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  1. Owners dislike it when their dog rolls in something smelly. Although dogs may sometimes roll in the grass because it feels good, rolling on the carcass of a dead animal, feces or something else smelly has instinctive roots, perhaps going back to wolves. There are several theories on why a dog will roll in something smelly. Although there is a temptation to scold your dog, it is best to realize it is natural behavior and make sure your pet doesn't have the opportunity to roll in smelly stuff.
  2. Could not help it. I would not have any problem leaving my dogs unattended with a child. I say that from first hand knowledge because I have. It is the total control I have. They will work and play with even two year olds, rolling and playing on the ground. There has to be an Alpha and here I am it, but it was estabilshed early and sometimes it's just a look but they know it, and btw, I have never struck one of the dogs but I have put the fear of God into them and they know I mean business. Sometimes they are confused who the Alpha is and it should never never be them. Ken
  3. I agree and maybe we're seeing the same thing but calling it a different name. A fear is a fear, but bad behavior is not the same, it's the bad action that I want corrected not the fear which is much harder. Biting in most cases and growling is a bad action. Maybe they don't want anyone in their space, which we all like at times, but the dog should not make this decision. As I have said many times, either you control the dog or the dog will control you. It's that simple. Fear biting is a whole new topic and it should be handled a little different, but not much. Got to go home from work. Ken
  4. It's not always the "child" it might be that they "can" and if they know that is unacceptiable actions, and they will be corrected if they do it, they might just think about it if they know they will be in trouble. but I do see your point
  5. Respect can and will come from fear. All of my dogs will always come to me first to be loved, and I am the one who will hands out the corrections. My wife will attempt to make them do something and they will just look at her. She was never the enforcer. I will say one word and they jump to it either out of fear or love. Either way, I don't care, but they will do it. Ken
  6. Lot of good points made here and each person has to be there to judge each, but For example, dog sees "child", freaks out, and growls. Dog gets corrected. Won't dog now associate "child" with correction and become even more afraid every time it sees a new "child." How do you get the dog to understand that it's his growling that caused the correction? Hopefully the dog won't growl at the child or at least know that it will be corrected if it does, some things are a given, some are not. Ken
  7. I do not agree. As it was stated, you need to take swift action, as soon as possible. If the behavior escalates, then the correction needs to escalate. Someone needs to be in charge, and it does not need to be the dog. I can't think of what I would if one of my dogs were to growl at someone or bite me. Just remember, the growl is usually before the bite. "but I ended up being bit on the wrist after correcting him for growling at me in the manner that you described" So the dog won. What did you then do? Just wondering Ken
  8. In the United States, several people experimented with dog agility based generally on the British rules. The first exhibitions took place in the early 1980s. The pivotal founding groups were the NDCA and the USDAA. Today, the NDCA has merged with the United Kennel Club leaving the USDAA as the dominant force in the U.S. world of agility.
  9. Very well said, this works because you are a responsible owner. Ken
  10. If you are responding to my post, I don't pity or look down on any owner or any animal that will devote the time and space that the dog requires, but we both know that every owner is not always responsible. And yes, perhaps they are happier. Ken
  11. I too feel sorry for most of the people on the board because of the problems with their BC. I think there are many factors that play a part into the problems that can play into it, and I am sorry to say this, Sometines, not all the time, when you get a rescue, you get problems because someone else has screwed the dog up and sometimes it is a rescue dog because of the problems. Not everyone should have a dog. If you can't spent time, and I mean good time with it, IMO don't have it. Not pointing any fingers or placing blame, but there are people who will cage their dog for 18 to 20 hours a day and they think if they play with them for 2 hours they will not have behavior problems. I have seem 2 BC in a kennel cab, or living in an apartment in the back room on this board and some think it is OK. and they wonder why their dog had problems. I think the dog has to be a dog first and act like a dog, not what the owners want it to be. It is sad to see the problems with dog parks, walking, leads, biting, fear and all the problems that are seen here. I by no means am the expert, but I have never had any of the behavior problems I have seen here, but then I have the room and time to devote to the dogs. If I had a wish, I wish people would think about what they are getting into. I heard a trainer say that most of the problems with dogs come from the top end of the lead. IMO Ken
  12. It just seems like a long time and there could be problems in the future. I hope it works out. Sleeping with you can be a fun time and it would be more time spent together. We will board only BC pups that have moved on and when they come back to visit, vacation, holiday or anything, they are from 4 months to 2 years and they get to stay in the house during the night in the bed and we have never had a problem or accident. It works well for us. Try it, it might work. Ken
  13. Why would you have a 8 month old BC if the dog was going to be in the crate for 18 to 20 hours a day? Could the animal at least spend the night beside or in the bed with someone to get some attention? Ken
  14. It sounds like you have your hands full, however asking a breeder to take back a dog that is 3 years old is a little odd or even after a year. I agree with Journey that there are a lot of factors that will play into the temperment of your dog. Sometines, IMO it is the person on the other side of the lead and that is not the breeders problem. It sounds like there are a lot of litters planed, maybe too many, but it also sounds like you have an ax to grind and just want your money back. On the other hand, how many good dogs were turned out?. If all of your friends are breeders, why did you not buy from them? Ken
  15. Jodi, Try this http://www.thepetonline.com/index.php?cPat...0d081f1e00bec7e or www.thepetonline.com They have a 6 pack 89 -132 LBS for $56.00 vs 16.99 for a one pack 0-22 LBS. I have ordered it and it was shipped in less than two weeks, but it comes from Australia. There was no tracking number to work with but there is an 800 number for questions. I was a little concerned at first, but it did come. Ken
  16. After all has been done, test have been read, money has vanshed, nothing found. Move on. Goodnight sweet dog.
  17. I could not agree with Dixie_Girl, more this is not going to stop. When I worked for a Vet, a surgeon friend of his wanted a mastiff. Pat repeatedly told him no "don"t'" well he did. Same thing happened, the next trip to the Vet was to put the dog down and the surgeon's career was is doubt because the mastiff took off part of his hand when he was trying to break up the fight. Remember this can also cause great great harm both mental and physical to your dog. Rehome somebody NOW It will not work Ken
  18. Shaneen, thats why I got a red. Talk about smart, and she wears the ducks out. Even swimming in the lake after them, and when she gets close, they just swin faster. She will do it for hours. I use to worry she would tire our, but she was always in the middle of the lake and there was nothing I could do. Just look around Ken
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