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  1. Our Ben is used to drinking out of streams when at work with me and so will stand at the toilet and wait for us to flush it before he drinks. He only drinks out of a dish if he is very thirsty.
  2. I'm getting bored of playing "go get the toy I ask for" with Ben and besides adding more toys into the mix I'd like to play other "inteligence" games with him. What kinds of games do you guys play that can keep a BC's mind working?
  3. Thanks all, I understand the danger very much (especially after losing a dog to a car). Aside from whacking him with a little stick how do you correct a dog from the seat of a quad or pushing a mower? Any creative ideas? I use the quad a lot for tansportation at work. On the whole my work environment is very safe for a dog, being usually in the middle of the woods.
  4. It's just turning into spring here and I went out for some yardwork. 4 month old Ben barks non-stop at whatever tool I am using (shovel, rake, hose, etc) and barks at and chases the lawnmower and bites at the wheels. He even started in on the weed whacker (had to lock him up for that one). Then at work I figured I'd try him behind the quad (he did very well with the snowmobiles), but he kept running in front and barking at the wheels. I know most dogs hate lawnmowers, my last dog (BCxAussie) sure did the same thing, but the quad behavior is dangerous and counter-productive at work. Anybody ever solve this problem with quads?
  5. My last dog, a BC x Aussie Shepherd, would come to work with me out in the bush. I would usually hike about 10 km in about 5-6hours of work, this is in rugged terrain. She would zoom back and forth all day, I figure she would cover 3-4 times more ground than me. I think as long as you feed her high energy, quality food it will be fine. Although I never had her running on paved ground so that might make a difference.
  6. We have no problem getting Ben to freak out, he just does. We've already been teaching him to "settle down" he only can for about ten seconds, which is better thean five seconds last week.
  7. Wow, I love this site. I make a post then go to bed and wake up to seven replies. Thanks everyone. I totaly forgot about Purity Feed. We even buy our grass seed from them for work; I always figured them for horse supplies only.
  8. We live in a small town and are limited to buying food from either Wal-Mart or the grocery store. We feed Ben Iams "Smart Puppy" dog food and he farts all the time. They smell bad too. Anybody think it would be worth it to spend the extra money and gas (no pun intended) to cure the "emissions" problem.
  9. FYI the Jedi are members of an ancient and noble monastic organization, known for their talent in and observance of The Force. So while many Star Wars characters are Jedi's it doesn't refer to any single character. BTW totaly sarcastic I just couldn't resist. My old dog was like that, very afraid of men, loved other dogs to the point that when she met someone who had their dog with them she would be fine with them and like them, but any man and some women without dogs she would become extremely aggressive. I think you never can know what has happened to a dog before you adopt her and even if you train those behaviors out of her (which we did much as you are) you still have to be careful in all situations.
  10. Our Ben is 10 weeks old and the same way. Everything he does is completely random. Are any of your pups obsessed with biting? Ours always wants to bite us when we are petting him.
  11. I live in a small town and work in the bush. I have only had one encounter with a pack of coyotes in which they were one at a time showing themselves and yelping. I think to try to entice my dog to them because they were afraid of me. I yelled an threw rocks and sticks at them and they seemed to have left, I still went to work somewhere else. I think that any wild animal that has been in an urbanized setting will act different and have less fear of humans (imagine how many times they watch people from a distance without them noticing to realize that they aren't a threat).
  12. Thanks guys. I did swat him in the snout once when I was really frustrated after he lept up and bit my lip, he yelped and I almost felt bad. He does listen to me when I tell him "no bite" in a deep voice. He doesn't listen to my girlfriend. I live in a small town so we don't have puppy kindergarten, just basic obedience... I think. We will put him in that and then agility when hes old enough. At least thats the plan. Thanks for the replies. It's good to know that its not abnormal.
  13. Ben is about 8 1/2 to 9 Weeks old. We adopted him at about 7 weeks. He is very good and has warmed up to us well. One issue is that he is obsessed with biting our feet and hands. The feet part I assume is part of his instincts coming on as he bites while we are walking, but even when we are siting on the floor with him he bites at feet. He also bites hands whe we are holding a toy for him, he clearly bypasses the toy to bite our hands! I know that biting and chewing is a part of being a puppy, but this is ridiculus. It's as if he prefers to bite skin over his toys and those teeth are sharp! Has anyone else had this issue? Can you guys make suggestions? BTW I have tried the toy switch on him thats where the hand bites first came in. He seems to understand "No Bite" now but gets frustrated when I make him stop. He doesn't listen to my girlfriend at all when she says it.
  14. I would never reach into a car or even a the bed of a truck to pet a strange dog or even one I had only met a few times. IMHO the person he bit is partially to blame. My previous dog was very timid and would bite out of fear, she was like this since we adopted her at 13 weeks. I made sure my co-workers and friends knew this. We did train some of it out of her but still could never fully trust her around new people. Once she warmed up to us (which seemed to be after we bathed her) we brought her to a trainer and she seemed much more at ease around other dogs and even friendly to their owners. The trainer taugh us some things we were doing that we thought was protecting people, but actually making her more afraid/aggressive to them.
  15. He was the largest and very outgoing. That is what we were looking for as out last dog was very timid and not safe with kids and most strangers. He is already showing signs of brilliance.
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