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  1. I sort or remember reading that birdsfoot trefoil has some properties that help keep worm loads down
  2. welcome back Amanda....Thank you Bob for your time put in.
  3. Lana, you have a good point. Often when I read threads about what "others" are doing or "showcasing" about dogs used for breeding I wonder how did they know this about these "breeders" ? I think if your turning out several litters a year maybe you should not be throwing stones at others either. I sort of keep to myself and don't really go looking for trouble . I don't breed much at all and really labor about anything I might plan to breed. So, I have never been contacted by a broker and guessing I never will . I am pretty sure I would be able to screen out a broker, but I know sometim
  4. Barb Armata is located in NY , Lives not too far from Warren. You may also look for Nancy Obeiner .She is located in coatsville PA. I don't know is she gives lessons outside of friends though. Lyle would be a great person to work with. Bruce and Linda Fogt might be with in you driving range Joyce Geier is in western NY near Rochester.
  5. shocking to me ...dogs SURE have gone up in sales price! How old is this dog?
  6. then maybe the working dog clubs could put money aside to either compose video and or written information showcasing the producers who do use these dogs and how they can be benifit to a larger scale operation. They can be submitted to ranching/farming publications or farming/ranching symposiums ?
  7. right, and there is good strong population of Bob's and Lana's out there. I don't think that will go away . But even if we know what makes a good dog that is not to say it will stop the others, the sport/herding type handlers who are breeding dogs to stop breeding them. I said from the start I don't think it is bad to have MORE farms and ranches using dogs out there, but having the ranching /farming community we have and had, is strong enough to keep the dogs we know , I don't think it is going away. The toughest trials in USBCHA/ CBCA and dogs that excell at this level will also keep the wo
  8. I don't think anyone is saying to breed grit out of a dog. What I don't understand is that why grit and bidability can't go together? I guess all I was trying to say was that I think there is a strong population of ranchers and farmers out there that use dogs, know their value in a livestock operation and will keep this "gene" pool alive and well. Other than loosing farmers and ranchers due to them leaving because they can't make ends meet I think they are always going to be a strong factor of keeping our dogs as we know them. For me it is more lean to the other side of the coin that I
  9. okay I'll just head back into lurking mode. But... just wanted to say that while each and every sentence is being pulled apart instead of reading the message as a whole, I was saying that if more farmers/ranchers had dogs it would be a good thing but I don't think that the working dog is in trouble as it is at present and has been here for years past here in North America. I just am not seeing HOW this will be the downfall of our dogs as we know them. There will always be Frarmers and Ranchers who know the value of a good dog. Are not most of our USBCHA/ CBCA top handlers, who on occas
  10. I did not say there were NO farmer/ranchers using dogs, wanting to use dogs or take the time to learn HOW to use a dog for their operation. I just don't see this as a more or less being used ( these dogs being over here as long as they have ) by farmer /ranchers impacting what we know as the working border collie as a breed overall. weekend warrior dog.: one with no stamina to be ABLE to do the work needed of a dog in a farm/ranch situation. I don't think people as a whole here in North America are breeding such a dog ( weekend warrior). At least not the bloodstock I would be inter
  11. Interesting. A few questions So we want to educate the ranches and farmers out "there" That is great, great for anyone who plans on using these dogs for a livestock operation. Perfect job for our dogs A pup for such a person, I think not. A fully trained dog is needed that will get the job done, and be able to do it with a relative Novice to working dogs . So how much will said dog set the farmer / rancher back ? Hmmm, most likely more than a farmer / rancher is willing or able to afford would be my guess. Have you noticed how much a really good fully trained dog is selling for
  12. Bill , while it does read on Valbazen to not use on early trimester...is it safe to use in the situation of after lambing? I was considering using it this year over Ivomec.
  13. Gloria, I had read shortly after the bird/ fish kills that there was a poision gas "Phosgene " that was being stored at a military base in Arkansas, that it was being transported and there was some sort of malfunction with the plane shortly after takeoff which "may" have released some of the chemical into the air...then a short time after John Wheeler (who was satated as an expert in chemical / biological weapons ) was found dead because he was a whistle blower. Now this most likely is just media hype as was "the end of the world" hype that was flowing just before this hype about the kills. An
  14. thanks Wendy, I knew Jeannie had a pup off Guff. Lyle never mentioned to me that she had one. I did not know Scott was training up a few. I am glad to hear the line is still strong. Deigh was a great dog for me, I miss her terribly. Yes she did leave me too young . Cancer sucks!
  15. Thanks Wendy, Deigh had grip but was a good trial dog for me.She would at times "wolf" the sheep and cause them to be flighty, but it was more her way of coming on than her gripping. Was not Cass cross,though. She was quite black too.
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