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  1. We had my SIL's 2 dogs staying with us for a week, and they both went home last night. Cheza seemed okay last night, but this morning she is quite upset. She went and tried to wake them up this morning, but realized the crates were gone, and so were her friends. She has been looking for them, whining and seriously giving me the stink eye. I hope she gets over it quickly. Salem on the other hand is thrilled all of those loud girls are out of his house. I think Cheza might need another bc in the house to play with.
  2. It could just be how he is, but I would rule out any mouth pain and take a good look at his teeth. When Cheza was having some teeth trouble she licked a hot more.
  3. Cheza's Momma smiled on command. It was very cute!
  4. I didn't go into great detail. I have corrected her. She has a "leave it" for most things. She has even left a bunny mid-chase if I use the command, so I would say it is pretty good. I have also tried leash corrections, but nothing realy seems to get through to her. She just doesn't listen with the bikes passing. The rattle can is a good idea. Maybe the sound will break through the sound of the bicycle. She will trot beside the bike nicely when I ride, but that is different for her. It's only the speedy riders that turn her on. I will also pick up the control unleashed book very soon! Thanks everyone! I'm glad to have a few new things to try. I hate to feel like I don't have control of my dog on leash. It's embarassing!
  5. Cheza is doing pretty well in her training, but we are having issues with bikes on our walks. Specifically it is fast moving bicycles. We walk a lot on the C&O canal towpath, so this is where we are having the problem. She just loses it when they pass us. She tries to run at them and barks, and she wont pay attention to me. We are having trouble working on this, and I wondered if anyone had any ideas. We had similar problems with her "herding" running children and people, but we solved that one pretty quickly with the help of some friends. We basically ran and when she started doing circles we stopped said calm, and when she obeyed we clicked and treated. We now have it so if we want her to not run she wont or she is allowed to run with us, but not do circles. We tried the same thing with bikes, but she doesn't react when anyone she knows rides by, it is just strangers. It also has to be a fast bike. Slow bikes she is fine with. She just loses contact with me. She doesn't care about treats or anything else. All she cares about is the bike. Does anyone have any ideas for me?
  6. Cheza is seriously friendly. She will go into full body wag if she see's anyone at all, and if they pet her they have a friend for life. She is always either crawling on my lap or dh's.
  7. Cheza is home and doing good! Too good actually, she really wants to play. They used disolvable sutures inside and then glue on the outside so she doesn't need to go back to have anything removed. I'm just glad I didn't leave her overnight. The vet normally keeps dogs after a spay, but I argued it since no one is at the vet clinic. She was her normal crazy self last night. I'm glad she didn't wake up in a cage by herself.
  8. Thanks everyone for the good healing vibes. She is at the vet now, and should be waking up after the surgery around 3pm. She was happy as can be walking back with the vet tech. Excited even, lol. Poor baby.
  9. Meet Cheza and Salem Cheza is a cocker spaniel (thats the best one), an aussie, springer spaniel, bc mix. In fact I don't think anyone has ever guessed bc, bc mix but not pure bred bc. Salem is a poodle! (best one), belgian, flat coated retriever, lab. He is a presumed gsd / lab mix. His mom looked to be a purebred gsd, but was a stray. I try to just brush those people off. Some can be kind of annoying. People flat out don't believe that Cheza is a pure bred, because she is too small. She is a puppy anyway, but will probably be a bit petite, not as small as some I've seen though. This one woman was convinced Salem was a pure bred flat coat and didn't believe me that his mom was a gsd. She said it was her breed of choice, lol! He kind of looks like a flat coat, but certainly not a pure bred one.
  10. Everyone wish her good luck. I'm really nervous about it even though I'm sure she will be fine. We are dropping her off at 8am and will pick her up before the office closes that night. I'm more worried about the keeping her still part. She is a crazy border collie and she is used to being really well exercised.
  11. Cheza is 34 lbs right now and her growing has slowed for now. She is approaching 8 months. time flies.
  12. I'm lucky Cheza at least isn't too destructive, moreso just defiant. Salem on the other hand was very destructive! Cheza so far has taken out the screen door, but that was moreso from zoomies gone wrong. She is almost all grown up.
  13. I think we have reached that lovely adolescent phase. It seems that over night Cheza has forgotton all commands or at least is interpreting them quite differently now. Sit = bark and run circles around mom, down = the same as sit, come = grab a toy and run like mad the other direction, well you get the picture. my perfectly behaved angel puppy is now a bratty teenager, and she is only 7 months so I think we have quite a way to go with this. We are starting over with training and are on a strict nilf schedule. She is going to start puppy agility pretty soon so hopefully that will help with the excess energy a bit. She is already getting a lot of physical exercise, but I think we are lacking on the mental so we are working on that. We went through this with Salem too, but it was either too long ago to remember or he wasn't so bad, lol. She has infused him with puppy naughtiness too. He is almost 4 and I caught him stealing a sock from the hamper yesterday and running off with a naugty look on his face. I couldn't help but laugh. She is too cute to be angry with her. She is one of the most amusing dogs I have ever had. I woke up this morning to her standing on my chest and staring straight at me, lol. She really is a great dog even if she is a brat.
  14. I would add some fish oil to see if that helps things, and probably try a different food as well. If you want to use purina maybe try one of the selects lines (I think they have a salmon one). Purina doesn't tend to work very well for my dog, but I know dogs that look really good on it. Salem used to blow his coat pretty bad like that and I found that using a kibble that is fish based as well as fish oil tends to not make him look so bad when it happens. Maybe add some canned sardines a few times a week too. I don't trim Salem when it happens, but I will start giving him a good brush down every day for awhile. He loves brushing though so its not big deal to do.
  15. Ear Update! This is where they are now. They change all the time though, so I'm not sure if this is where they will stay. The more pricky one stays that way for the most part, but the other one tends to flop more.
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