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  1. We just in the last 2 months started letting Blaze on the bed. We used to crate him at night and slowly transitioned him to not locking the crate and letting him sleep in a bed that we bought for him that stayed at the foot of our bed. Well that only lasted for a couple of weeks and now we let him up whenever he wants, he is a really light sleeper though so the slightest movement from us and he is down and sleeping on his own bed, and there are times when we get up in the morning to find him sleeping in his crate still which of course we just think is great. It's funny because for the first time ever 2 mornings ago it presented it's first problem, when I get sick or have worn myself out I have a habit of dreaming out loud and I guess I scared Blaze because at 4 in the morning I found him literally on top of me whining with his chin on my chest. It was so sweet.

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