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  1. Alex feels that sleeping past 0300 is unheard of. I'm ok with 0430 or later. She has tried everything to convince me to get up. I can tell the difference between her I want to get up and mom I really gotta go. She has figured out to make sure I'm awake. When she's feeling particularly insistent, at about 0330 she will very gently stick her tongue in my nose. I'm sure she found this out by accident and not through any deviousness on her part. LOL. It does the job though I sit right up and then she showers me with kisses and cuddles. She's very hard to get mad at.
  2. Our male Lab, Ozzie, can pee forever. He also has to shift. Our female BC, Alex, can hold it forever. She also likes to fake pee. She knows that once she goes potty I will throw the frisbee again. So if she doesn't have to go or doesn't want to she squats and fakes. We finally found her out during winter when there was no corresponding yellow spot in the snow. There is only a slight variance in her tail position to distinguish it otherwise.
  3. In upstate New York the snow can be very thick. The dogs love it. Alex has 2 Labrador Retriever brothers.
  4. You've gotten a lot of good advice here. I have an aggressive BC. She's almost 3. Her big issue is children. Thank God she has never bitten one. i consulted a trainer and liked a lot of what she said. Only had to change using food as a reward, since Alex is not food motivated. I use a ball. I've been using the never mind and enough commands. One thing you really have to know what is going to set her off and be able to cut it off with a never mind command. The other big thing she recommended was teaching her if she's not sure to look to me. We fine tuned this technique by calling her name and she had to look at me until I gave her a new direction. I also got a lot of good advice from this forum. My big concern is that she bit you. We never had any concern that Alex would bite anyone in the family. Good Luck Esox
  5. He's beautiful and God Bless You. Esox (aka Alex;s Mom)
  6. I think you captured the intensity of the BC perfectly. They are gorgeous pictures. Esox
  7. Hi again. Alex is doing much better. She plays nicely with the cats. Oskar and Tony actually let her herd them. Then they turn around and chase her. It' really cute to watch and they are having fun. She's much better about me paying attention to other animals. Still not top on her list, but she'll sit there and do nothing. She is really responding to the enough and never mind commands. She's showing a lot more confidence, which is a good thing for her. I've also learned that when a new situation arises if I don't immediately think oh no what's gonna happen and then give her a chance to react on her own and if need be tell her to never mind everything goes much better. I think we are actually getting closer and I love her more and more if that's possible.
  8. I finally managed to look at the video today. I'm still crying. As a human being, animal lover, and a veteran I was horrified. I just held my BC Alex for a long time. The soldiers should be punished to the highest extent allowed by the UCMJ. Esox
  9. I tried several different foods with Alex. She did well on the Purina One Puppy, but can't eat the adult because it has yogurt and she is lactose intolerant. Tried Iams, Beneful, and a couple others. Mealtime was always a trial even with a little can mixed in. I switched her to Nutro Ultra and I mix a tablespoon of Nutro or Innova can in. She has yet to skip a meal after a year.
  10. It took Alex about a week or so to become the exuberant BC that she is. I got her right from the breeder. Our Lab took a little longer. He went from the breeder to the pet store to our house.
  11. I was very sorry to hear about your loss. Your family will be in my prayers. You did the right thing for your girl. Esox
  12. I've had several different breeds of dogs, GSD's, Elkhounds, Labradors, and 1 Kuvasz. Without a doubt my BC Alex is the best. I've never had a bond with a dog like I have w/ Alex. She stays with me without any correction, unless one of the Labs takes off and then it's just a simple stay. She puts all her feelings in her eyes. All I have to do is look at her and realize how devoted she is to me. I only hope I convey the same feeling to her. Of course the look also has the it's time to play frisbee again thing to it.
  13. Thank you for all of this advice. I am in the process of getting the books mentioned. I may have misspoken, she is not aggressive with all visitors. She's fine with 99% of them. I have observed something very interesting though. There are 2 new dogs next door (They've been here about a month). One is a 2 year old Aussie and the other is a 3 or 4 month old Lab/Beagle mix. When the Aussie is out she will run right into our yard to visit our dogs if they're out. The first time Alex had a fit. A great deal of posturing and growling. Last night was the second time they met and it went better. Alex and her met nose to nose. I let them do that for a little while and then the Aussie's owner came over. He felt he had to tell Alex if was ok and wanted to pet her. Luckily I saw this coming and stopped him mid armstretch, because Alex was not responding in a positive way. Then she went and stood by the door to let me know that she wanted to go in. The first time she met the puppy was going well until he stole her frisbee. After that she would look at him and growl a little and I would tell her enough. When he was out I would tell her never mind and she wouldn't even look at him. Now she is expressing an interest. If I don't tell her never mind then she will look at him and wag her tail, with her ears up. I let her go see him today. She went the whole way with her tail wagging and ears in the happy alert position. They met nose to nose and sniffed each other for a little while. Then she came back to our yard. I think we are making progress.
  14. Any advice on how to find a good trainer to help me with Alex? The last one was nice and all. I just have a problem with the whole food motivation. She is motivated by her frisbee, tennis balls, and her stuffed toys. The trainer said it wasn't possible to use those. I don't want to just pop open the phone book and pick any trainer. There has to be a better way.
  15. I did work with one trainer. She was very good except she insisted that Alex must be food motivated. I explained that she wasn't and that was fine with me. She said the training would not work without food motivation. Alex is getting better and I am continuing to work with her. She knows that I am in charge, but I feel she should at least be able to voice her opinion and the final say is mine. I am very interested in any ideas on how to work with her on re-associating people with good things. One thing I should have mentioned and I can't believe I forgot it. We have several cats and one of them,Tony, is very close to me. He came up to me for attention and Alex had a fit. I told her never mind and gave her a neck scratch when she backed off. I pet Tony for a couple minutes and went back to watching TV. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and she had picked Tony up and was shaking him. I corrected her firmly and thankfully he is fine. Surprisingly he still adores her.
  16. She was 6 weeks and 2 days old when I got her. She mainly has issues with children. Only one man and one elderly lady have seen her aggressive side. Actually 2 men; one she barked to let me know he was in the vicinity and he proceeded to bark and growl at her. She was not amused. I don't correct her growling or barking. I tell her that'll do after a little bit. I correct her further aggression by distracting her attention to me and making her sit or heel. Yes she is crate trained and has a strong stay. She is not at all food motivated. Her world revolves around her frisbee. Her tail and ear position vary. The 2 men her tail was up and her ears were pinned. Otherwise it starts with her tail down. She is very tense. When a person first walks into the house she barks, but once I have spoken to them she generally is fine. Outside, she doesn't want anyone that I have not spoken to to get within about 4 ft. of me. If she knows you and you touch me she will come over to investigate, but that's all. She's fine once the offender (in her eyes) is gone. She is the best dog I have ever had. I always had German Shepherds and Norwegian Elkhounds, but she is amazing. The one other thing she insists on with strangers, she approaches you. She will not accept someone approaching her if she has not made a move. She'll mind me and stay, but she's not happy about it.
  17. I have a female BC named Alex. She will be 3 on April 3rd. She is the best dog I have ever had. I can't believe how obedient she is and how we have bonded. The only problem is her aggression. It started with small children and we dealt with that. Now it is a random thing. The last time there was a problem she followed an adult out of the house. She was growling very low and was in the herding pose the whole time. She responded to corrections, but then went right back to what she wanted; which was to get this person out of the house. I'm going to try and attach a picture of her and her 2 Labrador brothers.
  18. Hi, I am also new to this forum. I have a beautiful, healthy, and happy BC named Alex. She will be 3 on April 3rd. I certainly hope that I have my beloved friend for 16 years or more. I switched Alex to adult food @ 6 months. She eats Nutro. I got her @ 6 weeks and 2 days old. According to some of the research I have done that could attribute to some of the aggression problems I have had with her. Good luck with your new best friend.
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