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  2. I'm so happy and relieved for you and your dogs that I have tears in my eyes. Esox & Alex
  3. Very glad Genie is home. Giver her a hug for me. Praying for the sate return of Dally. Esox & Alex
  4. We have 3 dogs and 7 cats. Not one of the multiple combinations of relationships are the same. For example; the Maine Coone, Oskar, detests our one Lab. Has terrorized him since we got him. Alex, my Border Collie, he plays with nonstop and would never think of terrorizing. Our other Lab he ignores except for the occasional head rub. I could write an essay describing each relationship. I will say that one should get a cat because they want a cat. They are not "simple" substitutes for dogs. They are very different creatures, but both species are domestic creatures and dependent on us for care. I would not trade my cats for anything, just like I would not trade my dogs for anything. If you decide that a cat is what you want then I agree that a Maine Coone or a Siamese would give the best chance of success. Look for one who comes from a household with a dog. Hope this helps. Esox & Alex
  5. Happy Gotcha Day!! Great story. Esox & Alex
  6. Went through something similar the other day. Alex threw her whole dinner up. No other problems. The only different thing was the green beans had been in the back room which is not heated and were quite cold. Made a spot in the cupboard inside for doggie green beans and all has been well. Esox & Alex
  7. esox


    RIP Bear. Get that squirrel. You and your family will be in our prayers. Godspeed. Esox & Alex
  8. esox


    Liz, I am sorry to hear of your loss. We will keep you in our prayers. Godspeed Flyboy. Esox & Alex
  9. He could be pure Border Collie, but maybe there is a Bernese Mountain Dog in his past. Handsome lad. Esox & Alex
  10. Praying for infection and a cure from antibiotics. Esox & Alex
  11. Alex went to the vet the other day for her yearly exam. There were a couple other dogs in the office and she instantly was at my side looking for direction. After checking in I took a seat and the nice beagle was still investigating. Alex came and sat right between my knees. When the vet tech came out for us Alex greeted her appropriately. She had been warned not to look Alex in the eyes etc. I keep the vet updated on her issues and progress. Her exam went well. One of the healthiest dogs they have ever seen, thank God. They also discussed how much her demeanor had changed and how impressed they were with the trust between us. If she was unsure she would look at me. "You lead I'll follow". I hope and pray I will always live up to that trust. She's so good with my little nephew. He has just turned 1. He was here earlier. When he cries she goes up and gives him a kiss. He's very interested in her. Probably because she is always moving and is 2 colors compared to the Labs. Now he wants to throw stuff for her. Obviously he hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. She is so gentle with him while he is learning. I am always close by when they are interacting and I have realized that she is fine. With no correction from me she makes sure her mouth is not near his little hands and in all situations she is aware. God Bless This Dog. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE!!!!!! Esox & Alex
  12. RIP Sweet Lu. Nick you made the hard and right decision for Lu. Hugs to you. And my sorrow for your loss. Good Dog Lu. Esox & Alex
  13. esox

    Good Boy

    I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. I can tell from your post how much you loved him. Hugs and condolences to you. Esox & Alex
  14. Prayers and hugs from Alex and I. Esox & Alex
  15. When Alex was spayed I refused to let them keep her overnight. There was no one at the vet's from closing until morning. She was awake enough to just about pull the vet's leash from her hand when Alex saw me. She stayed in my room with the door closed for the night. Admittedly I did not sleep great because I was keeping an eye on her, but that was the point. Both of our male Labs were sent home the same day they were neutered. Esox
  16. I've only had the experience of one BC. She wasn't a holy terror. Yes she had her days, but then again compared to our Lab she was an angel. He ate a mattress, bedding set, and box springs. Along with several remotes, glasses and my roommates dentures. At 13 months he turned into an ideal dog. Like some of you I also have people thinking I'm nuts for having a BC. Esox
  17. Katie and I went to the vet today. FIP was the diagnosis. She was also starting to lose stability in her hindquarters. We had 14 great years together. In the end I stared into her eyes, told her I loved her, and let her go to sleep. I couldn't do anything less for my quiet and shy little girl. She always knew exactly when to hop up for a cuddle. When I left the vet's office with her there was a plume of smoke or clouds shooting straight for heaven. I think that was her soul going home. We buried her under the grape vines in a quiet space. May the angels tuck you under their wings and God keep you. I love you little girl. The only cat that Alex did not chase and treated with the dignity that all cats think they deserve. Esox
  18. Keeping you and Tommy in my prayers. Good luck. Esox & Alex
  19. I will keep you and Cheyenne in my prayers. Esox
  20. So sorry to hear about your loss. God bless you and your family. Esox & Alex
  21. East coast mojo headed your way. Esox & Alex
  22. Alex has the benefit of 2 lab brothers. She was not thrilled the 1st time she saw the river, but the boys were having so much fun she had to try. Now she's the last one out of the water. Esox & Alex
  23. Our Lab, Ozzy, is itching so much we are calling him Thumper. Right now he is getting Benadryl to see if that helps. Are there any creams you can put on dogs? His belly is getting quite red. Secondly, Jackie recently changed the Lab's food to Purina Little Bites. Could the change in food be contributing? It's been about a month. He was fine on the Innova. I want to put him back on the Innova. Alex still eats that so we have some right here. Any idea how long it would take for the itching to stop if the food is the problem. Thanks, Esox & Alex
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