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  1. I, like many here, have followed your story. You put your heart and soul into helping Pan. No friend could want for more and no friend could give more. In the end you gave her the final kindness even though it broke your heart. God bless you and your family. Pan will be there for you at the bridge. Esox & Alex
  2. esox


    My heart grieves for you at the loss of your Nala. May Emma bring you much happiness. Esox & Alex
  4. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Doing the right thing can be painful. She will live forever in your memory. Esox & Alex
  5. Our condolences and prayers are on their way to you. And doggie kisses from Alex. Esox & Alex
  6. Sending positive thoughts and hugs to you and Nikita. Esox & Alex
  7. Happy Gotcha Day to you and Buddy. Esox & Alex
  8. I have tears streaming down my cheeks as I reply. We're with them such a short time compared to our lives. It doesn't seem fair, but she will live forever in your memories and your heart. Esox & Alex
  9. My heart is breaking as I read what you are going through. They make "wheelchairs" for dogs to support their hind legs. Don't know if something like that will help. You and Nikita will be in our thoughts and prayers. Esox & Alex
  10. The military uses cooling vests on their MWD's. The handlers swear by them. It was one of the most requested items since they are either not standard issue or there was not enough. Esox & Alex
  11. esox


    My condolences. RIP Stinky. Esox & Alex
  12. I remember reading somewhere that the Border Collie is closest genetically to the wolf. I was curious if anyone here had heard that and is it true? I googled the concept and found some information. Several sites I looked at had classified ancient dogs into 3 classes; Asian/Herding, Hunting, and Mastiff. The Border Collie was listed in the Hunting? Does anyone know why? Thanks, Esox & Alex
  13. esox


    What a handsome boy. I am so sorry for your loss. Esox & Alex
  14. esox


    My heart goes out to you right now. It sounds and looks like he was a happy and well love fella. Esox & Alex
  15. Working collies have been imported to America since the beginning of the nation. They were simply called collies or collie dogs. There is a painting of George Washington, bidding farewell to the Marquis de Lafayette at Mount Vernon in 1784, with his family and two dogs. One dog appears to be a spaniel, and the other is a collie that would not be seen as different from any Border Collie today (Presidential Pets by Niall Kelly, Abbeville Press, 1992) This is from the Border Collie Museum site. Esox & Alex
  16. Welcome to you and your handsome fellow. Esox & Alex
  17. My vet and a very experienced Border Collie person told me the same thing. Alex would calm down in her golden years. Esox & Alex
  18. Mojo coming from Alex and me. Esox & Alex
  19. Rochester & Syracuse are both well under 2 million people. Rochester is just over 200,000 and Syracuse is just under 200,000. In fact the only city over 2 million is NYC. I agree with Sue - hate this state love the seasons. Esox & Alex
  20. I would love to help draft a rebuttal. I see this as one of two things; a way for our state to make more money (taxes, surcharges, licenses, etc.) or aimed at the misbehaving dogs out there. Most likely not the dogs fault. This almost tops the proposed obesity tax for absurdity. Esox & Alex (From the beautiful Finger Lakes, for now.)
  21. Alex also loves books and toilet paper. She has grown out of eating books. Still shreds the newspaper if it is on the floor. She cannot begin to compare to our Lab Elwood. He has eaten several pairs of glasses, remotes, 1 pair of dentures, and with help from the other two, a bed. That includes mattress, box springs, pillows, sheets, and comforter. Esox & Alex
  22. Wonder what taxes and surcharges my lovely state will tack on. Esox & Alex
  23. Mojo and prayers coming from the Finger Lakes. Esox & Alex
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