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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I guess I've learned a little today. I do go home at lunch to check on her. So, you think its OK to crate her for 4 to 5 hours at a time if I come home for a good run? Sounds alot safer to me.
  2. Yes, her name is Maggie. The white strip on her hips do go all the way around. She is too much fun!!
  3. Hi Everyone, You may know my situation, as I've been asking lots of questions on this board. I have had a baby B/C for 1 week now. I'm a veteran B/C guy, but its been a year since my 16 year old passed on. Last night I was playing with the puppy in the front yard, when a beautiful Australian Shepard ran across the street to play with my puppy. My neighbors son is at local university, and had taken on this puppy. Its been living in an apartment and has been evicted. Its not living across the street with his parents and they want to get rid of her. She is very sweet, loves to play with my puppy, and has all around good manners. Taking on my little one is a big job, but what does everyone think about adding a companion for my little puppy? I have access to 600 acres for running, and plan on getting into agility training, but in not sure if my home will eaten by these two high energy girls. Any advice would be appreciated
  4. I keep Maggie, my 7 week old B/c in an ex-pen in my kitchen. Its got a 6' x 6' Linolium flooring. Everythings been fine until today. I came home from work at lunch, and she had escaped and pooped all over my kitchen. She spared me of pooping on my carpet. Has anyone had young puppies escape? My X-pen is a Midwest 548-48. Pretty heavy & stout. She knew as soon as I came in that she had been a bad girl, and cowered. I had a firm talking to with her. I will purchase a top for it and secure the bottom of the pen to the linolium. Any suggestions? Another post to follow.
  5. Can a 7 week old pup be changed over from puppy chow to Canidae? I've read on this board that some people skip the puppy food alltogether. What are the pros and cons?
  6. I searched old threads and did not find anything. Can anyone tell me when is a good age to start leash training? Maggie is 7 weeks old. I put the leash on her and let her drag it aqround (supervised). She does OK but sometimes chews on it. If I hold the leash she sits down and will not walk. Is it too early to be doing this?
  7. We picked up our six week old b/c puppy on Saturday. I had posted a couple of weeks ago about the breeder going through a divorce and telling me that if I wanted my chosen pup that I would have to take it at six weeks. I was'nt too happy about that, but after visiting her at 5 weeks, she proved to be a must have. So I put her in her crate to take her home and she hated it. She whined for five minutes and then fell asleep. I stopped at a roadside rest stop about an hour down the road. She came out to potty, and went right back in. She's slept in it for both nights thats she's been here. Then, that same night we had a bunch of people over for dinner and an outdoor fire. I thought it a bad idea, but she was'nt afraid and played with everyone. I was shocked. I was prepared to take her to a bedroom and get her used to me. I'm not sure if it's too soon to tell, but so far: No noise sensitivity She's had only one little accident (pee) I caught her when she first squatted and got her outside. She sleeps in her crate all night with no whining and no accidents. She crys a little in the morning when she needs to get out. She already chases a ball in the house and brings it back to me. She plays with us with a soft mouth. She loves to cuddle. She is running around the yard with me carrying sticks. I even heard my first bark today. But, I can tell she is a chewer, so we are careful to supervise indoor activity, and she has lots of baby kongs and toys. I could not be more pleased. Her name is Maggie. (thanks to the other folks on this board that have Maggies). I took her to my Vet today and he said that she looked very healthy. He was pleased. I know that some of these behaviours may change, but I think we are off to a good start. I want to thank each and every one of you that have responded to my questions leading up to my bringing her home. It's been sixteen years since I brought home my last b/c pup. Alot of things have changed since then. Back then I had never heard of x-pens, crate training, Kongs etc... Thanks again everyone. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures, I will. Some nice folks from this board have instructed me how to do it. Thank you, Dan
  8. Thank you everyone for your advice. I do have an x-pen set up with a piece of linoleum under it, and pee pads. I had planned on crating her, but I'm going to take your advice and wait until she is 8 or 9 weeks. Thank you... I'll get some pictures posted soon.
  9. Thanks for your advice. I'll keep you posted.
  10. I was due to pick up my BC pup in about three weeks. She will be six weeks old this weekend. I got a call from the breeder tonight, saying that If I want the pup, I have to take her this weekend at six weeks (nasty divorce). I guess this turns into a rescue. I've visited the litter several times and have favored a little girl with lots of personality. I was'nt prepared to take her so young. One part of me says "bail out" but I cant leave her. I guess its time to raise a baby. Any suggestions for rearing a six week old? I've got everything prepared (thanks to the advice I've gotten on this board), but need advice for taking a little one from it's mom so early. I lost my 16 year old BC last year, so I'm not in the dark in regard to the breed, but I got her at twelve weeks. Do I need to just patiently socialize her with lots of human love? Also, I've got some great photos of her, but dont know how to put them into this board. I had posted a topic on here titled "eye" color" on 02/10, and got a response from someone offering me help, but it's no longer in the responce field. I would appreciate it if someone could offer some advice. Thank you, All Dan
  11. I went to visit the litter of BC pups that I will be choosing my new puppy from yesterday. I'm in love with a beautiful little female. She seems really bright. She has two blue eyes. My question is, will those eyes stay blue or can they change to brown. There is another female in the litter with two blue eyes also. I wish that I knew how to attach a photo, because I took some good ones. I guess I need to learn more about modern technology. Maybe someone can "learn" me as we say in Alabama.
  12. How many cups of food should she get daily?
  13. We will be getting our new BC puppy in a couple of weeks, and I've got a couple of questions. Been awhile since I've had a pup this young. Lost my 16 year old BC last year. What is an acceptable amount to feed her daily? Also, what size crate would you reccommend for an 8 week old? any particular brands? Thank you
  14. Thank you everyone for your advice. I will leave the puppy with her mom to 8 or 9 weeks. And also start with simple leash training. I will have many more questions before I bring her home. I cant wait.
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