and that worked very also. Ken
  7. One of my BC's was running in the snow and ice and she came up limping when she came in the house. She could not jump up in my chair or clim the steps. She would hold up her rear left leg. She was a little better the next day and still favored her leg and would still hold it up. After 4 days, I took her to the Vet and had her checked. She was almost well but still had a little tenderness, but checked out fine. What is your experance on this and should I watch her for something?
  8. Max brought me a newley killed deer (fawn) leg. It was a front leg and he loved it and was so proud.
  9. It worked out well with us, they will play with each other. They will be as night and day, Good Luck
  10. What about late friday night or early Saturday, 2 or 3 AM then you could go when the Vet opens first thing if needed?
  11. With all that was said, I still Love My BC's the best and we have had several PB dogs of other breeds.
  12. I am lost now, the dog trainer couldn't help, the animal behaviourist couldn't help and the vet couldn't help. Ben still turns into a savage beast when he is out of the security of the house and garden. Infact if you dare to pick up a lead in his veiw, you are most likely to get a bight on your leg or face and a scary display of snarling and growling. I feel terrible! He even sometimes turns on Chance, my older collie who wouldn't dream of hurting another animal or human! You can only do so much and at times, Yes "put the dog down" is the answer. It easy to say what you should do when you are not the one who is going to put up with the mess. This could be a bad thing waiting to happen and yes it will. Reguardless of the pain or his backgroung, he still bites. AS much as I love my dogs, it may be the right thing to do.
  13. I worked as a vet tech for 3 years. A few, not all vets will encourage a cleaning to make money. Remember if he does not preform a service, he or she will not get paid. Clean teeth is VERY importiant, and necessary but remember there are other ways to help.
  14. Here is a photo of Molly Mae in bed while I'm getting ready for work.
  15. At first they did not sleep in the house, all three have a nice heated 12 X 16 dog shed with seperate runs with outside areas to run. When I would put them up, they looked so sad and wanted to stay with me. Sooooo I started to bring one in and then the next night the other and then the other on the third night. I first thought I would have some problems, (going out to do their thing), but they never got off the bed. In fact they would lay against my back and keep me warm. When I would get up to get ready for work, they would still be in bed until I got the food out.-
  16. All 4 BC's eat twice a day. About 1 and 1/2 cups each time. They are about 35 pounds and look skinny. But they stay outside and run most of the day.
  17. I have had many other breeds and can answer without any question that the BC is the best
  18. I sometimes think it's the way they look at you and seem to understand, or the way they cock their head to the side. They seem to know what you want.
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