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  1. Food for thought... "Border Collies are extremely intelligent and active dogs. Intelligence and hyperactivity are not characteristics that most people are capable of handling. Border Collies need constant attention and if they are not true working dogs, they need to be given "chores" and "tasks" around the home to serve as outlets for their boundless energy. If no outlet is given, they will find one on their own (generally one not desirable). Being smart allows them to learn quickly, not only how to behave but also how to get into trouble. It is not easy to "fool" a Border Collie into doi
  2. At times, the color takes time, 12 months or so for it to fill. They will nearly always change as they get older. At two years or so, you will know for sure.
  3. I have worked with Border Collies and rescue for many years and when I would talk with a prospective owner, I always gave them this info which I found. I have nine BC's and nearly every word is true. I don't think it would be a good time right now. In the last two months my foundation had taken custody of 7 BC's and have two in our possession right now and every owner felt they could handle them when they got them. "Border Collies are extremely intelligent and active dogs. Intelligence and hyperactivity are not characteristics that most people are capable of handling. Border Collie
  4. On July 30, 2016, Clancy suddenly crossed over the rainbow bridge. He died as he lived, playing Frisbee with his “friends” at the farm. The Goal of “Clancy’s Dream” is to provide a safe spot for unwanted Border Collies that need to be rehabilitated or re-homed. For the past four years, we have taken numerous dogs in and have a 100% success rate on finding good homes for them all and have rehomed 4 this month. Usually, they are high risk or have social problems, but over time, they always come around to see that humans are good. When re-homed, there was never a cost to the new owner for t
  5. Randy Sanders, a Tippecanoe County man accused of animal neglect has been found guilty of all charges during his trial in a Tippecanoe County courtroom Today. It's finally over. http://wlfi.com/2016/04/12/trial-underway-for-former-tippecanoe-co-dog-breeder/
  6. He is telling you that he considers himself as the leader in your household. Dog food aggression sometimes called is a dominance issue, it is serious and needs to be addressed immediately. It won't simply just go away. Food or toy aggression in dogs should never be tolerated as you never know when it can escalate into something more dangerous for you or a family member. I’ve worked with rescue groups that would not even take in a food aggressive dog because of the underlying problems. Find someone who is an expert on this, not just someone who thinks they know the answer. This can be a ver
  7. Had the same thing on my Clancy (BC) He is outside a lot on our 10 acres. I notices a knot under his chin and the next day it was bigger. It very quickly got to the side of a baseball and the next day, we went to the Vet. No idea what it was and they drained it. It was filled with blood and puss. Gave him antibiotics. It went away for a month. It came back with vigor and in just a day it burst and drained on it's own. Back to the Vet and they opened it and flushed the pocket out, put a drain in and antibiotics again. It never came back and I would assume he had something in it. Ho
  8. With a very very heart, the problem was found... It is Lymphoma...
  9. Having rehabilitated and worked with BC's, the biggest issues I have seen is wrong placement for them but I have also seen a BC that lived in an apartment that has work great. It's the commitment someone has that makes it work. Not knowing much about your lifestyle, it could be a challenge but it will be the best decision or the worst. A rescue we placed several months ago was a 2 year old blind BC. Sylvester was great and was placed with a family that took him everywhere, even camping. It is a great fit. There is a Blind Dog Rescue located in Seymour, CT. It's worth a look...
  10. I agree with "rufftie", I have 9 BC's and one GSD. They are outside most of all day and there are pecking orders with each sex. We have 7 females and 3 males. The biggest challenge is the males but you can have issues with the females. It is manageable to have a third but it will change the the pack. I would strongly suggest a male. Once house breaking, your problems should be a minimal because a different sex is not a threat. I had an old farmer once tell me "A female dog loves you, a mail dog is in love with you" and it's true... Remember, two dogs depend on each other, with 3, som
  11. After two days, she had not lad a problem at all. so far, so good... Abby is a very active dog and most of my dogs run free on our fenced 10 acres. They do stay near me but usually go to the bathroom in the woods. What signs you you look for with an upcoming infection?
  12. We started the Proin (50) last night. How long before you see results?
  13. Thanks for the info, I am a worrier and hate it when the dogs feel bad or are hurt. I have 9 BC's and one GSD. The medication looks like it will do the job. I had a friend tell me about VetriScience Bladder Control. I will do the medication. and will talk to the Dr on Wednesday. This is suppose to help too. Not looking for an alternative but just wanted to know if anyone used it... http://www.chewy.com/dog/vetriscience-bladder-strength-dog/dp/42068?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hg&utm_content=VetriScience&utm_term=&gclid=COyRxuD4hckCFVKDfgo
  14. On Thursday, I notices our 6 year old female BC had urinated in the house which she has never done. Watching her, I have noticed several spots since Thursday. Saturday, we went to the Vet and two possibilities were suggested. Bladder infection or urinary incontinence. After the results came back today, a bladder infection was ruled out. We are trying electrolyte stimulation but I believe it to be urinary incontinence and the Vet agrees. Tonight when I fed her in the kennel, she laid down and there were 3 small spots of urine. As she walked by, I check her bottom and it was wet so
  15. We have a 14 run kennel. Each dog is assigned to their own space and it has never changed. When we go into the kennel to feed, I put all of them in a "stay" at the door after I go in. As I walk down the row, starting with the closest run, I call that name and they come to "their" space , go to the next run and call that name and they come and so forth. I would only assume know their space and they will wait because they want the food. This has expanded to other areas such as the back door, pasture gate and so forth. I think their own space was the trick. If I leave the farm and have the
  16. I agree 100% it's not optional. With my 10 dogs, when I kennel them to feed, they will wait at the kennel door to be called, and 1 by 1, I call their name until all of them are in, makes it much more peaceful. Even at the back door, if I am letting one inside, I call the name of the one coming in and the others wait. They usually have to wiggle in-between the ones waiting. This is a must if you are only letting a few inside. ..
  17. We board a lot of dogs on the farm and their is nothing worse than to call a dog and it walks or runs the other way. We have 10 acres that is fenced but at night they need to be close to home and I don't want to go out in the dark and look for them. Remember, you will need to do what works for you. I personally have 10 dogs and they all have great recall and will come to me even if they know they are in trouble. It's something I did not work on but it just came, but I am the alpha and they are with me 24/7 which make a difference, I think. Things I do, remember, recall is hard to ge
  18. How old is he and what home training has he had?
  19. It seems a little late for a spay, Most reasons are good but something to remember, the bitch will also seek out a male to breed which will result in a female leaving her property to "hook up" with a male. If an older dog was altered late in life, they can still mate but won't produce. This could result in Canine Brucellosis, Canine Herpesvirus or Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumors. All are Canine Sexually Transmitted Disease. Just something to think about.
  20. When we work with rescue BC's, nearly all of them come in the same, afraid of most everything and anything. It took me 3 weeks to be able to touch one and it was when I was on the floor to watch him and he came to me and licked my face (his terms). When I went to touch him, he pulled it away. With the many I have worked with, it is always on their terms. If you push it, they are uncomfortable and will draw back. They will come to you, which is what they want in time. Good talk and communication frequently helps. You want to be her friend but in charge. The more you can do, the more
  21. I wrote this several years ago for people buying a border collie, not true for everyone but may help since you are new with breeders. http://buyingabcpuppy.blogspot.com/
  22. We always learn from everything we do. Hopefully the owner will make some changes. Is their a way that you can contact the owner and check on the dog and possibility help if needed? The owner may appreciate some help.
  23. I had a Husky once... That being said, your relationship with your dog will change, sometimes better, sometimes worse. In 6 months will you love it or regret it, time will tell. Is their a chance that you could clean him up, get him current on Vac's and take some great photos of him. Their is a great home for him, it may take some effort but will be well worth it and you'll get some good satisfaction too. If he is UTD and clean and you have spent some time with him, you can give a good account of him if you are trying to find him a home and at this point, you will know his quirks and perso
  24. If you are at the location and they have any type of water and the dogs can get in and use it, that would be the best. The belly is one thing that you want to cool, so if they just walk in it and get the belly wet, that should be OK, but try to do it often. I had one of my girls have a heat stroke and the temperature was in the low 80's with about 10 minutes of activity. Know the signs of Heat Stroke, it can save the dog's life. The things I notices most was how quick it came on and being wobbly and her eyes rolled back in her head. The other ideas are great too. Panting Wobbly Dehyd
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