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  1. Mine does the same thing, I throw the frisbee and he will drop it jjuuuusssttt out of reach. I normally will say no, closer and turn my back and what do you know. Oh, he does still want to play... he will drop right at my feet. I never let him win this one. I make him bring it to me every time.
  2. Thank you for the links. I will be sure to remember the information for the future.
  3. Well DH said that the vet said everything was okay. He is giving him an antibiotic and anti-diarreah pill and said that he thinks he should clear up by Wed and that if he hasn't to come back in. I need to ask again, as far as the broth goes, can I use something OTC like swanson.
  4. No he only vomited the one time yesterday. My DH is taking him to the vet as soon as he gets done cleaning up. He went home at 10:30 and walked him and between then and now he went in his crate, got it all over himself, the crate and the wall. He did the pinch test and said that he thought that looked okay. I hate this, I feel so bad for him.
  5. How would I check for this, what signs would there be? How would I know the difference?
  6. Thank you all soo much for your help with this. My husband is on his way home right now and is going to try the neck test. I was thinking tonight I will give him a mixture of half water half chicken broth. (I may get yelled at here but I am still going to ask the question since I don't know the answer) Can I give him swanson's or some other over the counter chicken broth. Do we know anymore about it?
  7. I will keep you all in my prayers as you journey on a new branch without him. It sounds like he was a great companion and family member.
  8. Okay so you don't think I should feed him at all tonight, and slowly do the chicken and rice over the next couple of days? Are we talking like Tues- 1/4 cup Wed-1/2 cup Thur-3/4 cup Friday 1 cup and then slowly start bringing his cereal back into the diet? I am sorry, I am almost in tears for him, I feel TERRIBLE because he isn't getting better and it is a burnt orange kind of color. I don't know if that is because of what is in his stomach or if it is because of what he go into. I just want him better.
  9. I know that Blaze got into something, I just don't know what. This is the worst case of the runs that he has ever had and I have been doing some research on it and can pretty confidently say that it is the large intestine's not the small. He also yesterday, twice, threw up a small amount of clear liquid. It started on Friday and has not stopped. Saturday morning I awoke to 6 seperate piles of runs in my dining room. Sunday it was 11 seperate piles. Last night we locked back up in crate and he woke us up at 12:30 and again at 4pm to go out. This morning he went at 7:15 and again at 8:00 and yet again at 10:30. Yesterday I hed him 3 scrambled eggs at about 11:00am and then again at 5:30. I also have been giving him ice cubes to try and help keep him hydrated. I bought him some pedialite as well but he not interested. Tonight I am going to try chicken and rice. FYI - I took him in on Saturday to the vet for a fecal and it came back negative. Please does anyone have any other suggestions. He is really bad off.
  10. I haven't heard of them either, Now I will have to go and look it up.
  11. Also you could try putting a clock that you can hear the ticking from near the cage.
  12. Gosh - It sounds like you have tried everything. I know that this is not your first post on the subject. The only thing that I can think to suggest is to have in increments on 10 minutes at a time maybe and to try putting up a video camera to see how he does. I feel for you and hope that somewhere somehow you are able to find a solution. Mine will be 2 in May and the longest that I have left him out for is an hour.
  13. Mine TOO!!! This is ONE OF the main reasons that I am so picky about what he eats. I am even overly cautious with the treats that friends have at their house that they want to give him.
  14. Man oh Man I am glad I'm not you. I do NOT handle animal cruelty well and have been known to fly off the handle once or twice.
  15. If you search throughout you will find all kinds of topics on this board regarding food. Please take the time to look at teh different quality levels so that you can make an informed judgement on foods.
  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! We have our last class tomorrow and start Rally-O next week. I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!
  17. Blaze and I are also in obedience classes and there is a in-tact Airedale in the class that Blaze wants nothing to do with. They are fine with being in the class together as long as they are kept far apart. Another reason that I think that Blaze doesn't like the AT is because the owner doesn't have control over the dog. You can easily tell that the AT is the Alfa and Blaze isn't used to that. Blaze also goes low sometimes but I notice that it is mainly with either girls (of Course) or seniors. Not dogs that are younger or near his age. Just throwing out some things that I have been through....
  18. I can't do it. I was going to go and see but everytime I try I just can't.
  19. I am going to leave this to the experts but just wanted to say that I'll keep you in my thoughts and wanted to let you know that you are SURELY... NOT... Alone!
  20. Another happy (not ending... but) beginning.
  21. Thank you, sorry for the stupid question.
  22. I'm sorry, I'm also working on this and can you please clarify if the dog's side should be at the wall or his butt?
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