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  1. Poor girl, I'm glad she's home, looks like a serious break! Shiner borke his foot this past spring, not as serious, but he reinjured it just as it was starting to heal. It's an ordeal keeping them off of it once it starts to feel better!
  2. Sorry for the delay in updating. I reluctantly returned the dogs to their owner this after noon. The vets office where I had them scanned called me and said a lady was there looking for her dogs. She had a flyer she had printed with their picture on it. I loaded them up and met her at the vets office. She seemed like a nice lady, she was crying and hugged me, and seems to have gone to a bit of trouble to find them...inconsistent with the level of care they were recieving. The lady lives in my neighborhood but several streets away, the bc lives outside in her fenced yard and is 9 years old. She said she escapes "whenever she can" and "has always been a handful". My husband seems to think I shouldn't have returned them, but it's a tough situation. I told her I was familiar with the breed if she ever needed any help or didn't want the dog anymore.
  3. Well, I went to the house with the barking dog but they are not theirs. Went to my vet, the border collie has a microchip but it isn't registered and the local shelter is closed on Mondays. My husband is going to make some signs at work, I don't have a printer, but I made a craigslist "found" ad. The poodle is really nice if slightly annoying but the bc is a little snarky with my dogs. Not sure how much discomfort she may be in with the mats though. I foster cats for a rescue organization in Atlanta and if I need to I can adopt these out through the org. Still thinking about taking them to the shelter though and just having them call me to come get them if no one claims or adopts them, if they will do that. Here's a couple more pics... And the poodle...
  4. Her condition is bothering me. I tried to brush her and couldn't get the brush through her fur at all. She could be a recent rescue or an escaped foster or something, I don't know the situation, but I'm not going to feel good about sending these dogs back where they came from. The poodle's condition is ok but he is unneutered. I'm afraid this is the dog I've been hearing bark all night lately, because I haven't heard any barking tonight. :/
  5. Yes, she was pacing and crying but is sleeping now. The poodle that was with her looks ok but she looks like she has been on a chain, missing hair around her neck where a collar was and her underside and skirt are nothing but mats.
  6. I found this dog out in a storm tonight along with a poodle. I don't recognize her as being any of my neighbors. She is very overweight and matted and her feet were bleeding. I have brought both dogs in and will try to find an owner tomorrow. Meanwhile I an trying to decide if she is a border collie or a sheltie. She is shorter and stockier than my border collie, kinda looks like a bc head on a fat sheltie body.
  7. I got my blue merle border collie from the pound. And this is on craigslist right now, they are saying border collie/collie mix, but he looks pretty much like a gold border collie to me. I am seeing the color more, it must be getting popular :/ http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/pet/3194066103.html
  8. It seems like we have it under control now with the comfortis, and there were no bad reactions to it either. Haven't seen any fleas for a while....just thought I'd update.
  9. I gave it to them with dinner tonight, and no one threw up, so we'll see. I didn't realize until I got to the vet that they don't make it for cats. The receptionist said all they carry for cats is frontline. I'm going to call back tomorrow and ask for capstar or call my friend who is a tech at a different vet clinic and see what she says...thinking of switching vets anyway... The carpet stuff I got is supposed to be "natural" and safe for pets, but it reeks and my vacuum hates it. Clouds of stuff puffed everywhere and the dogs were agitated, rolling around and sneezing. No bueno. It seems ok now, not using it again.
  10. Well we are still dealing with this, the advantix did not work...I'm picking up some Comfortis from the vet this afternoon. I really hope it works. I have some powder for the carpet and spray for furniture and beds that can't be washed too. It's still in the 70's here too, so I'm not getting any help from the cold weather.
  11. I have two kids ages 8 and 11 and they have grown up with dogs and cats since they were infants...we've had shelter dogs, stray dogs, puppies, and it's been a wonderful experience for my kids and I think for the dogs too. Some of the basic rules we have is no hitting (obviously), no hair pulling, no trying to ride the dogs, no bothering them in their crates or while eating, no feeding from the table or teasing them with food, and more I know I'm forgetting. I swear by extra tall baby gates too...I have two up now blocking the dogs from the kids rooms so they can have toys with small parts, stuffies, etc, and not worry about them being eaten by dogs, and when the kids were younger I had them up just for separation if need be, but they've always been allowed around the dogs, slept with them, played with them. The result, and it may be partly luck, who knows, is that I have kids who are dog savvy, who help with training, (my 11 year old is teaching our sheltie agility), feeding, walking, and dogs who are great around kids.
  12. Well, right on cue, someone vomited up what looks like a whole tapeworm. No clue who, I just found it. After screaming and wretching I bagged it and showed up at the vets office. I left significantly poorer and with pills for 4 dogs and 2 cats. Awesome.
  13. Yes, one parent has to be merle to produce merle pups.
  14. Fortunately it'll be getting cold here soon...I just got some Advantix to finish out the season and I'm looking into revolution for next year. This really sucks, I'd been having such good results with the frontline, especially with the tick problem we had previous years.
  15. I keep my dogs on Frontline Plus all the time, never missed a dose (except in the dead of winter), and it has always worked for us, but a couple of months ago I noticed them scratching alot. I checked my calendar and it was almost time for the frontline, so I dosed them and forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago they started scratching again, so bad that clumps of hair are flying all around the house, and a few days ago I saw a flea on Shiner. Checked the calendar again and it was almost time for frontline, so I dosed them again...fast forward until today...they definitely have fleas and now that I'm thinking about it, the last two or three frontline apps haven't left them greasy like it usually does. This all coincides with when I started buying frontline online instead of at my vet. Do you guys think it's possible I got a bad batch, some fake frontline or something, or that they have developed some immunity?
  16. I'm going to be crazy here and say I don't see much bc at all. Some of the shots remind me of my mini aussie cept for the tail, and I also see cattle dog just because of the coloring, and brittany. So my guess is a mix of a bunch of breeds that just happened to turn out border collie-ish.
  17. I typed a long post on the other forum in response to the person who said that, and it got lost because it's storming here. The gist of it was, my dogs, Shiner as well as the others, want to be where I am, whether that's inside or outside. It's always been my understanding that sheepdogs were bred to work closely with people and should be very people oriented. This is what happens when I try to put Shiner out to do some cleaning....
  18. I agree that an article about how to reduce some of the high costs of pet ownership would have been so much more helpful. We have just recently been there and done that, my husband lost his job and I was only working part time...the very first thing we did was quit going out to eat and make some cuts to the grocery budget. The next things to go were lawn care service and pest control service, followed by cable, then cell phones. We were going to go down to one car, but in the end I just decided to up my hours to full time instead. On the pet front, I bought cheaper dog food...instead of spending $35 on a bag that lasts 1 month, I now spend $22 on a 50 lb bag of dog chow that lasts 2 months. I found out that adult dogs don't need annual vaccines and in most places don't need flea and HW prev year round. I found out that you can save alot of money on Frontline and Interceptor by buying it online. Last year I wrote a check to my vet for $730 for well dog check ups and preventatives for 3 dogs without batting an eye...this year so far I've spent less than $300...just rabies shots at a low cost clinic at $8 bucks a pop, and HW and flea preventative....and we have four dogs now instead of three.
  19. Oh yes, that one made me scratch my head...for those who haven't read, she says the first thing you should do when you get laid off is to get your pet into temporary foster care. Ooookaaayyy....this would be what, dumping an animal off on a "friend" and then having the nerve to ask for your pet back a year later after they've gotten him neutered and vaxed for you??
  20. I did read this article posted somewhere else recently...it seems like she's taking a non issue and trying to make it an issue. The majority of pet owners seem to have no problem dumping their animals when times get hard, so I'm not sure who she's preaching to or why. I also think she is grossly overestimating the cost of maintaining pets. I spend about half of her annual per dog costs for four dogs.
  21. Wow, I'm so glad there are no animal limits or licensing requirements where I live. DH and I are looking to buy a place with some land, and no animal limits is one of the main reasons we've decided to stay in the county we're in. It's not like I want to have 50 dogs, but I have 4 and we will most definitely have at least two more while these 4 are still living.
  22. Have you tried craigslist? Not ideal, but if you screen really really well you could find a good home that way.
  23. I have an aussie and a border collie and they are very similar. I have no idea how much of their differences are breed related or individual, but my aussie is every bit as smart and actually more energetic than my bc...she's downright hyper at times The main difference is that my bc is more serious. It's hard to explain, but everything is work to my bc, even when I haven't given him a job, while it's all fun and games for my aussie. My aussie is ball obsessed and my bc is "whatever you want me to do" obsessed. They're both shelter dogs and I don't know anything about their breeding, but they both have nice temperaments, like other dogs and kids, good off switches...my aussie is a little guardier (if that's a word) with strangers.
  24. What a cute girl....I don't know how close I am to you, I'm in north Georgia, but my husband does business in Alabama so we might be able to help if you need transport to GA.
  25. Same here...the natures miracle smelled bad to me, but simple solution smells orangey...
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