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  1. My BC recently had surgery for a torn ACL using the TPLO procedure. Has anyone else had this experience and if so could you give me some idea as to the length of recovery time you experienced?
  2. I think a Halti collar or gentle leader might be the answer. It worked for me. My BC is now close to 2 years and she walks like a dream.
  3. Keva is now 14 months of age and if she is not ready to quit yet all hell breaks loose.Grab the leash jump up and down ect ect. I stop look her in the eye and "when your done we will go home"I don't move until she quits.Usually after a minute or so there are no further issues.
  4. Keva always follows me to the bathroom and lay's there untill I come out. Go figure,
  5. When Keva was about that age I was also asking advice on car fixation. I tried prong collars,spray collars,tin cans with coins,yelling and looking her in the eye and telling her I was going to have her for supper. She is now 14 mo and I'am happy to say she seldom looks at a car.Patience Patience and more Patience and just keep letting her know it is unacceptable!. Good Luck.
  6. I do have pictures,but for some reason even following the instructions I 'am unable to upload them. Any advice?
  7. Yes he has arrrived and we are keeping him crated for the first few days.Getting lots of exercise and Frisbee time.Resident dog and he are getting along fine unless she approaches his crate or personal stuff.He then tells her to get lost,but she's not letting it bother her.
  8. Hi guy's and Girl's; My new dog is 4yrs male neutered good recall and seems to be fairly well trained.Resident BC 1yr female spayed and not so well trained around other dogs.I suspect the new dog will want to dominate whats the best way to make it a smooth transition? Any comments would be appreciated.Both dogs are crate trained.
  9. Keva eats icecubes all the time,the vet say's no problem.
  10. I'am having a problem following your thread ,one day your dogs are close to death at the vets and the next they doing the lure?
  11. Most of what I've read here is very true and in my case I have some very strict guidlines.Never is she off leash anywhere close to a road,other dogs and even people.I'am fortunate to have a beach nearby that is far from any roads ect.I can scan this particular beach a good 5miles in either direction and detect any movement long before the dog becomes aware,and she is occupied chasing sticks into the water.Her recall is good,but I still wouldn't want to put it to the test in an uncontrolled situation.
  12. Generally not "yappy" unless you encourage them to be so.
  13. Got my first BC in 1975. that makes me a veteran. Enough said.
  14. Me thinks you read too much into to it.
  15. I got my first BC 33yrs ago when most people didn't know what a BC was. They are the smartest dogs you will ever encounter. Love them and they will give so much back it will blow your mind. The most important rule is Patience,Patience and more Patience. They will let you know when you are accepted. Also please don't teach them to sit up and beg because you and your friends think its cute, they hate it and find it demeaning. Good Luck
  16. Looks like a "KEVA"(KEEVA) to me. Irish for Precious,Beautifull and Gentle.
  17. We have a Woo Wooer also but she varies it quite a bit. Usually most vocal in the morning when she gets up.
  18. Yep, it happens just when you think you finally have a handle on it.You most likely have a least another 5 months to put up with.Remember BC's are very smart but also slow to mature.
  19. We live in Brownsville and the Dog just hangs around the AC.No problem.
  20. Not to worry. They play there BC games but they will eat when they are really hungry.If there is a dramatic weight loss.check with the Vet.I have gone through this so often I quite often turn her bowl upside down an walk away.
  21. Revolution works well, however ticks will still attach themselves to the dog but will die after a short period of time.Deer ticks that carry the lymme are a different tick but they are out there if you have a deer population in your area,hence the vaccination.Any ticks I fail to find on the dog usually show up wandering around in a close to death scenerio.
  22. Lots of ticks in SW Ontario I get at least 1 or 2 a day after exercise in the area around Grand Bend. We use revolution both topical and spray. Be sure to get the dog vaccinated against Lymme.
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