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  1. Diane- just cross your fingers like I am that our girls don't have a heat before they are ready to be spayed. Foxy is 9 months old and I am going to make her spay appointment before too long (2 month long wait here...lol) I have been planning on spaying her at a year. I just hope she doesn't come in before then!!
  2. I knew of a little Sheltie that did that a whole lot. I think something was off about him, he did other strange things that were not very Sheltie-like (didnt like people even though he was socialized, glued to other dogs not people, biting the air, striking out and reacting crazily if you startled him by touching him in the least bit). Is this the only "strange" behavior youre seeing? There are some dogs I have heard of that do this, and only this and its just them. If, however, he does more things that are a bit uncommon you might want to have him checked out if possible. Most likely nothing is wrong, I just always remember the case of the little Sheltie and heed my warning as something seemed wrong with him.
  3. Wonderful opportunity for you! And yes, trust me, I know how it feels to be looked down upon by being a young Border Collie owner. I got Foxy when I was 22, some breeders I could tell were raising their eyebrows when they heard I was a college student. I even was turned down from a breeder..it was disheartening at first, but I guess its a learning lesson. The people who see how much work I put into the dogs (and the money) know that I care for them as well as most adults do. They eat way more expensively than I do!!! and get their stuff before I do =) I wouldnt have it any other way. Being young and having an active dog like a Border Collie is some of the most fun you will ever have in your whole life. I dont know what I would do without my girl after only having her for half a year.
  4. Dont ever own a red tri then!!! I call Foxy my "sleeper dog." Since shes not the typical looking BC color wise (and doesnt have all that flashy white those most people are use to seeing)... she doesnt look like she packs a lot of punch till shes showing everyone whats shes got..haha I love it.
  5. Hey in Texas terms, we are practically neighbors..."right down the road" lol even though a few hours away if yall are ever in the Houston area, let me know I bet Foxy and Rory would get along famously! She is definitely beautiful, I have always liked the red merle coloring.
  6. sounds like a blast... I wish we were a bit closer to NC! Definitely one of my favorite states I have visited, really pretty up there =) Have some fun for me!
  7. Thanks and I learn something new everyday! I guess I have never in real life seen a true working bred Aussie then, I have always seen the heavier set ones.
  8. Oh people tell me all the time that Foxy has Aussie in her, or ask if shes all Aussie, even though she is nowhere near an Aussie build. Once I even got asked if she had GSD in her... just because shes not black and white doesnt mean shes not a BC! lol Here's my Aussie/German Shepherd/Border Collie... hmm do you see it? LOL because I must be blind or something
  9. I just bathe Foxy when she "feels" like she needs it..that and when she "smells" like she needs it. My Sheltie, Yoshi I try to bathe once a month.. he tends to start looking kind of shabby if I wait longer than that.
  10. I decided that Foxy wasnt going to be a very ladylike dog..So I at least gave her dignity with a ladylike name of Foxglove..lol. Anyways she does make all sorts of bodily noises, not everyday, but I still hear them..and she definitely has no problem getting dirty or in the water. She loves everyone and everything.. never have even heard her growl except when shes playing with another dog. Definitely a go getter.
  11. Liz I really think you are going about it in a right manner. Be careful around the breed especially out in the open or when walking into their "territory", but not to say "all of them are killers." I am cautious around bully breeds as well. I have a couple of scars from dogs and well, they are both from pit bull dogs. They just can be a lot of dog sometimes and most people are not prepared for the work it takes when you own such a dog. It is a shame, I have one in rescue right now that is a beautiful dog, we just neutered him, but he is going to take a lot of work as he is rather flamboyant! (a little dog aggressive, but not people aggressive at all...and very excited around people wanting attention.) I know here, we take in rabies obs dogs. Three strikes...you're out. Sadly, the only ones that we have had to put to sleep and dehead while I have been there have been pit bulls. There is one that is on strike two, and she is so aggressive that we had to leave her in a covered run, and give her food and water through a watering pail. She is an absolutely striking dog, beautiful in every way, but man she is fierce! I got her to finally calm down and not attack the fence when I would attend to her, but she watched my every move. It is a shame, because we know most likely she is going to hit that 3rd strike before too long since she is so aggressive towards everything except the one owner.
  12. the only thing that drives my dogs bonkers is if they hear me running them in agility, whether it be on tv or on the computer. The Control Unleashed look at that game would probably be a good one to go with, as has been mentioned in previous posts. Also, the Tivo thing with certain noises sounds like it could work too.. I know I have been letting Foxy hear cheering and people talking on mics on YouTube so she is used to those sounds when we go to her first DockDogs event next weekend.
  13. If being too friendly was a bad thing, I would have returned Foxy a LONG time ago..as she loves all people!!! Im just glad they did return him instead of dropping him off somewhere. Hopefully, his next family will be better..hang in there!
  14. These DVDs are going to save my Sheltie. He injured himself due to jumping too early through a tire and almost ruined his career (after only one trial!) After months of crate rest and strict supervision, we got lucky and didnt need surgery. I bought this DVD and have started working Yoshi 3-4 times a week with these drills. He has already started jumping a lot better after only one drill. I highly recommend this DVD, even though it can be a little drawn out and boring. The drills are life saving. When Foxy is old enough to start jumping, she will be started with these drills.
  15. I ended up helping Foxys ears with moleskin. They were sort of going both ways, and I didnt really want one up and one down, so now she is prick eared at 9 months. They have stood on their own for about 3 months now...I love how they turned out! =)
  16. Although I am somtimes very bad at updating..... Foxy and Yoshi both have their own blog. http://foxybc.blogspot.com
  17. oh it makes perfect sense! I really do get the importance of working dogs as well. That is why I got as close to the best working lines that I could get all while still concentrating on agility. We have some high goals if me and her work out as a great team. I would like to go for Nationals and try out for the World team (hey at least have fun and try out) I am young and a really fast handler right now, so I might as well try for it while I am fast still. I really want to try her out on sheep when she turns a year old. If she shows really great promise, I will try to go as far as a few trials. I really love seeing dogs work, its amazing and I love the intensity and the beauty of a dog truly at work. I know that Foxys sire was sent back to his breeder for further training and I even talked to him about how he was on stock and such. I really looked into the breeding and I decided that she was everything I could want (I really wanted good working lines, and also have a concentration on dog sports mainly) I was just stating that I dont think that ALL sports breeders are doing a bad job, in fact I really really like some of the ones I have seen. But yes, there are some really awful sports breeders that are really losing the sense of why they should really breed. It is quite scary!!! That was pretty much what I was saying! =)
  18. I just want to say that I am not 100% for sports breeding, but not 100% against it. It really depends on the breeder to me. I have heard of sports breeders breeding just for dogs for themselves and then just getting rid of the puppies who didnt turn out good enough and letting other people have them. Those are the breeders that I do not agree with. Let's go on to my little Border Collie Foxy. Technically most people would say she is from a sports breeder. They are big into agility and such, they do herding as well...but it is AKC and I know it is not looked highly upon. However, my Foxy is not from the sports lines. She is actually from a breeding that is from two outside dogs that are really from working lines. The sire is a Holmans dog, who I really like a lot of the dogs that have those lines or lines close to that. I have seen some really great agility dogs out of them and they also had titles in herding as well (not AKC titles either.) So yeah my dog was bred by a "sports breeder" but is actually working lines. I actually chose her because of her breeding, I really liked the cross and I researched the pedigrees of the parents and even talked to the sires breeder as well. I dont have a problem with the breeders who do continuously bring in dogs from working lines, but mainly sell to people who do sports. Agility is a big deal to my dogs (My sheltie acts like it is a life or death thing if he can do it or not...LOL) I feel like these "sports breeders" are ok and I like them and their dogs as well (just my opinion) However, I dont like the ones who breed and breed and breed. There are some that CONSTANTLY have litters on the ground. I dont see a problem in 2-3 litters a year though. There are some breeders though, that are labeled sports breeders, who are being responsible and still maintaining good work ethic with their dogs and also produce dogs who arent keyed up 24/7 as well. Im not backing anyone up or taking any sides, but I dont think ALL the sports breeders are bringing shame to Border Collies. All I know, is I got the exact dog that I wanted in Foxy and she was the absolute perfect match for me. She is gung ho about everything I have asked her, and we are definitely going to try out some herding with her, and I have a feeling she is going to take to it like crazy. She has loved every challenge I have given her and that is the exact attitude I wanted in her. That is all I was looking for, and everyone is all happy here.
  19. I didnt get Foxy until she was 12 weeks old, so she was able to hold it a little longer than a 6-8 week old puppy so I got lucky. What I did was put the crate in my room by my bed at first. I could distinguish the "I need to go out" or the "I want you to wake up and play with me" whines pretty well. Normally when she would whine would be right when we were settling down to go to bed. If she started whining, I had a 1/4 full water bottle that I would tap on her crate. After about 3 times of this, she quieted down and it really worked like a charm. After a couple of weeks, I was able to move her downstairs where my Sheltie is as well. Since he was right around the corner, she adjusted fairly quickly to this change. Now if she tries to whine, all it takes is a "foxyyyyyy!!" and then she knows its not time yet. She has come a long way! =)
  20. I might look into those Camelbacks, I never known anyone to have one so I didnt know how good they really were. Maybe those wouldnt affect me as much as one of the bigger normal sized backpacks. though, it is completely flat here (sea level lol), no climbing ever, but i wouldnt want to have anything slosh around and be too much of a hassle for her. Just trying to brainstorm to make our outings as best as possible and also better for them where they can have more access to water. The bowl folds up into a little flat thing so it wouldnt take up much room, maybe i could carry a couple things in my Gentle Leader pouch. Might be the best idea. Now to go to Bass Pro and look at these Camelback contraptions =)
  21. My Sheltie does not have noise phobia, but he has developed something similar recently and he is a year and a half old. He now has a problem with kids being noisy, bikes, and people with darker complexions. He was mildly interested like you described in the said things that are now issues. He now barks at his fears. What has worked with this since I have not really come up with a conclusion, is to give him either a warning "Yoshiiiii" before they reach him or give him work..like sits to downs to sits, etc etc. It typically will take his attention away from his fear and concentrate on me instead. Of course, it looks like this would not work right away, but might take quite a bit of time to work through it. If I dont do either of that though, he tends to always bark which in turn makes people think he wants to bite them *sigh* Maybe during storms when he shows less stress or fear to try rewarding him? I know that you are saying he is not interested in treats or toys or anything, but there has got to be something to help work little by little. In worse case scenarios, I know some people give their dogs some anxiety meds before a big storm hits. We had a golden retriever when I was little who was very afraid of storms (she was an outside dog though) and 13 years later still was scared of them. I hope you find a way to work through it!
  22. thanks for your reply even though I feel like you are being a bit sarcastic with me. Its not the weight that would be too much for me. Its the actual backpack trapping the heat on my body which causes me to have problems, for some reason I overheat like crazy when I have had a pack strapped on me. It has only been like that since my accident. I was just trying to think of alternative ways so I could carry the water with me for the dogs instead of having to go back and forth from my vehicle is all. Sorry I even asked...
  23. so even just two normal sized bottles of water would be too heavy? I am talking the Ozarka bottles. Not a big bottle. That would still be too much? I was thinking of putting one on each side of the backpack to evenly distribute the weight. The other stuff (the bowl is a collaspable fabric bowl, and the phone and camera weight next to nothing) doesnt weigh much at all. So mainly it would be the weight of the two pints of water. If that is still too heavy for her then I wouldnt, thats why I was asking. I have never taken dogs hiking before, and never thought of a dog backpack until i saw this thread.
  24. Would backpacks be fine even if the dog is a little rambunctious? When I take Foxy to the parks for hikes, she is on leash when we hike at all times. So she is never running, jumping, or going crazy when she would be wearing the pack. I would like to be able to bring water and extra leashes and stuff but if I wear a backpack, I have a hard time with heat intolerance and anything that weighs down on me gets me close to heat stroke and fainting (I was knocked unconscious out in the middle of the day in summer and ever since then I have had a hard time with the heat). If I dont have anything like that on me, I am generally fine though as long as I am not out in the middle of the day. I wouldnt need to bring a lot, just a couple bottles of water and their collapsable bowl, two extra leashes, my cell phone, and a small digi cam that weighs about two ounces..LOL
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