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  1. I'm with Darci and Paula--I think not only should you have included it, but the *first choice* on your poll should have been working stock. This IS a BC board, and while there are certainly lots of folks on here who do lots of different things with their BCs, most of those are quite active things; I would have expected "snuggling with you" to be at the top of the list for a poll about Llhasas or Pappillons or whatever, and "sleeping" on a Lab list (no offense meant),



    Oh, I'm sorry for not adding working stock. (I'm a fool.) It never occured to me because I never did working stop with my aussie yet. I appologize once more for letting you guys down...

  2. Yeah, my Aussie has a simular problem. She'll go get the ball, grab it, but she won't come back. She just wants to play keep a way and tag, haha. Maybe you can try teaching her to fetch with a leash. You'll need two people. Have one person throw the ball, and have the other person leash your dog. When your dog chases the ball, the person with the leash will follow. When she is close to the ball, put it in her mouth and then walk her back to the person who through the ball with your leash. I did a bad job explaining, but...try it. I don't know if it'll work, but I'm just guessing...


  3. I've always prefered females more than males because I believe that females are more affectionte and smart. Plus, they aren't obnoxious. But...am I wrong? Are males dogs also extremely loving and sweet just as females? (I've been planning to try to get a female, but am I going to be missing out on a wonderful male?) If males are affectionate, just how do they show affection? Females, at least mine, tend to lay on your lap and cuddle, lay next to you, and lick you. Other females I met do that, too. But males usually don't...so I'm just curious about them. And, are all males obnoxious? Is the male dog(s) that you own obnoxious and dominant? Just tell me....how awesome is your male dog?


    Thanks. I appreciate it!


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