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  1. OMG Kali is goregeous! I hope that I am lucky enough to get that many years with mine.
  2. THANK YOU!!! I will surely keep that in mind. I'm sorry to hear that your babe got sick.
  3. Well now.... that is WOnDERFUL news. Congrats to you, whatever you are doing is working (miracles). and Congrats to her for being so strong. I wish you both many more beautiful memories.
  4. Did anyone that gets BCC watch this? Did they make it to the finals?
  5. OMG how cute. I can't stop laughing. I wonder if mine would let me do that.
  6. Thank you! I will take the suggestions into consideration and may try both to see which he prefers.
  7. Everytime I watch her I am in Awe of what she accomplishes, and always it ends in tears, it is beauty at it's most perfect to me!
  8. uh oh looks like he is really liking the shirts. YOu might have to start making it a normal thing for him. He so cute, he looks happy!
  9. I have a question regarding when I boil the chicken for his treats for obedience classes and other training. Garlic is okay correct, I can put some in the water when I boil the chicken for him?
  10. I do see this with our animals. We have 1 BC, 1 indoor cat and 1 outside cat. The BC and indoor cat are both male and all mine. The outside cat is a female and wants NOTHING to do with me or any of my girlfriends but will let my DH and his buddies play with her and pick her up all day long. oh and she ADORES Blaze. and Blaze ADORES her. she is part of his flock and he is VERY protective of her. So... I would almost say that the animal chooses for us to an extent.
  11. Blaze and I don't have our first class in Rally until March 15th so I can't help you. But I think that there was another thread a few days ago about it.
  12. and make sure you get them used to the vacuum. Oh Lord the problems that I have had there. You just don't wanna know.
  13. Asking your vet or other vets if there are puppy classes (some call it puppy kindergarten) are a great place to start.
  14. Yes it is the canned kind you just have to make sure that it says 100% pumpkin and doesn't have anything added. Luckily my little guy LOVES it so I give him about 2 TBSP every 3 or 4 days since he has a sensitive tummy naturally.
  15. I am going to try and get through this. Not sure what my words look like as it is hard to see them given the large tears in my eyes. I am sooo sorry for your loss. It sounds like you guys had some wonderful times together and that you will have some beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing your story so others can learn about GME.
  16. Getting your shots is important IMO, and being careful where you walk your dog before you get all the shots. Mine picked up worms in the first week that we had him home and since the breeder was a relative I was able to call her and ask if any of his littermates had them, and they did not. I am a BIG advocate of puppy classes. We noticed a HUGE difference in the learning once we started the classes. Everything from soft biting to relaxation to patience. It has now really worked to our advantage, the crate free place that we take him once a week for a full day of fun often uses our Blaze as her dog to help puppies with shyness and under socialization because he is so patient with puppies. He will lay down with his muzzle on both front paws and pretty much let then do whatever they want within reason.
  17. Blaze is normally a pretty good eater but once or twice a month there comes a day that he decides that he isn't hungry. DH and I have decided that he gets an hour to graze on these days and that is it. Once you start doing this the dog normally can tell when that alotted time is almost up and will go and finish the meal. Blaze does anyway.
  18. Although I have only owned a male bc (female other dogs) I did spend a lot of quality time with Blaze's Mother and I have to say that I would not change my boy out for anything in the world. I many times daily get hugs and kisses, and he will cuddle with us all night in bed. Drive us crazy sometimes he wants so much love. But his Mother, she just wasn't as interested. She was work, work, work. and I know that Blaze got his protectivness from her. His Dad wasn't as property line protective as his Mother.
  19. That is a really good idea if you could find something that he likes. M ine likes pumpkin, so you could try that. Just a TBSP mixed in really well.
  20. What kind of food are you feeding him and at what time(s)?
  21. This really is a fun stage, I have enjoyed watching Blaze. Sometimes just enjoyed him watching me, I was making my favortie dinner last night, which of course required egging and flouring chicken pieces and he had a ball sitting there watching me go from one bowl to the other then to the frying pan (this is what mkaes it good of course). and I had a ball just watching his eyes and head, back and forth... back and forth I'm surprised he didn't fall over dizzy.
  22. Kenbo - I think that only applied to COOKED chicken BONES. Okay so just boil some chicken pieces then. He already gets enough dairy, DH gives him a piece everyday for lunch and I give him some sort of cottage cheese or yogurt with his food (along with some pumpkin) at least twice a week. Normally just a couple of TBSP's. I will let you know how the cooked chicken pieces go.
  23. Okay so I see what my problem may be then. I was simply not giving him as much cereal. I was taking it from 2 cups down to 3/4 a cup (He only eats once a day) and then giving him a piece of bone closer to the end of the night. Timing would normally be cereal at 5pm and bone at around 8pm. It is only the 3rd bone peice that he has ever had and it is normally like on a saturday night. (which is the say day that he has obedience, duh, stupid me) so I guess I will do no more hot dogs and will maybe get him a good boars head meat for obedience and then give him a bone piece on say a Wed. night. What do you think?
  24. I am actually dong the same thing right now as sweet_ceana and having about the same results. One day it is runny and the next morning is fine. But then the afternoon will come and he had an accident in his cage (which he has ONLY done when sick). I have given Blaze pieces of Pork neckbone and Bone Marrow (soup bones). I didn't think at the time that it was too much and as of right now am leaning towards it being the treat that we use for obedience practice (which is only about 3/4 of 1 turkey hot dog). If anyone has any other suggestions please let me (us) know.
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