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  1. Alex loves the water. More than her 2 Labrador brothers. Unless that water involves the bathtub or shampoo. Esox & Alex
  2. 6:00 PST it is. I'm with JBlaylock and will be popping open a Molson. Esox & Alex(who will be having a dog treat instead of a beverage)
  3. Mojo coming from the Finger Lakes. Fingers, paws, and fins crossed. Esox, Alex, & the rest of the crew.
  4. I used to feed Nutro to Alex. Then we started to hear some bad things about it (couple years ago or so). The clincher was she began to refuse it. We switched her Innova. She now eats Innova mixed with TOTW for breakfast and has raw for dinner. Innova is available in Singapore. Go to Natura's web site and it will tell you where. Esox & Alex
  5. esox


    What a beautiful girl. May you find comfort in the memories of your girl and know that she is not truly gone while she lives in your heart. Esox & Alex
  6. Puppy envy again. She's beautiful. Esox & Alex
  7. I vote for Rambler and Nash. Can't wait to see pics. Icepick Motor Palin and Chevy General Palin (Me and Alex)
  8. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Esox & Alex
  9. esox

    Joey 1991-2009

    God speed Joey. My heart goes out to you right now. Now that you will be in our thoughts and prayers. Esox & Alex
  10. Has anyone else noticed that Pan's Mom has not posted anything in several days? Esox
  11. Welcome from a fellow Scandinavian transplanted into upstate New York. Your pup is beautiful. Esox & Alex
  12. Mojo coming from the Fingerlakes. Good luck getting that forever home Tripp. Poke and Ceanna hope you get your toys back. Esox & Alex
  13. I googled animal behaviorists and found a group in Louisiana. Veterinary Behavior Consultations LLC. One of the vets on the staff specializes in owner directed aggression. Here's the link. http://www.veterinarybehavior.com/index.html
  14. I agree with Ms. Daisy Duke that it will be hard to find a rescue to take Pan. It's like triage do you take the 1 or more you can save or the 1 you can maybe save. I know that isn't what you want to hear. I'm sorry. As far as rehabbing her there are no guarantees. It's hard. I went through this with Alex to a lesser extent. Alex is now at a point where I would trust her in a house with kids, but it was questionable at first. Follow the advice given here, tests, video taping episodes, talking to trainer/ behaviorist, and go from there. Esox & Alex
  15. I feel your pain. Alex has never bit anyone, but she did have aggression issues. Luckily some of the methods you have tried worked for us. One thing I did notice. If a potentially explosive situation arose and I became stressed she would react in a negative manner; lunging, growling, etc. If I remained calm then she was fine. It was almost as is my getting stressed showed her I didn't have control so she took control. Your dog should definitely get a complete physical. Thyroid irregularities can cause all kinds of problems. Also if she is startled easily it could be something with her vision. Alex had what amounted to a cold in her eyes (thank God it was nothing worse) and she was a bit growly until that cleared up. There is a pet credit card called Care One. Your vet should be able to do the application at their office. It's interest free for a certain amount of time. Our one Lab has a hypothyroid and it was less than $200 for visit, blood work, and first month of pills. Hope this helped. Esox
  16. Alex doesn't eat deer poop. Unfortunately she thinks it is the best smelling perfume in the world. Esox
  17. Alex and I are up at 0330. She goes out to take care of business, plays with her brothers, eats, and then a short walk. We are finally able to trust all three out of their crates so they have free run of the house. Out for potty break around 1230 when Mikey comes home for lunch. I'm home around 1400 so it's back out for potty and frisbee. Dinner is around 1630. Shortly after that we go for a hike in the woods. Lots of play and training during the evening. Bedtime is about 2100 so we go for a walk before then. She sleeps in my room. She even has her own side of the bed and a pillow. Esox
  18. When she first came home. This winter.
  19. It's been quite a year for my girl. We've worked through many of her issues and we both are happier because of it. Tonight she and her brothers will be having doggie ice cream and Jackie's grandkids are coming over for sundaes. First she'll get her new frisbee, though. Happy Birthday to the best dog I've ever had. Esox
  20. What a gorgeous girl. She sure is manipulative. She's right where she wants to be. LOL. Thanks for adopting her. Esox & Alex
  21. It's a hard thing to do. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Esox & Alex
  22. The way I understand it: What you say is 100% correct until the virus mutates, but I could be wrong.
  23. As far as Parvo goes; once a dog has survived it is immune to that strain.
  24. Yeah!!!! It's great that Jin is home. Alex and I would to read Jin's blog. Esox
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