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  1. I have both, and the females are more loveable. they all were raised from pups about the same and the male is a little more standoffish. The females come in at least once a day to play or sleep in my lap, but when we bring the male in, he wants to mark his territory and we just can't trust him. I would love to have him in more but I can't have that. Any suggestions? Ken
  2. I just found a slaughter house in our area. We live in a small rural area and I didn't even know it was there. If you are interested in raw food, you might check. Anyway, they will sell anything for less that $1.00 a pound. Any ideas of what I should feed? Heart, Liver, kidney? How much bone and what kind. I know no weight bearing bones, but they have everything and will package and or freeze it. If you are interested check around or check with someone who might deer hunt and have them dressed. Thanks for all the help. Ken
  3. I have heard a lot about pumpkin. What does it do for the dog and what kind is given and for what? Thanks PS, I have a lot of questions about food, is their or could their be a section for food and nutrition? Just asking.
  4. It seems like I could post on this every day. Last night, when we went to bed, me, my wife and Molly Mae, with me in the middle. Molly jumped up on the bed and washed my face, licked my hand and then licked a cut I had on my hand. I know that this can seem gross to some people but it's a way that they show love to me. When she was done, I turned over to make spoons and Molly snuggles up to my back as close as she can and lays down, the three of us making spoons. She does not move the whole night. Ther really part of the family.
  5. I think all Bc's are obsessed with something I have one that when we had goats, he ran around the pin so much he banked the sides. He would do it for hours on hours. It sure kept his weight down. When we let the goats out, they were afraid of him and, as God is my witiness I did not know goats could swim, because the goats jumped off the dock into the lake. HAHA
  6. KrisK, That was unbelieveable, thank you so much for sharing. Ken
  7. Very Beautiful dog. She sure is cute!!! I said two was my limit too, now 4 and looking for 5.
  8. Nothing will compare the love you have for an animal. I have cried many times for them after their death. I hope God in his wisdom will let us share an eternity with them and I think he will. You sound very very wise to let her go. Sometimes, it just time, and you will know, and you did. That's pure love. I can't imigane the pain you have now, but someday I will too. I hope I'm as strong as you. Your testament brought tears to my eyes. Ken Run Girl Run
  9. Question. I like the idea of feeding both raw and cereal, I have heard several people talk about chicken necks or turkey necks or chicken parts. When I was a kid I was told to never to give a dog any chicken bones. Is this true? I do like the idea of mixing it up. I read so much on this, it is starting to run together.
  10. I had never smelled the bottom of the feet, but, your right, I was amazed .
  11. Nothing other than 4 legs. Maybe in the face just a little bit. But not very much.
  12. First I want to apologize to the readers and this board for the statements that were made in a discussion earlier in the week that I made. I was wrong and I am truly sorry. After 2 glasses of Merlot, I didn't care what I said (no excuse). I was wrong and way out of line. I want to personally apologize to Lauare and jdarlingfor a personal attack, I am again truly sorry. Please forgive me. With that said, things that have changes; 1. I have hired a trainer to train my dogs and me to the skill we should be at. Both dogs come from working parents, I saw them work before I purchased the pups and it is unfair of me, especially when their Grandfather comes one from Scotland and the other GB. 2. We had goats before and sold them to the neighbor so I have the pens. It appears with a few modifications, sheep will fit in there quite nice, and besides my wife would love the lambs. 3. I have ordered ducks from our local "feed and seed" for an April delivery. I have had ducks before and it is quite a lot of fun and they will be more for the dogs to do. I have checked this board and got a ton of info. Again, I am truly sorry for my statements and my hard headiness. I was wrong. Please forgive me. The other posters were right and I have learned a great deal. I need to be more responsible and a better owner before being a breeder. I love this board and have come to trust your opinions and concerns. I will need a lot of help on this new venture and hope I can again depend on people who truly love their dogs. I want to thank Eileen Stein for running a first class board. She has great wisdom and insight. I know nothing I can say change my statements, again I'm sorry, I didn't know if this was the thing to do, but I didn't know what else to do. Ken
  13. Is there an update? The hard part will be keeping him quite
  14. It sure is tough when you have one go under the knife. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Dexter. I know it's tough, but he will be fine. Ken
  15. [quote name='stockdogranch' date='Feb 24 2008, 09:52 PM' post='221014' I've been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to think of a word appropriate for a public forum, and can't.] If you don't want this to be a public form, email me (ks8092@gmail.com) I would love to talk. Ken
  16. Well a little tongne and cheek. I can hear my mother saying just that, God rest her soul. Maybe it's something we will never agree on together. It doesn't make either of us wrong. Like I have said, I agree on a lot of the topic. I am against the puppy mills because as you know somebody has to clean up the mess. What got this off to a bad start is the name calling and demands on other people's account. First, as you know this is your sticky, not mine. I don't have to agree, but in most, I do. There really are no goals. I have money, I retired from the government and am living my dream. I have a full fledged kennel with heat, if the dogs want to get in. Truth be known most of the dogs sleep in with my wife and I. Just because you have a working Border Collie doesn't give anyone the power to dictate the breed, it is not your breed. If you want working dogs, buy from working dog breeder or raise your own. Why is the board trying to tell me what to do? I don't care what you do. Do you see my point. But what has been said is not only childish, it is wrong. This isn't my first dog and it probably wont be my last. No one ownes the breed. I give my dogs good homes and I see that my puppies have good homes. Why would anyone care? My Breeding Goals, None, I just wanted puppies, is that so bad?
  17. I came to this board thinking we could help each other and LEARN from each other. I have found most people very helpful and fun to chat with, but some of you, are a know it all "pain the ass". I thought I could learn from you and we could share information, but it seems that some people just want to control and belittle and just be downright mean. I will do what I want, and now, even more, pump out those puppy's that can't herd. Ken
  18. Lauria, thanks for reading it. #1 It does make scense and I understand that thought. Should I never have a BC if I don't work the dog with cattle or sheep? Good point though. #2 In the original post, I was answering a question about my dogs, nothing else. Where I have a problem is when people call me lazy, irresesponsible and a lurker. While I agree there and sooooooooo many puppy mills out there and yes I feel that they need to be inspected and receive a license, I really am on your side and agree with everything. I go to great legenths to have and shelter my dogs, more that most people. It breaks my heart to see and read what some people do with their dog on this post. I guess the real problem is that the first BC we rescued. He was nurtured. We loved him so much, we wanted more because we have the time and room and money. No I don't work with cattle or goats or sheep and I don't think people who work their animal once a year on a field trip cuts the mustard either. We did great research, driving nearly 280 for one and 500 miles for the other. I would not purchase from most breeders I went to. After we had a male and female, we waited several years and then bred them and then of course, we had puppies. I do not breed for money and I am very selective about the new owners. If there is a wrong here, I love the breed, that is my sin. But don't call me names or make me feel like I'm doing something wrong.
  19. Did you even read my post??? I can't stand it anymore... Kenbo...don't you breed your border collies? Sigh... Your first response was not what I expected from a very concerning person. I especially liked your "Sigh..." very classy and (though transparent). Just what is wrong with any of my breeding practices? Just answer the questions, "Carefully, this time"
  20. Why don't you answer the questions no answer? "No? I didn't think so" Is this a world law? This is just an opinion. From the evil breeder. Ken
  21. I did read it and I have read it, Your point, another bleeding heart
  22. Jodi, I knew it would come to this, another bleeding heart. Next you'll want to save the earthworms, stop global warming and join PETA. What I do with my dogs is my business and if you knew a little about me and my dogs maybe you would change your hateful remarks. But now that you have open up the floodgate here it comes. I assure you that I AND the puppys that I have sold have a better life that most of the dogs that belong to the owners on this board. Most of these people think that if they rescue a dog it is a great thing to and is the "chique" thing to say and do. Have you ever notices the pictures on the site. Most of the dogs live in a subdivision or apartment and they sleep in a 3 X 3 cage. Heck, I have even seen 3 full sized BC in one cage on this board. Where is your mouth on this. Is this best for the dog to stay in a cage all day and play when the owner gets home?? Most owners think that a walk will do the trick. Well it won't. I do understand keeping the breed as it was meant to be. But has any dog breed been kept pure? Every PB dog had a function weither it was to kill rats or save children. BC's was to work stock. Is Fly-Ball or Agility keeping the breed pure? Of course not, but it does keep the dogs enterained. Maybe if you wanted to get on a bandwagon, why don't you get on this one "if you rescue a BC, you must use the animal for hurding or not be able it get it" This statement was an answer to a question! No, it is not a must. They do need a drain to get off the engery and I know that they seem to never get tired. I would love to have sheep or agility for my 3 BC's but there is not a chapter within 100 miles and I don't need sheep for my dogs to herd. My BC's will herd anything, cat, each other, lawn mower, me, tractor or anything so don't think you need sheep. Some of the best exercise is a frisbie or tennis ball. I found if you use a tennis racket rather than throw it you can do it longer and the ball will go farther. They can be very happy with just you. Did you even see this statement? All 3 of mine are companions. I do make sure they get a good run in every day but Sunday, and I try to do some trick training daily and some kind of 'field trip' at least once a week, a long walk at an open space, a visit to a friend, even a trip to shopping center where I can park and let them sniff around the vacant field, then do a little bit of distraction training. This is just my point, most of the people think this is enough "a good run and a long walk in open space" Just for your information, My dogs are always out, they are never caged or chained. Where I live, I have 230 acres and 10 acres cleared for my home and my two lakes. I have one litter once a year and the new owners cannot sell, give away or breed any of the puppys. I keep in contact with dogs and even board some of them I will not sell a dog that Will not have a good home by my standards. Period!!! I assure I am not too lazy to do the best for my dogs. I am a registered vet tech with 5 years experance. Just because they don't go to fly-ball, dosent make them bad or me a bad breeder. Just because my dogs don't hurd Am I a bad owner?? To most of this board I sure I am, Just think, If it wasn't for people like me, you bleeding hearts wouldn't have a dog. Another fact is that I have rescued dogs and I have a family member is doing it now. She had a nice house at one time, the dogs have distroyed it tearing up everything up including all of the furniture. She won't get out because she fills guilty, Is this the answer? In reading most of your post, you seem to have a very big chip on your sholder. Maybe you like to see your name on the post and feel important. This post is to help people, not to make them feel guilty. Who in the hell made you the post police?? From the evil breeder Ken Flame away, I sure you'll email your bleading heart friends
  23. Yes, I am a registered breeder with the ABCA. Ken
  24. My question for the group is this. Is it absolutely a must for a BC to be involved in sheep herding or the agility sports or rescue...etc. etc.? No, it is not a must. They do need a drain to get off the engery and I know that they seem to never get tired. I would love to have sheep or agility for my 3 BC's but there is not a chapter within 100 miles and I don't need sheep for my dogs to herd. My BC's will herd anything, cat, each other, lawn mower, me, tractor or anything so don't think you need sheep. Some of the best exercise is a frisbie or tennis ball. I found if you use a tennis racket rather than throw it you can do it longer and the ball will go farther. They can be very happy with just you.
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