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  1. Thank you Kris And just wanted to let everyone know that Jake went to his forever home today A teamates-sister's-co-worker adopted him and he is happy happy happy in his new home.Must be a very sweet dog to not have lost his happiness and friendliness while living on a chain. Thank You to eveyone who inquired, and wished him well
  2. A 17 HOUR drive AND helping organize the event, I'm suddenly feeling very inadequate I'm going to look for Launch ! I love the gift bag exchange idea, still waiting to get our team's name.We are all so excited ! If you need any help with anything, come get me-Kat on Clean Break.
  3. That's so sad I don't understand why people like that HAVE dogs-what's the point ? Boxers are so sweet and friendly and family/pack oriented, those poor dogs.
  4. HA HA Thank you Bonnie , he did turn out very handsome.He was such a goober as a kid, ears like elephant's ears and I thought he was a smoothie. Thank you for keeping Jake in mind ( my friend is keeping the other one ) and congrats on your new addition
  5. Thanks again Paula, you didn't know your friend Kat was such a rabble-rousing troublemaker (actually neither did I )
  6. AAACCK I didn't mean to start all this. Let me clarify - too old is something determined on an individual basis. I vounteer for a wildlife rehabilitator who is 80 and I cannot now nor could ever in my past 9 years of volunteering, keep up with her. She wins gold medals in the senior olympics every year. The picture of Jake chained to some heap of metal enraged me beyond belief and also made me cry. We have had horrendous flooding in this area and tropical storm Lee which gave us drenching rain for 2 weeks.Two weeks that Jake and his brother spent outside in it.Not to mention last winter,and the winter before. I am furious at these particular 80 year olds for putting these dogs through that. I didn't mean to offend anyone, but I also don't give a crap about political correctness, I ONLY care about the dog- period.The dog is all that matters to me, and trying to find him a home he will never have to be re-homed from. I hope when I'm 84 I still have dogs, I wouldn't want to live without them, but my husband and I have discussed that in a few more years we will limit ourselves to adopting older Border Collies who need a home so we can grow old together and we are nowhere near 80. So hopefully the focus can stay on Jake, again I apologize to those who think I am a jerk, and Thank those who understand what I'm trying to say. And thank you to the person who has already been in touch, I let my friend know. Kat, who doesn't like arguing it makes her tummy hurt .
  7. Hi Paula ! You have no idea how much Clean Break wishes the Barkaneers were going ! But we absolutely can't wait to go back to Georgia
  8. Well see y'all there, our team is Clean Break, and so excited !
  9. Hi Kim, Considering the dogs are 1 and 3, and a breed which needs a job and a lot of physical activity, what is the future for these dogs even if they were being cared for properly ? The man is 84, the wife, 80-something ,health failing.However they are NOT being cared for properly, they are chained outside all year long. As far as screening people, all I meant was that, if someone from Timbucktoo joined the board tomorrow out of nowhere and had no references, and wanted the dog, sorry- it would be a no.And if someone 84 years old wanted the dog, I'm sorry again it would be a no. I don't post too often on here myself as you can see from my profile,I lose myself on this board timewise, can't stop reading and end up being late for things, ha ha, so just pop in here and there.But there are folks whose posts I've been reading for years, and a few people on here I have interacted with away from this board and whose judgement I would trust. I would never just hand a dog over to " anyone " , so that's all I meant. I have passed the word locally, but for all I know there are good people on this board who are within driving distance.I'm trying to cover as many bases as possible to find the forever home this boy is waiting for. Kat, who has never put in a fence but has certainly been hot and cranky at times
  10. Photo of " Jake " that was his name and apparently he answers to it and has a positive response to it.
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