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  1. Please let her know that she and her family will be in my prayers and that we are sorry for her loss.
  2. I didn't know about hte peroxide and am now sooo GLAD that I do. Resources!!!!!
  3. 1. How were you first introduced to clicker training? By our first at hom instructor. 2. Why did you decide to continue to incorporate the clicker in your training as time went on? Because we feel that it is a positive training method and we saw from the beginning that it was the fastest learning method for him. He picked up on things in almost no time when using the clicker compared to when not. 3. When training a new behavior, how frequently do you incorporate the clicker into your training? C: It depends on what the behavior is that we are wanting to teach. 4. Have you ever taken a training class that was a specific clicker class? No, not necissarily because we had a in-home trainer for 6 weeks that trained ONLY with a clicker and gave us materials to read on it and instructions/training just for us on how and when to use it. 5. Have you ever taken another type of training class where clicker instruction was incorporated into the curriculum? (Example: Rally, Agility, Freestyle, CGC, Obedience) If yes, what was the topic of the class? No not at this time.
  4. Oh I'm so sorry for your and Tiga's loss. Rowan's family and you and Tiga will surely be in my prayers. I hope that you all are able to find peace.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a web site out there that we can look to see if there is a feed store in our area?
  6. Welcome to the boards, from one Floridian to another. Once thing that you can work on with him is teaching him the word "friend". It has been a HUGE help for us (altough mine is just simply protecting, rather than fearful). I also take mine to a cagefree facility once or twice a week and we love. I am sure that you will too.
  7. Also many BC's have issues with going under, all dogs do, the same as people so be sure that you have given everything else a college try.
  8. I have the sort-of the same gas problem with Blaze so I feel your pain. He can't jump on onto or off of anything without a little "poof". It cracks me up!
  9. Thanks lrayburn and sweet_ceana, at least I know that if I keep up with it on a regular basis and keep the tough sh** attitude and show him that I want him to be quite and still, maybe we will get somewhere. I appreciate it.
  10. I can't get the video to play from the show, is anyone else having problems with it?
  11. We do go alot at night there are many nights that we will go for 3 plus miles and are happy. We don't get just "rain" here, we get thunderstorms, and he is fine with them in the house. The boom is no big deal, but if we are outside and it is booming. He will yank me back to the house so fast it makes my head spin. When daylight savings changes back I know that it won't be as big of a problem because I will have a few more hours of light but that doesn't help me for now.
  12. I will second that. Puppy Kindergarten should help with a lot of the doggy issues as far as biting etc.
  13. Now that surely is telling. OMG I wouldn't know what to do. I guess it's more of a what can you do. Nothing but laugh.
  14. No I hadn't thought about crating him but I supposed I could try it. I just hate to do that. A lot of the reason that we have a treadmill is for when it is raining or too hot for a long walk. And last night it was raining. Walking outside is just not always an option. How in the heck did you manage that. Blaze is TERRIFIED of it. He will poop and pee all over himself.
  15. I actually have a question on this, why does the BC at the show have a shorter muzzle than the working dog(s)? Blaze has a long muzzle and I have thought about asking this question before but never did.
  16. I haven't been on the treadmill (been so busy) in a while and decided last night that I wanted to get on. Well, Blaze was having no part of it. Everytime I would get on he would start whining like crazy and jumping towards it. So I thought that he wanted to have a run and put him on for about 10 minutes. But it didn't help at all. The whining/howling and jumping just continued. I plan on trying again tonight but wanted to ask if anyone had any suggestions on how I may be able to get him to be still and quite long enough for me to get 30 minutes in. I tried holding my ground and showing him that I meant business and that he needed to be still and quite, nope. There is a bed in the room and I tried getting him to lay quietly up there, nope. I also tried giving him a bone, nope to that too! HELP! I am worried that I will go to get on and will lose my patience with him, and I really don't like to do that. I feel soo bad.
  17. We actually use the everlasting fun ball as our fetch ball, and he chews on it all the time but it has yet to break and it has been over a year. Here is a link to Jeffers for it, but we got ours from PetSmart. http://www.jefferspet.com/ssc/product.asp?...U4EQAM5V1J2A06D
  18. Good Luck to you both, I hope all goes as you wish for.
  19. I am curious after reading this if anyone knows (for future reference, hopefully I never need it) the best place to go to look up ortho's for animals?
  20. HOLY MOTHER OF **** I actually had NO idea that they got this larger. YUCK!
  21. Not to brag but this is one that we have actually been able to do. We noticed one day at a friends house that he (on his own) put the toys back that he was playing with and we have been working on it with him ever since. Sometimes he misses a bone here, or a ball there, but it is not impossible.
  22. We use sentinal and are very happy with it. I have only ever found one tick on Blaze and it wasn't even sucking. I never have a problem with Fleas, I can't honestly say I have ever seen one on him. We also treat the house with Flea-Stoppers and we really LOVE that.
  23. Oh that is wonderful! Congratulations on your new addition. They both seem to get along well together. Even better!
  24. Wow, talk about loads of advice. Blaze has a fine recall but I also haven't put him or myself into a nasty situation yet where it was dire straights. I hope that I am able to remember the great advice that I have just read in case it ever happens.
  25. I would have her speak with her vet about fish/omega oils. That has worked wonders for us.
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