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  1. Thank you all. As it turns out they have already placed one of the girls in a good home with other friends of ours. I guess it's for the best even if for being able to raise and train them properly. I shudder at the thought of training two at the same time lol!
  2. Ok this isn't specifically about BCs but it could be. My friends just adopted sisters- Husky Malmute German Shepard mixes. Soon they were told by their vet that sisters would always have a problem starting at 1-2 years old and it was a bad idea to keep them together especially since the wife is tiny and will probably end up weighing less than the dogs so there is no way she will be able to break up a fight. An apparently never ending fight since they are destined to become mortal enemies. My first thought was to throw the BS flag. I've had all females (nonsibs and BCs does that make a differe
  3. So I'm very happy to say the vet trip didn't identify any physical problems and Suki seems to have mostly stopped with being corrected and distracted the last few days. She still tries to do it sometimes, but seems to be more interested in her ball now. Fewww! I hope this will be a non issue soon. Oh and I know what beasts in the walls do to puppies lol! I had a six month battle with squirrels in the walls. I'm sure you could imagine what that did to the puppies. Lucky I still have walls.
  4. I'm starting to doupt if this is epilepsy because she isn't having episodes with a beginning and end. Now she is doing it every time I'm not paying attention to her and making her stop. I woke up this morning to find furniture moved around like she had pushed it out of the way to sniff behind. I'll still take her to the vet but this seems like something else. I'm thinking I'll start crating her at night and keeping her tide to me in the day so I can distract her when she starts up. :-(
  5. Thanks you guys. I hadn't even considered the seizure possibility which is lame because my now gone sweet girl June would do that and the vet thought it might be mini seizures. She would do what we called The I See Dead People thing and track some invisible person across the room we were in, or better, in the room above. Freaky when you're by yourself.... I'll get her to a vet right away. So it seems that distraction is the best way to go? It didn't work with Emma and her pacing but she is a much more sneaky willful type. She has the best " F You Mom" cartoon balloon over her head I've
  6. I found her through NW Border Collie Rescue, but she was staying with a woman that shelters BC's until they are placed in Eastern Washington. They did work her too and said she wasn't able to consentrate but seemed to like it. Of course all of her canines have the tips missing so I think she was getting kicked a lot. She's not shy at all if it's one or two people, but distrustful of children and larger groups. She used to pee everytime she met some one new though so it's an improvement lol! She does get a lot of excercise running with me, both on and off leash depending on the situ
  7. Suki is an aproximately 17month old BC I addopted from a resque group 7 months ago. Her story is that she was bred to be a cattle dog, but didn't make the cut. She's a wonderful slightly shy girl, especially with strangers and has what I would call a mild BC personallity (except with Giant Pink Ball, the favorite). Until the last few days I was greatly releaved that she didn't seem to display any of the OCD like behaviors of my other BC, Emma, who is a dedicated pacer if she gets her way. Suki started chasing imaginary "flies". I instantly recognized the strange arched body poster and
  8. Hi there, If you don’t mind, could you tell me how you “nipped it in the bud”? Emma came to me a full fledged car lunger, and I’m sure she would chase if given the chance. We have been working on it when on walks by clicker training and she does get corrections if she manages to lunge any way. It’s harder in the car of course. I’m sure these two behaviors are basically the same very dangerous one. Her barking a freaking out may even be related some how. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I'm sure this problem has come up before but I've had no luck searching previous threads. Emma has started this crazy barking and screaming in the car. She is ok when we start out, but if I leave her while I duck into the store she completely freaks. Yesterday I took a sneak peek out of the store after about 10 minutes and she was still going full tilt. OMG. Previousely she has been fine riding and ok being left for short periods, especially if June was with her. Recently I a bought a wire crate for her to ride in with a blanket over it because she was 'targeting' cars next t
  10. Ha ha, I do the "101things to do with a box" also, and use two liter soda bottles with the labels and plastic ring cut off. The recycling guy doesn't worry me as much as when guests come over to see our living room looking like we kicked over the bin and just left it out! It's amazing what a mess one small box can make when ripped into 50 small pieces, always the last chapter of the 101 things... You're right about letting the girls play, I should stop them. I guess the choices boil down to them playing or Emma pacing the halls which could also hurt her as she is a very serious pacer (
  11. The vet says totally quiet! I gave her the most pitiful look and she lowered the time down to a week minimum, but she really wants two weeks. Truthfully I have been letting the girls play as long as they are not getting totally crazy fake killing each other and body slamming. I think the real issue that will continue the problem is the 'tackle frisbee' with lots of herding behavior on Emma's part, including dodges, dashes, 180* turns and crashes. I have to get this dog on sheep! I think the crawl is an wonderful idea. I think I have a good idea of how to train it since her down and co
  12. Well, for the second time in a month, Emma (aprox. 13ish months old) is on a restricted activity regiment due to injury. The first time it was an unexplained stomach blockage and severe GI inflamation that required surgery, weeks of antibiotics and the dreaded cone head. This time she has a soft tissue injury to her left front shoulder and is on anti inflamitories and is supposed to be kept quiet with on-leash walks only for two weeks so it can heal. Banned from agility, banned from the park, and even banned from playing with my other dog, June. Emma, a recent adoption, is the type of
  13. Oh my, this thread made me giggle. I often wish my husband would partake more in the division of dog duties and it's good to see I'm not totally alone... To be fair both June (BCX) and Emma (BC) are my dogs so I should do most of the work. My biggist wish is that he would come do some of the totally kick a** things that BCs do. He really has no interest in coming to agility or even the park to watch the girls play what only can be described as 'Tackle Frisbee' (June, very intense frisbee dog, Emma very intense on herding June so it's more like quarter backing than throwing the darn th
  14. Thank you all for your advice! Reading these is helping me confirm something I was already suspecting in that BC's are weired dogs and that's part of what makes us love them. My other BC is obsessive in her own way but she chooses the frisbee to get focused on. I think in my mind this was a more "acceptable" or "normal" obsession, so it never bothered me. With Emma, I would feel like a failure if I could not get her tired enouph to stop the behavior and it causes me great stress. I'm trying to examine how much of a problem this behavior really is. Positive Aspects: I almost never h
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