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  1. I highly recommend the Zukes Mini Naturals. They are a great size, they come in different flavors, and they seem to be very healthy. I use them all the time for training and I love using them out of all the treats so far! (except for training weaves, I use a popcorn like treat to roll after the weaves so it is easy to see =) ) I normally use the Zukes and they are in the Gentle Leader pouch so easy access for getting treats out during training.
  2. I actually tried to enter my Sheltie in the contest to win the pet hair vacuum..but I dont have mass email addresses to send off for so I didnt get enough votes to win Its affordable but didnt know if it worked great as they say it does. Thanks for the input! =) I will look into the Bissells for sure.
  3. Well my ex is moving out here soon, and with him goes the treasured vacuum cleaner. I am going to have to buy a vacuum very soon, but am needing one for one main thing...HAIR!!! I have my BC, a Sheltie, and a longhaired Siamese cat so we have some hair flying all the time! I am wanting to know from you all's experiences which vacuum works best on pet hair, whats easy to carry around, and what works good for both hard surfaces and carpet (downstairs is tile). The vacuum I have been using was a Rainbow (very old brand that works great) the only problem with it is you had to fill it with water and it could be a pain to lug around. That and the price tag is definitely not affordable right now! Any suggestions on brands that work particularly well for pet hair???
  4. at least he likes using a bed! my dogs want to destroy them or lay somewhere else
  5. LOL one of the many reasons why I love my BC
  6. Yeah if Foxy does not bring the toy all the way back, I desist playing the game for a while...she quickly learned that if she brings it back I keep playing with her forever!
  7. maybe try a more enticing treat? I know some dogs tend to love hot dogs and that cheese that comes in the can... maybe that would make him use his nose better! By the way, the picture in your avatar is just too cute, it makes me laugh everytime I see it! =)
  8. great! now if the problem ever arises I know that the pineapple should work!!! =) I just love home remedies =)
  9. You know what? I said I was going to leave this post alone, but to hell with it. It seems like it can not die down at all. Do you want me to get into every little aspect of my life to explain why I said what I said? LOOK I SAID MY STATEMENT WRONGLY! SO SHOOT ME! I am willing to make a bet that EVERY single one of you who will not let it go has stated something in a wrong manner before and has had to apologize for wording it wrongly. Like everyone else in this world, I make mistakes and word things horrendously, I am not perfect. HMMM maybe it was due to one of my co workers being knocked out cold by a pit bull who was not taught to behave? Maybe it was due to dealing with several different aggressive dogs? Who knows! I worded my statement wrong though! Do you want me to go more into it so you can call me out more? Yes I live in an area that has a huge hispanic population. A lot are illegal immigrants and a lot arent. A lot are great people and a lot are criminals. There are good and bad people in each race. Yes we have redneck hick honkies (or "crackers" as I have seen already typed out) out there with pit bulls and we have blacks with pit bulls and we have white people with pit bulls. We have everyone you can imagine here. HOWEVER, when I have to deal with a lot of the AGGRESSIVE and bad acting pit bulls.. it tends to come from the "thug" owners in the gangs. Which in my area ARE NORMALLY consisting of hispanics due to where I am located (being close to one of the largest cities in America close to the border). I am not saying that ALL hispanics are in gangs or are bad people... but these particular ones that I have had bad experiences with are the thuggy characters with the HUGE pit bulls that are not even properly bred..what makes it worse is they think it is ok for this behavior and then they refuse to speak English after their dog has tried to murder you and your dog. How can it not go unnoticed by me? IT IS A PROBLEM! NOW when I mentioned that maybe people should become qualified to own this certain breed of dog... do you think these "thugs" would be responsible enough to take a class or to go through the procedure because they care??? NO they would not most likely. Namely because they dont care, they dont want to do anything right. Maybe this is why I said something about a hispanic population as THIS CERTAIN PART OF THE HISPANIC POPULATION (CONSISTING OF THE GANG MEMBERS) I said was a problem...NOT THE WHOLE RACE. The ones in these gangs around here tend to not go to school, not speak proper English, and not abide by the law... now these people would probably not take the proper procedures to own this certain breed that can be difficult to own. NOW due to my area, it tends to be more hispanic, but yes it also can cover whites, blacks, asians, martians, and whoever else would want to own a pit bull. But due to where I am at... it is what it is. So sorry I said something to offend you all and to make you all so angry about what I said. As for pit bulls, my parents rescued one that was dumped at my grandfathers, totally sweet dog, was beaten and abused. She is always properly secured and is with the one dog that they have that she gets along with great. Shes happy and active. Would I trust a pit bull around my kids and such when I do have them? Probably not, just due to what I have seen and dealt with. I am sorry that I sounded so anti breed in my previous statements. But I have been known to find a good home for bully breeds as I have said so above. Sheesh I have friends from all races, I have no hard feelings towards anyone, but I DONT like gangs and I dont like how they act... so shoot me! ETA: I guess I should have not been so specific and should have just said "thugs" or "gang members" I crossed a line without knowing I did it until I realised I worded everything soo terribly....*sigh* I guess I am through now, no one will ever let it go no matter how many times I apologize
  10. I love it!!!! That is the best thing I have seen in a long time!! =)
  11. sometimes I have to call in meds to wal mart for our patients and sometimes we get people sounding funny when we say it is for a canine!
  12. I heard giving pineapple can cause dogs to quit eating the stools... is this possibly true? I have not had the problem myself, but I remember hearing that interesting "fact" and wondered if it actually worked???
  13. Along somewhat of the same lines of the dogs knowing if a person is any good or not, a sort of funny story that really made me sit down and think: I was dating a guy for a few months a while back and when he would walk in the door, Yoshi my Sheltie would NOT shut up! He would bark and bark at him until I had to get on to Yoshi to get him to quiet. It wasnt the normal hey you are new bark. It was a bit different. Well in the end, the guy ended up not treating me all that great. I wonder if Yoshi was just a better judge at character than I was. It really made me think!! However, Foxy has never met a stranger, she LOVES people and PEOPLE are the most exciting thing in the world. I really have worked with her more on sounds and people doing things such as running or working on things (hammering, drilling, and such) Foxy is already a lot better than Yoshi, who since his injury has become more reactive to things Also, if I feel uncomfortable in any situation where I feel like my dog might spring out of control (not in aggression, but either of fear or excitmenet) I tend to use the Gentle Leader. With Yoshi, not so much he has always been pretty good. Foxy though, I tend to use it when I think things will set her over the top in excitement.
  14. I have seen it used on a dog who would try to go and push other dogs around. He was a very stout pushy ACD that was a bit too bold to be on the point of being aggressive, it definitely detered him. I dont know how it would work though with a dog with a true intent to get to another dog and fight though. It does seem like a good product though.
  15. you and sage are in my prayers as you two go through this difficult time for both of you. I really hope he can get through this ordeal with no long lasting issues. I also wanted to add..I know Foxy just loves "huge wooly breeds" like the Great Pyrenese and Huskies and such.. she just gets overjoyed when she sees them and maybe if Sage has a breed he just really likes it might help him slowly get back to things. I know the Great Pyrenese that Foxy wants to play with is so gentle with her, he is the perfect guy since she is so outwardly bold and bouncy. =)
  16. this is the last thing I will say on this thread. I did not state ALL or ONLY, I was just stating that HERE it is a problem with that certain culture. I guess I should have worded it a little more specific. Yes there are all sorts of people that cause the problem with dog fighting and being irresponsible. I was just stating of the certain problem in my local area. I am sorry for the offensive post, I just was being up front about the problems I have to deal with with vicious dogs and ignorant owners as I to deal with a lot of Rabies Obs cases. Again I am sorry for stepping on toes, as I was not meaning my post in a derogatory manner, just venting about the problems I deal with as well. I have no problems with different races of people, I do have a problem with ignorant dog owners who want a dog just to be "cool" though. Being run down by one of these dogs and their "thug" owners who refuse to apologize because they thought their dog should act that way is enough to have hard feelings for a bit. I have not just been stereotyping, just seen it and experienced this first hand and I guess I can be a bit touchy about it still. Please forgive me of my hard feelings. So for another time, I am sorry. I will not post anymore on this thread. I do hope to hear updates on Sage and that he will get through this ok.
  17. I was not being racist at all.. i stated hispanic population. I did not use any derogatory names. I live south of Houston TX and I was a minority in my high school when I went there. We have a lot of "thug gangsta" wannabes who think pit bulls or other "bad" looking breeds are just an accessory. Just like some of the crazy people who wont let their Chihuahuas on the grass because they always have to be in a purse. Pit bulls and those sort of breeds are a major problem here! They sell them on the side of the roads, in the newspaper, and they are not even really up to breed standard..they are grossly too big and it is extremely sad. What is worse is these dogs are very capable of doing damage to other people and animals and they have fallen into the wrong hands because of how they look and the potential they have to be deadly. Sorry to have stepped on any toes, but that is definitely what it is like here and it really has made me have a bad opinion against bully breeds.
  18. I ended up buying a Good Cuz the other day since I would rather not have the horns chewed off. I have yet to be a nice dog owner and let her have it since the weather has been hideous the past couple days... 30-40 mph winds!!!
  19. I hear this punish the deed not the breed sort of thing CONSTANTLY... but to be honest.. IMO the breed can be a problem!!! They are bred to be what they are, and what they are capable of doing. Yes people are morons and let their bully breeds run wild and since they are what they are... they can be quick to cause problems if they are not with a responsible owner! The problem is stupid people think they are "bad asses" with these bully breeds and they let them act like "bad ass" dogs. I know this is not the greatest thing to say, but I really am not a very big fan of bully breeds. I also live in an area that has a huge hispanic population.. that thinks that they are the most "bad ass" if they have the largest pit bull on a huge chain and a collar with the largest spikes...... My whole opinion is that only certain people who can become qualified should be allowed to own bully breeds. They should go through some sort of procedure or something.. that might help weed out the "bad asses." I sure hope poor Sage gets through this okay.
  20. I wish I was a judge.... that guy wouldnt be getting out for a LONG time if it was up to me.... UGH I cant stand people! I am so sorry that you are having to go through such a terrible ordeal. God bless you all and I hope that karma bites him in the butt BIG TIME over this! ETA: I havent done any herding whatsoever so I wouldnt base anything totally off of what I am saying, but when I was looking at getting a BC I also was looking at some dogs that were already started and such. I know one person said that a STARTED dog would have been $1200 from her. I dont know what other people would charge, but I do know that that was for a young started dog.
  21. LMAO I tested my "new significant other" yesterday and told him Foxy has Frito-feet (which she does big time!) He actually smelled her feet too and said... ha ha she sure does, why do they smell like that? I guess he might be a keeper if hes willing to smell my dog's feet!!!! LOL
  22. I am by no means meaning this to be rude or anything, but Beneful is not a very good quality food. It is actually graded really low (one of the lowest out of all the dog foods). I would definitely try another food! My Sheltie is a picky eater (when I got him as a puppy he had been on Beneful, but I quickly switched him as he was not very interested in the food) and we tried a few different kinds before we found one that he normally will eat decently. I also discovered that the higher quality food we got, the more enthusiastic he was about his food. He is on Innova Evo red meat. It is VERY expensive I know, but we feed less of it, he maintains better weight, his energy level boosted, and he got a lot of shine to his coat. My 5 month old BC is on regular Innova until she gets about a year old, then we will bump her up to the Innova Evo red meat as well. Here is a link to a list of foods with grades on them, I know it is on a blog but it was copied from a website that had a grading system. Maybe you can find a better quality food that might be more appealing to your dog! Good luck! http://roxysruffhouse.blogspot.com/2007/05...ood-grades.html
  23. After years of rescuing stray cats and dogs, I can honestly say I feel for you and know how bad your heart is breaking right now. Time will heal all, and when you look back on this, you will feel a lot better that she did get the love she deserved. My thoughts are with you, and RIP beautiful Sine.
  24. LOL that abby video is funny! I got a new video of Foxy swimming in the pond.. its not the most goofy..but she does look pretty goofy when wet
  25. Thanks! He was going along great and had a lot of potential, but 4 days before his first AKC he knocked into a tire and he now has a "trauma-induced" luxating patella. I find out in 2-4 weeks if he will need a $2500 surgery and also if there is a possibility that he could ever run agility again. I have some really bad luck!
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