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  1. ohhh thank you so much. I will be sharing all of the replies with my DH. As of right now they practice when I have rally-O so I won't be able to take him for a couple of weeks (we are switching to a week night). I did speak with the captain of the team (via e,mail) that is located here and she said that they always let the dog(s) try it out for a couple of weeks before any dues are due (not sure if that is a common practice) so that is good. I'm really excited about it. I just know that he will love it.
  2. Blaze is pretty much the same way. His mother was a smooth coat and daddy was a rough. she had 12 puppies and only 3 of them looked like they would be rough. Blaze was one of those. It is long and hellish to keep up off the ground, carpet, tile but I can't imagine him as a smooth coat. I think he would look funny.
  3. Yes please, I would really like to hear that all is okay.
  4. No I do not personally believe that Sentinal would have any cause in this. Blaze is on it as well and I have never placed that as a reason for when he has tummy issues. But the Rawhides, that is a different story. I would really try to find something better for him to chew on.
  5. I do not believe that this is an issue for him. There are times that he gets so focused that the DH and I have to laugh and turn it into a game for him. Any other suggestions, opinions?
  6. Okay now I'm crying. I will think about them all night. PLEASE keep us updated.
  7. Well thank you all for the replies. It seems to me that (knowing my dog) that I may wait another six months or so. We are in rally-o right now and really having a blast with it. So I think that I may just enjoy what I am getting right now and reconsider in the fall. Thank you all soo much! CONGRATS!!
  8. Normally anywhere that sells Canidae will have it. Most stores (from what I have seen) will carry all the top premiums together and nothing else.
  9. I'm so sorry that you are having troubles. I jsut have to add that I see that you have "pooper scooper" on your avitar. And no I really do not think that it's funny. You said that she has only gone twice in her cage, what about the rest of them? What exactly is she doing?
  10. He does get excited, we took him to an agility competition when he was about 6m old and when they would bark he would bark etc. BUT at the same time when we go to the park, all the other dogs will be going crazy and acting silly and Blaze pretty much ignores them to play frisbee or fetch with the ball.
  11. I have year round hay fever so my medicine cabinet is never w/out benedryl. The problem is that my system is used to it (and it makes me sleepy). I do keep alcohol and the cream benedryl around for when I get bit. But sometimes it seems like it is pointless. I just accept what I am and do the best that I can with what God gave me.
  12. The DH and I are not seeing eye to eye on the flyball thing. Does anyone have any opinions, stories, expierences that they would like to share, the good and the bad. He is concerned about how excited the dogs get and doesn't think that will be good for him. I think that he thinks that Blaze's excitment will not stop once we are through with practice, leave the competition, etc.
  13. If anyone has any info on my finding a club here in Jax... I would love a PM. Edited to say that I found one.
  14. I'm also one of those that is allergic. Swelll up like a damn balloon and for days at a time, and the numbing pain, OMG does it hurt . Last time I got bit, about a year and a half ago, I couldn't wear a shoe for 3 days. Luckily everyone at my work knows that I have allergy problems and not just hayfever.
  15. Well isn't that something. Oh well, they lost a customer over it.. but hopefully (for Blaze) for the better.
  16. Oh I will, I just haven't had a chance to download them yet. Edit- Got a phone call, disruption. I know that excitement. Isn't it wonderful. It's such a good feeling. Now if I could only find an agility teacher that is close... and that I like.
  17. Do you mind if I ask why you say this? The reason is that Blaze has developed an itching problem and I am not sure what it could be from, this was the first thing that I thought about when it started.
  18. So we have been doing rally now for about 5 weeks and everytime that I have class my DH has had something going on and has not been able to join us. Well this past Saturday he came with us and took some pictures. OMG I am sooo excited. The instructor can tell you that the dog is doing great and the others in the class but until you actually see it you have no idea. Every single picture... Blaze is staring up at me waiting for direction. I started crying when I saw the pictures. I couldn't help it. It is such a beautiful thing. The bond is formed and I couldn't have asked for more. I can't wait until we can start competing.
  19. Blaze does all the time. And if the Julz Santana song There it go (whistle song) is on.... look out. He sings and howls the entire thing. I will have to record it one day and put it up.
  20. So I see that Fetching wins. Blaze will play fetch of any kind ALL day long if we let him.
  21. I have had many problems with food myself. I had Blaze on 2 different kinds of Nutro, (they are not all created equal). I really like the vension and so did his stomach but they are being extra cautious since the food scares and had a supplier shortage problem for a few weeks and that is when I switched him to Canidae. We are on the chicken formula and although it was a rough first couple of weeks, things are fine now. Just be sure that whatever you switch him to that you are looking for easy digestible or sensitive stomach, it sounds like that is what you guys need.
  22. Welcome, welcome, welcome. You will love this place. She is BEAUTIFUL!
  23. I have been trying to get Blaze to use his nose more but it just isn't working. I have tried the put a treat under a cup and mix the cups around game I have tried bring out some t-shirts and hiding a treat somewhere in the pile I have tried hide and seek (hotter/colder) I have tried hiding toys outside Nothing seems to be working... It will look like he is using his nose, but you can tell that he isn't using it to potential. He is all visual and hearing, and I understand that that is what the breed is, but for some reason my heart keeps telling me to teach to use his nose better and I am big on there is a reason for everything and I need to follow what my heart is telling me. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can do here. All help appreciated and respected.
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