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  1. Thanks for your replies Here is a badly taken picture, but because he is so worried about things, it is not easy to get a good one of him
  2. Hi, I have a foster dog at the moment, from ISDS lines. He is 1 year old and has amazing light blue eyes. I know quite a few merle collies with blue eyes, but don't think I ever saw them in a solid coloured dog. Now my questions, what is the genetic make up of them, as it is unlikely to be there merle gene, and are there any health implications??? (deafness etc??) This young boy is very quiet at the moment, but I think he is still shell shocked, having lived in a stable all his life and now living indoors. He is not very responsive on walks, but then he is too busy marking So I was just wondering if any of you knows anything about blue eyes in general. Thanks P.S. When I get a proper photo of him, I will post one!
  3. I think he needs more time to settle in too. None of mine is interested in playing with other dogs, I don't think that is a bad thing. All dogs are different when it come to food and toys. If nobody ever introduced him to toys, it might take a time till he likes them.... And maybe try the treats in a controlled environment like your home and start building up on that. And preferably before you feed him ;-)
  4. Neem oil is great for headlice (well, to get rid of them) and I heard to prevent fleas on dogs too. But you should test if you dog is ok with it and doesn't get a skin reaction.
  5. I agree, it always depends on you as a dog owner, can you cope with 2 teenagers in the house? And maybe the second puppy is not as "easy going" as the recent one. I don't think the fact that they might all die in a short span of time would be an argument for me, as not every dog is guaranteed to reach old age and some unfortunately leave us earlier than expected. On the rescue front, I adopted a rescue BC, he is a failed sniffer dog and is brilliant with people, kids included, which helps as I have 3 of those to Good luck with your decision.
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