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  1. Prayers and good thoughts still coming from NY. Esox & Alex
  2. Prayers and good thoughts still coming from NY. Esox & Alex
  3. Continuing the prayers and good thoughts for Jin. Our Lab got a bit worse before he headed back in the right direction also. I'm sure Dr. Teri already told you, but everything he came into contact with has to be disinfected. You can be rude and curmudgeonly anytime you need to be. That's the great thing about friends. You can be rude and they will still be there for you. Esox & Alex
  4. Prayers and good thoughts coming Alex and I. Our Lab had Parvo when he was a few months old. He survived as do many dogs these days. Jin is strong and you caught it quickly. We'e all here for you. Esox
  5. Wouldn't do it. Registering with ACK would be tantamount to approving of what they are doing to dog breeds. That is the decision I have made for myself. Like Solo I understand the reasons for competition etc. and would not shun a dog or person who registers with the AKC. Esox
  6. Thank you. Helpful as always. I love this group. Esox
  7. Started Alex on a partial raw diet. She is getting some Nature's Raw Medallions mixed with her kibble. Some green beans. Going to get a couple other things I have read about here. A question about eggs. Just crack it open and put it on her kibble? Farm fresh or is from the store ok? Esox
  8. You know that sheep do not respect a dog whose ears do not stand up. LOL
  9. Good point. The only reason that I thought about the pomp was to draw people's attention. Esox
  10. Happy Birthday you gorgeous girl. Esox & Alex
  11. I was over in the Health & Genetics forum and saw the Pedigree Dogs Exposed topic. Looked at 6 parts of the show on You Tube. Heartbreaking. So I have the start of a new idea. Wondered what the people here thought. For the most part humans love dogs. People, for the most part, also seem to love dog shows like Crufts, Westminster, and the AKC Eukanuba show. I think they like looking at all the different dog breeds and also that they like the pomp and the awarding of a champion. Competition of any kind seems to get some/most? people going. I know that Animal Planet runs shows on different dog breeds. I believe there is one on Saturday morning for 1/2 hr devoted to a single breed. There was also one that featured several different breeds. It ran for an hour on some night. They also do shows on agility, dock dogs, and hunting dog competitions. Always during the day. Here's the idea: Have a series dedicated to dogs on prime time TV. One breed at a time for an hour show. Of course the first show must be about Border Collies. LOL. The idea would be to give a brief history of the breed for one. Emphasis on brief. Then show Border Collies herding. Make it a competition. Have an award presentation at the end with a gentleman in a Tux or a lady in a gown. Thrown in some pomp. I almost typed poop there. Would be nice to have a sponsor like the makers of Innova or Canidae. CANIDAE CANINE CHAMPIONSHIPS. Or CANINE CHAMPIONSHIPS PRESENTED BY CANIDAE Can't think of one for Innova/Evo. Of course, since that is what we feed our dogs. A Border Collie herding is so much more beautiful, awe inspiring, etc. than one standing and trotting in a show ring. The same can be said for other dog breeds as well. So the next week go to a different breed. They could even throw in a multi-breed agility show, a SAR Dog show, a guide and assistance dog show etc. What does everyone think of my pipe dream. Anyone want to help? Esox
  12. Full name is Hunter's Afleet Alex. Generally called Alex. Sometimes Pixie, Poo Bear, or butthole.
  13. We have 2 Labs and a Border Collie. The difference in their reactions to movement and children was shocking. Alex, my Border Collie, was horrible. It took time and effort to teach her how to act around kids. The kids also had to learn how to act around a dog. My advice is to ask yourself if you have time for a 4th kid, ( a puppy is a kid), and if the answer is yes then definitely obedience class for starters. If the answer is no then see if the breeder can take her back. Esox
  14. I've posted before about how impressed I am at Alex's changes. Last night she just amazed me. Eli, my brother's 5 month old, was here. He's actually here about 50% of the time. We try to not make a big deal when Alex goes near him. Don't want to get her nervous or have her think that the "baby is getting her in trouble". Last night Eli was on my lap and I was throwing the tennis ball for Alex. I'm trying to have the time that the baby is here be a positive time for her also. Eli loves her. I don't know whether it's because she is in perpetual motion, but I suspect so. He really wants to touch her. Keeps swinging his arms that way. She shows no aggressive reaction, just backs up out of his reach. I have told everyone in the house not to push her into letting Eli pet her. Especially since he can grab. He grabbed a hold of one of the cat's fur and luckily Oskar just looked. After awhile Eli got very fussy. While he was crying and fussing she jumped up on the couch, gave him a kiss, and then laid down. Lots of praise and an extra frisbee session afterwards. Esox
  15. Alex is spayed. Has been since she was 9 months. Elwood is neutered. Has been since he was 9 months. Alex has always humped the 2 retrievers and cats. It has always been a situation where she is showing dominance, in my opinion. Elwood tried to mount her earlier. She sat down. Jackie wondered if she was giving off some scent even though she is spayed. I think it goes back to the dominance issue, but I'm not sure and I'm not an expert. Would love to hear other's opinions/expertise. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but before she was spayed she went into heat. Elwood successfully mounted her even though he was neutered. Esox
  16. I was raised to be respectful of a dog. Taught not to run up to a dog, not to stick my face in a dog's face, etc. I've seen kids these day that will do these things and then their parents will scream vicious dog. One cannot make a generalization about dog breeds. I've seen Pits that were great with kids and Labs that weren't. My Border Collie, Alex, has not been comfortable with kids since I've had her. I've learned to manage the situation, so she doesn't have to, and she has made great strides. Esox
  17. Alex was back to her self within 48 hrs. The day after she was still a bit tired, but the next day she was ready to go. Esox
  18. The baby is here to visit again and Alex is doing well. Yes I am being watchful, but not making a big deal of it. Eli gave one of those baby yells at her and she did what she has been taught to do. If she's unsure she is supposed to come sit by me. I praised her, told her it's ok, and she went and sat by him with a "smile" on her face. Esox
  19. Remember Alex the aggressive doesn't like children Border Collie. Well...... The new baby came over the house for the first time yesterday. Not a growl, snarl, nor did she pace. Just curious. Whenever he would fuss or cry she went and checked on him. Such a good girl. Esox
  20. We pretty much just have fox and hawks as predators. An occasional Bobcat. They claim that a mountain lion or two are here and some lynx. It's a fact the bear are moving out of the Adirondacks and I know there is the occasional wolf. Alex scared off a fox several months ago. As far as owls taking people's pets: I don't personally like small dogs, but I don't understand the joy at someone losing a beloved pet. Esox
  21. I like the thought of an anti jingle company. Alex does the nude (no collar) thing when we go to bed. I have to admit I have wondered if that would be a problem if we had a fire. She just seems much happier without it on. Esox
  22. After the Labs I figured that Alex really couldn't surprise me all that much. The boys had eaten dentures, a bed(Alex did help with this), remotes, chewed up an antique bench. You get the picture. Not my girl. She expressed no interest in any of these objects. Then we took our first walk in the woods and found poop. I was not overly impressed, but apparently there is something very exotic about deer poop. The only thing that tops it is cat poop. We have nipped this in the bud, the word bath usually overrules any urges to roll in poop these days. Then she decided to wow us with her thirst for higher learning. I actually watched her peruse the bookcase, pick a book out, and proceed to chew it. She was corrected, but once I was asleep she would select a tome and proceed to devour it. One day apparently bored with all this higher learning she decided to join a sorority. We came home from work to toilet paper everywhere. Coming out of the bathroom was my little angel toilet paper in mouth unrolling to her hearts content. Esox
  23. Alex sleeps with me. She has her side of the bed and I have mine. She has even commandeered a pillow. We have a routine. She sleeps without her collar on so I tell her it's time to get naked and she hops up in bed, collar comes off. When I tell her bedtime she lays down, gets a treat, and off to sleep we go. Esox
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